Thursday, December 3, 2015

More Mass Shootings: Just Another Day In America

That's how this latest news cycle was noted in Europe.  Which is incredibly accurate.

Did you know that we have had more mass shootings in America this year than we have had days?  

Read that again.  It's sobering.  This is an every day occurance.  Every.  Damn.  Day.

There are solutions to this problem.  No wheel needs to be reinvented here.  European countries, Australia, Japan, and plenty of other similar nations have implimented solutions THAT HAVE WORKED.  It's not complicated.  Or at least, it doesn't need to be.  It also shouldn't be political, racial, religious, economic, or corporate.  The ban on gun violence research should be lifted.  Placing the NRA above every single American life should end.  No single solution will ever do the trick.  But let's all be honest and very do-able solutions...exist.  

To all the politians out there who will claim that "now is not the time to discuss this", you're correct.  The time to discuss it was 10 years ago, five years ago, two months ago, one week ago, and last night.  But we are left with right now, so it's just going to have to do!  If a bunch of people in Washington can't get motivated to pull up their big boy and big girl britches and make actual changes, despite the fact that it will tick off corporations and organizations, people will continue to die.

My heart is heavy.  Not just for lives lost, but for the hundreds of lives that will be lost in the coming weeks, months and years.  

Just another day in America... 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Fail Video

I had big plans for Halloween this year.  But as I discuss in my latest YouTube video, my plans were 2/3 a failure.  Typical.  My costume is pretty stinking adorable though.  So that's something...right?

{Side note: is Halloween capitalized?  I mean, it's not a real holiday.  It's not religious and doesn't celebrate anything specific really.  That's not to say it's anything shy of awesome.  It's tied with the Fourth of July as my very favorite holiday.  But when did it become so significant that we started using a capital H?}

Be sure to check out my Instagram and Twitter tonight for photos of the costume on me.  It makes me look like I'm 400 lbs but I am still standing by my statement that it's flipping adorable.

What are you going as for Halloween?  Do you have any fun traditions?  Did you do better than me in the decorating department?  And do any long time readers recognize the tail portion of my costume from years past?

Happy Halloween, my best peaches!  Cheers to making memories and letting go of ill-fated to-do lists!

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Confederate Flag Comes Down And The Pro-Equality Kindness Movement Blows Up All Over America

I will never forget the first week I moved to Athens, GA to attend UGA.  It wasn't my first time in Athens, but it was the first time I really had a chance to see it up close and with the eye of a new resident.  I loved so much about my experience as a Georgia Bulldog.  But to this day I can remember calling my friends all over the country and sharing a gasp as I told them that many of the fraternities had confederate flags hanging from them.

It's debatable weather or not I grew up in The South.  I vote no.  Others (namely people not actually familiar with The South...that in my book also does not include Texas...but again I acknowledge this is open for debate) think that Fort Lauderdale, FL, my hometown, is of course southern as it is directional south of the MDL (Mason Dixon Line).  I frequently describe my beloved hometown as the love child of Manhattan and Cuba.  Damn...I flippin adore it too!

My point is that as I was not raised in The South (my blog, my rules), nor did I frequent The South on a regular basis, I was completely unprepared to see that hate flag flapping and flying everywhere.  It just never occurred to me before that first week.  It's been a zillion years and I am still a bit in shock.

I've listened to all the debates and rhetoric on this topic over the years.  Not just in the last few weeks, but over the last decade.  It's just something that has stuck in my craw and I've struggled to let it go.  I could never come to terms with any reasoning to see that ridiculous thing flying anywhere.  I continue to find it incredibly offensive.

So it should come as no surprise that I cried actual (preppy pink) crocodile tears after staying up on Wednesday night to hear that the South Caroline government got the votes needed to take down that flag!  Or that I shed more tears on Thursday as the Governor signed the official bill with nine pens that will be distributed to the nine Charleston families.

Those families will never get their loved ones back.  But their lives have done more to move our Nation forward in the past few weeks and have changed so many hearts for good.

Today is such a great day.  I don't believe for a skinny minute that nothing changes with the flag's removal.  A lot changes.  Minds and hearts are changing.  And really...that's kind of everything.  That's motivation to stop accepting inequality and discrimination.  That's the motivation to make policies more fair.  That's the motivation to be a little bit kinder.

I can't believe in the last few weeks I've been witness to so many beautiful changes in our Nation.  The pro-equality kindness movement is a big deal, America!  I can't wait to see where this momentum gets us in the next 30 days...

Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Story: Coming Out As The Child Of Gay Parent

It's been ages since we've had a bloggy heart to heart.  But I've decided to purposefully live my life much more open.  And sharing this story is the first step.

I hope I can put a face with a topic that often gets so built up in the media.  I hope that I can prove that gay parents are no different than straight parents.  I hope I can prove that children of gay parents are no different than children of straight parents.  I hope that I can shine a little light on why the fight for marriage equality was so critical and important.

No one wants to feel different.  No one wants to feel alone in a closet full of secrets.  Everyone deserves to have the same rights and privileges.

I'd love it if you would go to this video on YouTube, leave a comment, and start a discussion.  I promise to reply!  Does knowing this about me change anything for you?  Do you have a gay parent?  Do you have a coming out story of your own or as a child of a gay parent?  Share you story...

Friday, April 3, 2015

Younger, YouTube, And A DIY Lilly Pulitzer Scarf

While I am the first to admit I am nowhere near camera ready (in looks, voice, skills, and the list goes on), I am getting a kick out of having a YouTube channel.  It's fun to incorporate it into the blog a bit.

On top of that, I am just a fan of YouTube in general.  It's definitely become the new blogging over the last few years and I follow a slew of channels over there, the same way I read blogs.  My latest love are the Brittish vloggers.  Gah...that cute accent...adorable!

I'd love it if you went to my channel and followed me or left a comment over there.  I recognize that I am just in the beginning stages but I think it's something I am going to grow to use more often in the future.  I actually have a few going up this weekend that I likely won't post to the blog.

But the post below is just another stream of thought about another new TV show I discovered this week.  Have you watched (or even heard of) Younger?  Here's what I thought:

Let me know what you thought of the show!  And if you have any new shows you think I should check you, let me know that too.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blogging, Vlogging, And One Big Happy

I'm back.

Or...I plan to be back.  I really love blogging and plan to re-vamp and re-energize this little space over the next few weeks.

Naturally the first step seemed so obvious.  Try doing something I know nothing about.  Duh.

Here are my thoughts on the new NBC show One Big Happy...

As I am typing this I realize that 99% of y'all have never heard my voice.  I don't think it's really this high pitched normally.  But maybe I'm wrong...

Please give me time to figure out how to film.  I clearly have a LOT to learn.

I've missed blogging and all of y'all.  Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things again.

As I am rehabbing this blog, I'd love to know what types of posts most interest you.  While I write this for myself, it's certainly more enjoyable when posts (be them on the blog or on YouTube) encourage a conversation.



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