Friday, June 27, 2014

Blogging, Instagram And Brandi Carlile

Well so far I am doing a crappy job of blogging again.  Give me the month of July to still be hit or miss and I should be back at it again in full force.  I've really missed keeping up with everyone.  Though I will say that my new lover, Instagram, is filling the void and likely a big reason I am blogging less.  (If you are waiting with baited breath- all three of you- for my gardening posts, I promise to get them blogged eventually as this is my journal to remember life over the years.  But you can also catch me on Instagram because I post about the garden almost daily.)

In the mean time, here's my new favorite tune that I just can't get out of my head.  The Eye by Brandi Carlile and The Twins.

I first heard Brandi Carlile play as the opening act at an Indigo Girls concert ages ago.  I remember so clearly because I didn't go in for most of the opening act.  Finally I wandered in for the last two songs, was blown away, and had the conversation in my head that I would never skip another opening act again.  I became a fan right then and there during the last two songs of her set.  Her voice never fails to amaze me.  Seriously...she could read me the ingredient list off the cereal box and I would be enthralled.

Brandi and the band are playing Red Rocks next year.  I might need to use that as my excuse to get out to see Katie and Riley!

Friday, June 20, 2014

I'm Expecting!

Friends. First I owe an explanation of why I abandoned le blog. And the answer is thrilling. 


Just Because.  That's my reason. Honestly. I've just been sidetracked. 

But I'm ready to jump back in. 

So here's my big exciting news...

I'm expecting. 

My first tomato of the season, that is. I about fell over when I found it yesterday. 

This is also serving as my test run at blogging from my iphone. So I'm keeping it brief. But I'm ready to read your blogs and chatter away on here again. I've missed everyone!  


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