Thursday, January 21, 2016

Who Needs Sleep? No You're Never Gonna Get It! Insomnia For Days!

Name that tune!  Seriously though...big bonus points if you got the reference.  Immediate best friendship title bestowed upon you!

But back to me.  And sleep.  Or more specifically, the fact that I don't get any.

This has been an issue for me since early childhood.  On and off for my entire life, I've battled sleep issues.  When I was maybe six or seven, I went to a therapist who gave me a tape (for those too young to remember, a tape was what you listened to pre CD) that I played in my little tape recorder each night as I went to sleep. It was this very hippie  dippy monotone voice that was all "breathe in, breathe out, imagine the night sky and the stars...."  The idea was that I would fall asleep a portion of the way into the tape.  Instead, most nights I would reach the end of the tape, get out of bed, hit rewind, and start that puppy all over again.

I will say that my most severe sleep issues come and go.  There are seasons of time when they are worse than others.  And stress seems to play the largest roll in this little game of Who Needs Sleep.  (Answer: Me.  Always me!)

Until very recently, I thought nothing of the matter.  I mean, it's been more than 30 years.  This issue is just so much a part of my being that it doesn't even feel like an issue most of the time.  I'm very unaware of it and just sort of expect that I will feel tired more often than not.

However, my friend The Good Egg has taken on this (in my opinion) non-issue as her major concern in life.  Which is incredibly sweet that she seems to so genuinely care about my health and well-being.  But given my 30 year acceptance over the matter, I'm less than motivated to try new ticks.  I mean, I've made it this far, why change things now?

That said, a few weeks ago Butler Bestie, Belle, sent me a package of essential oils to try (more on that coming soon), including the much raved about Lavender.  So many friends have sung high praises for it's sleep inducing abilities.  And now The Good Egg has me convinced I need to go to the store to pick up some Melatonin.  Suddenly I am more aware than ever before that I should perhaps take this life-long battle more seriously and I'm reading up on various recommendations.  

So here's my question for y'all, do you have any tried and true tips and tricks to getting your mind to quiet enough to get a good night's sleep?  Or have you tried anything in the past that just doesn't at all work that I might want to avoid?  Have you tried Melatonin or lavender oil?  I'm sincerely interested in your insights here.  I realize that I typically write posts explaining what I've already done or how to do something.  But today, I'm simply seeking advice from friends.  Help a girl get a good night's sleep!



Suburban prep said...

I have had sleep issues for a good portion of my life as well.
I have fibromyalgia which doesn't help much either.
I have tried Melatonin and found out I am allergic to the supplemental form. Not a good time to try it the night before you get married and not know that you are allergic. (Picture it!--I lived it).
As I got older sometimes it would be worse and sometimes I was like this is a no brainer--no problem. Then the trouble was waking in the middle of the night for hours. So much fun.
What I do is I will every now and again try a natural spry called Bach Flower Essence Sleep Remedy. I have found it at some Whole Foods and some Vitamin Shoppes. I have found it on Amazon as well. I have tried the lavender route as well. Nothing. Still awake.
I try epsom salts baths at night sometimes and that helps. Also taking a magnesium glycinate also will help at night as well.
I do not want to take medications. I also do acupuncture every now and again and this has helped a lot as well.
All the best.

MTL said...

BARENAKED LADIES!!!! Oh it takes me back to college. Sorry about your sleep problems...insomnia is the worst! Hope you get some sleep soon.

Ruth said...

I use melatonin when I have issues getting to sleep. It seems to help me a good bit. I also found a before bedtime yoga routine on pinterest. Taking a hot shower helps too. I have not been sleeping well this month but I know that is because of nerves and stress over my job situation.


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