Tuesday, April 22, 2014

World News Makes Me Cry

Goodness, the world news lately is just one shocker after another!

* I don't even know what to think about this kid who supposedly stowed away in the airplane wheel well from CA to HI.  It seems highly impossible, to be honest.  How did he not die of hypothermia?  It's reported that the air can get down to -75 degrees at points during the flight.  There's a lot more there, that much I know.  Weird.  And scary!

* This might be controversial but I've thought for a while now that it's time they call off the search for flight #MH370.  The amount of time and money spent to yield not a single piece of evidence is heartbreaking.  And I so feel for those families.  I can't imagine that emptiness and pain and the endless questions that all deserve answers even when none are available.  However, how long do you search for the needle in the haystack?  I've never been convinced a lick that the plane even went down in that area.  I still believe it went down on land actually.

But what if that money was spent to clean up the oceans?  I mean, so far the only lesson we have solidly learned from the search is that our oceans are horribly polluted.  So what if that money was spent to clean them?  Don't you think that if the plane really did go down in the Ocean, regardless of where, pieces would turn up if the globe did a great ocean spring cleaning?

I really don't mean to sound heartless towards the families that will forever question there where and why and how of it all.  They so deserve peace and closure.  But what we are currently doing is simply not working.  And by prolonging it, I'd argue that things are only getting worse.

* And the final heavy topic is the South Korean ship that sank with the hundreds of kids on board.  Y'all...I have cried several times over this.  I am not entirely sure why it hit me so hard though.

Perhaps it's because when I was a high school senior, we took a school trip up to Disney {remember I'm from FL} for Grad Night {all the high schools in the state go after the park closes} and I can clearly remember those buses.  Bus...boat...it's really all the same.  Your whole class on one moving vehicle.  Perhaps it's because I grew up on boats and have been on several cruises {though after the last few years cannot imagine ever going on one again}.  The second cruise I went on, there were electrical problems for about 24 hours.  I was a 20-something baby and was too la-di-da to ever think it could be a real problem at the time though.  Perhaps, and most likely my biggest trigger is due to the man who was rescued after surviving in the air bubble for FOUR DAYS.  I have an enormous fear of suffocating/not being able to breathe {it's not exclusive to drowning}.  Every time that story plays again on the news I find myself sobbing and gasping.  Even typing this I am just horrified at the fear he must have endured.

Do you know that there were a few people never found from the Italian ship that sank a few years ago {where the captain also scurried himself to safety ASAP as people died on the sinking ship}?  I pray and hope that if nothing else, all of the victims will be accounted for at the end of this horrible nightmare.  Families most certainly deserve that tiny fragment of peace.

* Sorry to bring the mood down but there's nothing I watch on TV on Monday nights so it was all CNN, all the time.  It was that or the equally depressing hoarders show so...  I think I needed to vent a little.  The dog is sick of me sobbing over the South Korean boat and the Boston Marathon anniversary stories.  Frankly, I'm a little sick of me too.

* On a much lighter note, I have had the heat off for three days now!  {In Florida speak, that's the equivalent of being able to turn your AC off and be perfectly comfortable in your home.}  Now the last time I got big and braggy, it snowed 12 hours later.  It's only April...it could totally happen.  But I am choosing to hold out hope that even if the 70 and sunny weather goes away, it won't snow again until December.  Crossing my fingers!!

* And ready or not...gardening posts are about to come back to the blog!  My happy season is upon us and I am nothing shy of giddy about the matter.  Thank goodness as I need something to counteract this funk I've been in for the last few months.  I seriously sit inches away from my tomato plants and just stare at them.  I say goodnight to them every night as I turn the light off.  It's so weird.  And wonderful!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dear Lindsay Lohan: Final Episode. Hint: She Prays...But For What?

Getty Images

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

There isn't much I can say that I've not said already in my past posts about your show.  So I will just comment on the part that upset me the most this week.

