Tuesday, April 22, 2014

World News Makes Me Cry

Goodness, the world news lately is just one shocker after another!

* I don't even know what to think about this kid who supposedly stowed away in the airplane wheel well from CA to HI.  It seems highly impossible, to be honest.  How did he not die of hypothermia?  It's reported that the air can get down to -75 degrees at points during the flight.  There's a lot more there, that much I know.  Weird.  And scary!

* This might be controversial but I've thought for a while now that it's time they call off the search for flight #MH370.  The amount of time and money spent to yield not a single piece of evidence is heartbreaking.  And I so feel for those families.  I can't imagine that emptiness and pain and the endless questions that all deserve answers even when none are available.  However, how long do you search for the needle in the haystack?  I've never been convinced a lick that the plane even went down in that area.  I still believe it went down on land actually.

But what if that money was spent to clean up the oceans?  I mean, so far the only lesson we have solidly learned from the search is that our oceans are horribly polluted.  So what if that money was spent to clean them?  Don't you think that if the plane really did go down in the Ocean, regardless of where, pieces would turn up if the globe did a great ocean spring cleaning?

I really don't mean to sound heartless towards the families that will forever question there where and why and how of it all.  They so deserve peace and closure.  But what we are currently doing is simply not working.  And by prolonging it, I'd argue that things are only getting worse.

* And the final heavy topic is the South Korean ship that sank with the hundreds of kids on board.  Y'all...I have cried several times over this.  I am not entirely sure why it hit me so hard though.

Perhaps it's because when I was a high school senior, we took a school trip up to Disney {remember I'm from FL} for Grad Night {all the high schools in the state go after the park closes} and I can clearly remember those buses.  Bus...boat...it's really all the same.  Your whole class on one moving vehicle.  Perhaps it's because I grew up on boats and have been on several cruises {though after the last few years cannot imagine ever going on one again}.  The second cruise I went on, there were electrical problems for about 24 hours.  I was a 20-something baby and was too la-di-da to ever think it could be a real problem at the time though.  Perhaps, and most likely my biggest trigger is due to the man who was rescued after surviving in the air bubble for FOUR DAYS.  I have an enormous fear of suffocating/not being able to breathe {it's not exclusive to drowning}.  Every time that story plays again on the news I find myself sobbing and gasping.  Even typing this I am just horrified at the fear he must have endured.

Do you know that there were a few people never found from the Italian ship that sank a few years ago {where the captain also scurried himself to safety ASAP as people died on the sinking ship}?  I pray and hope that if nothing else, all of the victims will be accounted for at the end of this horrible nightmare.  Families most certainly deserve that tiny fragment of peace.

* Sorry to bring the mood down but there's nothing I watch on TV on Monday nights so it was all CNN, all the time.  It was that or the equally depressing hoarders show so...  I think I needed to vent a little.  The dog is sick of me sobbing over the South Korean boat and the Boston Marathon anniversary stories.  Frankly, I'm a little sick of me too.

* On a much lighter note, I have had the heat off for three days now!  {In Florida speak, that's the equivalent of being able to turn your AC off and be perfectly comfortable in your home.}  Now the last time I got big and braggy, it snowed 12 hours later.  It's only April...it could totally happen.  But I am choosing to hold out hope that even if the 70 and sunny weather goes away, it won't snow again until December.  Crossing my fingers!!

* And ready or not...gardening posts are about to come back to the blog!  My happy season is upon us and I am nothing shy of giddy about the matter.  Thank goodness as I need something to counteract this funk I've been in for the last few months.  I seriously sit inches away from my tomato plants and just stare at them.  I say goodnight to them every night as I turn the light off.  It's so weird.  And wonderful!


MCW said...

I heard about that kid and hiding on the plane this morning. That doesn't make me sad, it makes me think how freaking dumb people are...which actually does make me sad! Ha



linda said...

Your recaps from news to TV shows are great.... Please don't be sad, you seem like an awesome person.
- Linda, ny
Ps love your blog

linda said...

Your recaps from news to TV shows are great.... Please don't be sad, you seem like an awesome person.
- Linda, ny
Ps love your blog

3 Peanuts said...

I don't really watch news--any news! I know that probably makes me sound uneducated but Dave lets me know about important issues and then I pull up articles online. That way I choose what to read about and I don't expose myself to images that I cannot get out of my head. It is just too depressing. I did not know about most of these stories in fact. I have been thinking about you are your gardening lately as Kate has her first garden. I posted about it today. Wish you were here to guide us. It is the blind leading the blind:)


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