Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sadie Sunday: Happy 14th Birthday!

I am so pleased with myself that I am sticking to these Sadie Sunday blog posts about my beloved Sheltie, Sadie.  She is the absolute love of my life and I want to savor every moment I have left with her.

Today, my friends, is a day I didn't think was possible just a few short weeks ago.  It's overwhelming to me to be honest.  Today is my sweet girl's birthday.  {Well, it's actually tomorrow the 11th.  But close enough.  All week and weekend are her birthday as far as I am concerned!}

Happy 14th Birthday, Sadie!!

I wasn't there for Sadie's birth into the world but I can tell you about her birth into what became our little family of two.  For long time readers, it includes two friends I haven't mentioned in a good long while, Little and B (That Stands For Bench).  {I always change names on this blog unless friends are also bloggers.}

I had just moved to DC to be a nanny {oh the stories I have!} and mentioned to the family that I wanted a dog.  They also wanted a dog but didn't want the chore of taking care of one.  So one day, the mom hands me a sheet with several names and numbers listed for Shelties.  

I bet you are asking if I wanted a Sheltie.  

I did not.  Or I didn't care.  Even now, as much as I love my Sadie dog, I am not breed specific.  But the mom wanted a Sheltie.  I don't think I even knew what one looked liked until she showed me the photo.  I was 20-something and clueless.

So I called one listing and the woman said they had one four month old puppy but a couple was coming in the morning to take her so if I wanted her, I had to come that night.  Calls were made to B (That Stands For Bench) and Little, and off we went on a Friday night to the middle of nowhere Maryland.

I didn't really have big expectations.  I was going to look.  Just look.  But as soon as I stepped out of my car, the house door opened and this adorable, little four month old lovie came running up to me.  I was in like.  And I want to be clear, it was like.  Not yet love.  But I really really liked her.  Her name was Oreo.  Which seemed ridiculous to me.  I had planned to name my dog Mackenzie but I looked at her and just knew that wasn't her name either.  I felt it in my gut.  She was a Sadie.  

We got home so late that night that the family I worked for was already in bed.  They didn't meet her until the morning.  And while they liked her a lot, they never really did anything to care for her beyond the occasional let her out to go potty if I couldn't get home for some reason.  She was my baby right from the get-go.  

So I noted that I fell into like right away but not love.  I remember so clearly feeling worried for several days that I didn't love her.  I really really liked her.  But love took time for me.  I'd say by day three I felt it, but it really developed over that first year.  And of course, over our fourteen years together.  It wasn't instant.  But what we have between us is so pure and true.  

My Sadie has had a tough go at times.  She has always had health issues here and there and I sort of wonder if some of her earlier issues were really other things that we just wouldn't be aware of until later in her life.  From constant tummy issues to seizures to skin issues to pancreatitis to arthritis and then some.  We have spent a lot of time {and so much money} at the vet.  But it was worth it.  Because today, on her 14th birthday {OK the day before, but close enough}, she is here with me and doing pretty well.  

Sadie has been through every move, job change, life change, relationship, friendship, family ups, family downs, and all of the personal issues in between.  She's licked away tears running down my cheeks more times that I can count.  She's walked all over Capital Hill with me and traveled up and down the east coast several times.  She's slept in bed with me and now, unable to get up and down on her own, I tuck her into her little donut bed, the gift I had made for her on her second birthday, every single night.  I walk her using a dog stroller without an ounce of shame because it's the only way she can go more than a few blocks these days.  She has given me more than I could ever possibly give her.  Her love and heart are the purest of any creature.  Sadie is my very best friend and the love of my life.

This day means more to me than I can properly express.  After I called the vet last month, I wished and wished for this birthday to be possible.  And here we are.  

Happy 14 Paws, my sweet Sadie!  Every day of my life has been better with you in it. get turkey and sweet potatoes!  And lots of extra ear rubs.  And let's be honest, just about anything you want.  It's your day and your world, and I am so lucky and grateful to live in it!


Flo said...

Happy Birthday Sadie!!!! What a great story about how you come to have her too. Laney was also 4 months old when we got her, the last puppy left out of a litter that sold s l o w l y due to the economic downturn. I'm not even sure the breeder is even raising them now because things were so bad for a while. But I love her to bits, and I understand 100% about how you feel about Sadie.

Kirstin @ Hello Kirsti said...

So sweet to get the whole Sadie story, she's such a special girl! Lots of pets,


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