Let me get this straight, you are disgruntled because you have supposedly made changes to your life so you "hope and pray" for the judge to "say enough is enough" when it comes to your required community service?  That's such a burden to your self-absorbed, irresponsible life that you need to pray that you never have to do it again?

You seem vapid and ridiculous!

It might come as an absolute shock to you that some women {and men} chose to do lots of volunteer work in the community.  We don't expect or receive an ounce of credit.  We don't do it for the glamour.  We don't do it out of force or obligation.  We don't do it as a punishment.  We don't do it because it's always fun or comfortable.  We do it because it's good for the globe to be a contributing part of the community, giving back, and offering a helping hand up.  And we are always able to find the joy in our volunteer community work, regardless of the task.

You do however think "it's worth it" to spend over an hour and $1200 adding unflattering extension to your hair.

Get your priorities straight.  Grow up!

Praise the Good Lord {the one to whom you pray to not have to do more community service} that this was the very last show.  Momma Oprah, I trust you have learned your lesson on this one.  And no hard feelings, Momma O.  It's actually nice to know that you too make mistakes.

KK the Preppy Pink Crocodile

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Kitchen Fails

For those who celebrate, Happy Easter!  I hope you are spending the day with your family or friends who feel like family!

Last night I made cookies that made their way to the trash.  And baked two crustless egg custard pies because despite TWO trips to the grocery store, I still failed to remember to buy Crisco.  And frankly there is no one I love enough to make a third trip on the Saturday before a major holiday.  So crustless pie for all on Easter!

Now that we have that confession out of the way, how about another giggle!  I laughed out loud watching this.  As someone who suffers with a name that is not only hard to pronounce but people refuse to pronounce or spell it correctly no matter how many times you politely ask them, I can totally relate.  Did I ever tell you that as a child I used to beg my parents to let me change my name to Ann?  True story.  And I know I've told you about my restaurant/Starbucks name (it's Kate).  Anyway, I imagine some of y'all will find this funny too...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fed Up

Have y'all seen this trailer for the upcoming movie about the food industry?  I'm guessing it won't make it to my corner of the North Pole as not much does.  But on the off chance I can track it down, I think it looks really interesting.  I love films like this.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Entire Week Is A Palindrome

I've mentioned on here a few times over the years that I have a thing for palindromes.  It's weird, I know.  But I dig them.

I was in kindergarten or first grade when it all started.  I saw it on an episode of 3-2-1 Contact while waiting in my good therapist's office {shout out to everyone else in the I had a crappy childhood club} and it just stuck.  {You caught the part where I noted it was the good one, right?  Because I had a horrible one too.  Scarred for life!}  There was a song of course that went along with this numerical lesson that I bet the producers never imagined would stick in some kid's head for a solid 30 years...but at this point I really don't remember it.  It is however, still my favorite word in both sound and meaning.  {Oh dear Lord, please tell me someone else out there has an equally quirky favorite!}

So here I am, 30 years later, cruising Facebook last night, and one of my sorority sisters posted this...

This entire week is a palindrome!  Hot diggity dog...I love it!

For anyone who missed said episode of 3-2-1 Contact or that math lesson, a palindrome is the same forwards and backwards.  Hannah, dad, 56765....they are the same word or number if you read them from the right or left.  

What's your favorite word?  Is it less nerdy than mine?  Are you, too, a fan of palindromes and secretly excited that it's palindrome week?  

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dear Lindsay Lohan: Go Back To Rehab


Dear Lindsay Lohan,

I am honestly about out of things to say to you.  I mean, are you even remotely embarrassed by your behavior?  You are a bad excuse machine!  You have the worst attitude.  You're entitled and self-righteous and rude.  You have complete disregard for the time and finances of others.  And you just lie at every corner.

