Friday, April 11, 2014

Prince George and His Momma Are Stealing The Show

The British Royal Family hit the jackpot when Prince William paired up with Kate Middleton.  Not only does the entire globe go gaga over her, but they seem to share a completely genuine love between them.  I seriously cannot get enough of them.

Notice Prince William's hand on Kate's back.  Sweet!

And how much fun is all the coverage of chubby, cutie Prince George?!  Adorable!  The future King is smiling and crawling and playing with toys.  He's delicious!!  

Thankfully, their royal tour of New Zealand and Australia is feeding my craving in spades.

A personal favorite so far happened yesterday when William and Kate raced boats.  And Kate won both races.

Afterwards when the Duchess looked rather pleased with herself, Wills was overheard joking, "I bet she is.  Selfless husband!  I wanted a quiet night."


I can't imagine going to college thinking you were going to study, meet friends, and go to frat parties (or whatever the British equivalent of that might be) and instead walk away the most beloved member of the royal family.  Duchess Catherine, you most certainly did college correctly!  Way to set the bar impossibly high for every other female that every lives, Kate!  Ha.


preppylove said...

Definitely a unique college experience :)

Katherine said...

Soooo cute!

Lindy D. said...

George is really a beautiful baby! Are you familiar with this website? They have the best large pictures posted. Scroll down for more of Kate and Will.


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