Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Fail Video

I had big plans for Halloween this year.  But as I discuss in my latest YouTube video, my plans were 2/3 a failure.  Typical.  My costume is pretty stinking adorable though.  So that's something...right?

{Side note: is Halloween capitalized?  I mean, it's not a real holiday.  It's not religious and doesn't celebrate anything specific really.  That's not to say it's anything shy of awesome.  It's tied with the Fourth of July as my very favorite holiday.  But when did it become so significant that we started using a capital H?}

Be sure to check out my Instagram and Twitter tonight for photos of the costume on me.  It makes me look like I'm 400 lbs but I am still standing by my statement that it's flipping adorable.

What are you going as for Halloween?  Do you have any fun traditions?  Did you do better than me in the decorating department?  And do any long time readers recognize the tail portion of my costume from years past?

Happy Halloween, my best peaches!  Cheers to making memories and letting go of ill-fated to-do lists!

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