Friday, May 2, 2014

It's Officially Gardening Season Again

Garden Overview May 01

Well that was a long and painful winter.  I had a serious case of SAD this year which was compounded by a bunch of other yucky stuff going on.  I missed gardening.  I missed being outside and sweating out the crazies.  I missed eating home grown goodness.  I really, really missed my tiny plot of land in the middle of the city.

The good news is that gardening season is back!

This is how I found my plot after winter.  Almost no weeds!

After adding my squash house and stakes for my Florida Weave tomato method.

We still have a solid month up here before we can plant most things in the ground.  So my tomatoes and peppers and everything else under the sun will have to hang out under my super awesome grow light for 29 more days.  Because even if we have a hot week in May, we can easily have a snow storm two days later.  That's just how we roll here in the North Pole.

Loving my grow light!

But it doesn't mean there aren't a few things that can't be planted now.

Things like peas and beans and lettuce all love cooler weather.  So they get planted now and then again closer to fall, hopefully avoiding altogether the hottest months as they don't love heat.  This year I made seed tape for the first time, which is a super simple process.  Simply make a thick paste with flour and a bit of water.  Then glue down your seeds to strips of toilet paper or newspaper.  Roll up when dry and unroll to plant.  I was thrilled with how simple it made planting my beans and lettuce yesterday!

Unroll seed tape, cover with soil, water.  That's it!

I'm so excited to get growing this year!  Some things I will be repeating, like my Florida Weave tomato method and the Squash House.  I will again be planting ground cherries and artichokes and of course the old standards like peppers and herbs.  In the second and third photos at the top of the post, do you see the tall dead things?  Those are the brussels sprouts that I never got to enjoy because a hard frost came.  And that's OK and even makes them sweeter as long as a thaw follows.  Sadly the thaw didn't follow until April.  For the second year in a row I spent seven months growing something I never tasted.  So this year my goal is to actually eat my home grown brussels sprouts.  Third time's the charm...right?  I've planted significantly more in the way of peas and beans this year.  I just didn't realize last year that in order to make an actual meal size portion, you need to have more planted.  As peas and beans are a favorite, especially sugar snap peas, I am going heavy on planting those things.

I have a few other new-to-me things in the works.  I also have lots of lessons learned from last year, such as organic pest control methods and what to look for regarding my nemesis, the squash bug!

So if the weather can just please repeat itself from last summer, things will be greening up around here in no time!

What's growing in your neck of the woods this year?  Do you have any vegetable garden plans?  If so, what are you most looking forward to eating?  {for me it's a tie between tomatoes and ground cherries}


3 Peanuts said...

Looks good! ANd thank you for your…I will pass it onto Dave who is the boss of our gardening right now:)

TeTe said...

Tomato,okra,peas, beans,sweet peppers,and a salad garden and all kinds of herbs. I just love being outside in the garden with nature. I have to say my favorite is the garden beans.

meemsnyc said...

I get itchy to go outside after a long winter!


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