Thursday, October 30, 2014

Harvest Juice Initiative: Three Delicious Fall Juicing Recipes

Several weeks ago, Williams-Sonoma approached me to collaborate on a post about juicing recipes.  I thought it sounded fun and decided to jump back on the juicing train.  (I'm hot and cold with juicing.  Mostly because my kitchen is tiny and I don't really have space to leave the juicer up on the counter at all times.  And as the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.)  So I pulled my juicer back out of the closet and decided to get creative with tasty ingredients.

My first idea was to make a savory juice.  Something that could be enjoyed fresh from the juicer but could also be heated into a comforting soup on a cold fall day.  I also wanted this juice to be entirely homegrown from my very own garden.  I wanted to highlight that juicing can done for pennies (growing plants from seeds is incredibly inexpensive) and can be enjoyed outside of a sweet breakfast treat.  I grew and harvested all of the ingredients in the following recipe.

Savory Tomato Basil Juice / Soup

* Tomatoes (I used one small and one large)
* Basil (I used 10 leaves)
* Swiss Chard (I used 10 baby leaves or one large leaf.  Kale could be substituted here.)
* Celery (I used one small stalk)
* Sweet Pepper (I used one tiny pepper or 1/4 large pepper)

* When I juice leafy greens, I place them in the juicer under something heavier like the tomatoes to ensure they get juiced.
* Run all of your veggies through the juicer.  Stir with a spoon and enjoy.
* To turn it from juice to soup, heat in microwave.  Add salt and pepper if desired (I didn't think it needed it though).

The Results:
So delicious!  I will use this recipe over and over again- both chilled and heated as a soup.  It's a keeper for sure!

My second idea was to make a delightful sweet juice that tasted like fall.  I decided to use fresh cranberries and ginger to really bring out that special fall flavor.  Pineapple happened to be on sale.  It's certainly not seasonal or local, I fully admit.  But I decided that it might be a fun flavor combination to add to the mix.

Perfect Sweet Fall Juice

* 1 Pear
* 1/2 med. Apple
* Ginger (1 - 2 small chunks depending on taste)
* 1/4 cup Fresh Cranberries
* Fresh Pineapple (I used @ 1/5)

* Start with the smaller fruits (cranberries and ginger).  Juice all ingredients.  Stir with spoon to combine.
* Enjoy as is or combine with sparkling water for a fresh, fizzy treat.

The Results:
Yum!  This juice not only looked stunning, but also tasted incredible too!  If you are not a big ginger lover, add only a tiny amount.  I can't get enough ginger though so I added quite a bit.  As Sheldon Cooper would say, it's zingy!

Extra Sweet Juice

* 1 med Apple
* 1/4 Fresh Pineapple

* Juice fruit.  Add ice.  Call it desert!

The Results:
Do you even need a review?  Of course it's amazing!  This came about because I had extra ingredients sitting right there.  It's definitely a sweet treat though.  Mmmm good!

I had a lot of fun with this post.  I really wanted to make one recipe entirely from my garden, even though it's the tail end of the season (we're expecting snow flakes this coming I should probably come to terms with garden season actually being over).  And I really wanted a second recipe that tasted like a fall treat.  I feel like I accomplished both of my goals, as well as reminded myself how much I really do love juicing.  It's so amazing to get a huge quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables into your body with very little effort.  Williams-Sonoma has a huge selection of great juicers and juicing tools if you don't have one you're in love with already.  While I do like my juicer, WS has the best of the best to pick from (and many are currently on sale!).

And as an added bonus, I saved all of the pulp and waste to add to my garden compost.  Nothing goes to waste!

I know some of y'all juice regularly too.  Do you have any fall favorite recipes to share?  Have you ever made a savory juice and turned it into a soup?  

*I was not compensated in any way for this post.*


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