Friday, April 3, 2015

Younger, YouTube, And A DIY Lilly Pulitzer Scarf

While I am the first to admit I am nowhere near camera ready (in looks, voice, skills, and the list goes on), I am getting a kick out of having a YouTube channel.  It's fun to incorporate it into the blog a bit.

On top of that, I am just a fan of YouTube in general.  It's definitely become the new blogging over the last few years and I follow a slew of channels over there, the same way I read blogs.  My latest love are the Brittish vloggers.  Gah...that cute accent...adorable!

I'd love it if you went to my channel and followed me or left a comment over there.  I recognize that I am just in the beginning stages but I think it's something I am going to grow to use more often in the future.  I actually have a few going up this weekend that I likely won't post to the blog.

But the post below is just another stream of thought about another new TV show I discovered this week.  Have you watched (or even heard of) Younger?  Here's what I thought:

Let me know what you thought of the show!  And if you have any new shows you think I should check you, let me know that too.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

I just found your blog through some roundabout Lilly P. searching and we're from the same area so I wanted to say hi! Also, is that a sheltie on your about page?


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