Thursday, February 25, 2016

I Want To Caucus

Why do some states get to Caucus and others are stuck with a boring old Primary?

I want to Caucus.  

I mean, it seems like a horrible and very exclusive {read: completely and terribly non-inclusive} activity.  It basically excludes everyone who can't for any reason get to their assigned Caucus center at the very specific and often inconvenient Caucus time.  And it seems crazy confusing.  With people screaming and chanting and plotting to get more votes on their team all fifth grade dodge ball style.  It also seems like bully personalities will win and make others feel small and inferior.  Don't get me started on the Caucuses that have crazy candidates show up to make you feel even more bullied. 

A Caucus seems like a total Cluster #uck.  

But I want to Caucus.  

I want to experience all that insanity live and in person just once.  It seems like it should be an American right of passage to get to live through that process first hand.

American politics has taken a total nose dive lately.  Somehow racism, bigotry, and misogyny are en vogue on this season's campaign trails.  True colors are a sad state of affairs.

But in the vein of equality and every vote counts...I'm whining like a toddler over here in no one cares about my true blue Primary state of NY.  I want to Caucus.  Just once.

Oh and I am still completely undecided so it's a darn good thing my boring ole Primary isn't here yet.  I've never in my life been so undecided.  Am #IMWITHHER or do I #FEELTHEBERN?  Tick tock...I need to make up my mind and get behind someone...  So much pressure.

Or not.  Because I'll vote all by my little lonesome in a private booth.  During a Primary.

How are you feeling about this election cycle?  Even if you are on the other side of the aisle, do you have warm fuzzies about it or are you tied up in knots like me?  Does your state Caucus or Primary?


LPC said...

I feel you! Here in California, we're enormous right? Do we ever have an impact in the primaries? Not to my knowledge! Boo! Caucuses for everyone, on the same day. Free for all. Just like some of the debates;).

MCW said...

#im with her but I'll be all #imwithcanada if Trump or Cruz wins.

Laurie Anne said...

I went to a caucus in Jr. High to get an automatic A in my history class. Everyone seemed to be on the same page. Gary Hart was the guy. Um yeah... that didn't work out too well.
I agree the whole process seems like a HUGE cluster. The conventions should be pretty interesting :0)

Ruth said...

I want to do it at least once too. But instead I will go to my polling station with lots of other residents of the great state of Mississippi tomorrow. Which I am so excited to do as I was feeling left out watching all my family and friends posting I voted sticker pictures last week.


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