I have watched this show for over a month now thinking you would finally have a come to Jesus moment where you would see how insane you are and would shape up.  I really thought, albeit foolishly, that you would give the world insight into how motivated and talented and responsible you are after your latest rehab stint.  But you are honestly worse each week.  At this point the best thing I can say about the show is that it ends next week!  Can I get an Amen?!

What on earth did Momma #Oprah see in you?!

Here are my highlights...

* You had a two hour contract with the casino, for which you were to be paid $100.000.  The contract started at 10 PM and ended at 12 AM.  You didn't get to that red carpet, where your "work" started, until 11:30 PM.  But you think you fulfilled your contract and were on time?  Buy a damn watch!

* Your mother is writing a book.  And buy writing, I mean she has a ghost writer.  Who clearly is only doing this for the money because she is clearly annoyed with your family.  {Aren't we all?!}  Why does your mother need a ghost writer?  Does she not know how to type?

* The Elle Indonesia bit was priceless.  Do you have even an ounce of remorse for the money you cost the magazine because you were days late?  Does that weigh on you at all?  When I am 15 minutes late, I feel guilty.  You made this team, who flew two days across the globe to get to NYC, move the shoot back two days after sitting there waiting for you all day.  Then you were late on the re-shoot day, forcing non-daylight shots and adding a third day onto the agenda.  Then you refused to give the 20 minute interview.  Because YOU were so ill-behaved by being so stinkin' late over and over.

You were insanely disrespectful when you criticized the photographer at the end by saying he needed to learn not to rely on natural light.  If you had shown up on time, it never would have been an issue.  What he should learn is to never work with your unreliable fanny again!

But the most amazing scene came at the end when you made yourself the martyr for not getting credit as a co-stylist.  Your styling skillz were only needed because the clothes had to go back after you were days late to the gig.

{The second most amazing scene was when the director called you a bitch in Indonesian.  I laughed out loud on that one.  #highfive}

* So in the casino I Fulfilled My Contract bit you were all it's my first time around alcohol and I'm nervous.  But when it comes to hanging with friends, you're like it's totally fine to have friends drink in my house or at the clubs and it doesn't tempt me at all.  You claim that wanting NY nightlife leads you down a horrible path.  Then you say you can party and not drink.

You lie.  You make excuses.  You need rehab.  Like a real rehab.  Or boot camp.

* The scene where you filmed yourself crying...that was fake right?  It was weird and didn't make sense.  I bet the producers were like OMG fine whatever film yourself I hate this job and want to kill Momma Oprah for buying into your big bag of BS.

* If you love dancing, go to a dance class.  Put on music and dance around your giant apartment.  Dance down the street.  Go on Dancing with the Stars.  Don't go to an effing nightclub.  #dumb

* You were livid at Matt for not physically accosting that paparazzi guy.  And while that pap was certainly annoying, he wasn't doing anything wrong.  But it was Matt's job to steal his camera and tackle him?  And then you were livid at the driver for not running a red light.

So in review, you were yelling at people to break laws because you were having a hissy fit.  And said hissy fit could have been prevented if...say it with me...you were on time for once!

Seriously...please tell me you are watching yourself and feel mortified by your behaviors!

The self-filmed, fake crying while gross smoking scene.

Lindsay, I do sincerely hope you get help.  Real, fluff-free help.  I hope you figure out who you are and realize the value in being responsible both for yourself and in the great big world.  Actual value comes into your life when you do things, even if very small, on your own, with integrity and without excuses.  Value that money can't buy and assistants can't source.  You don't seem dumb to me.  You just chose to act dumb and irresponsible.  You could just as easily chose to act smart and responsible.  And sugar, being smart is light years cooler than being an idiot!  #smartgirlsrule

One more week, y'all, and we can put this frustrating TV chapter to bed!

KK the Preppy Pink Crocodile

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Georgia Squirrels Have A New(er) Home

For my fellow Greeks {or old home geeks...I'm both by the way}, my chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta at UGA just underwent a huge construction project.  The old "new part" of the house was removed and a "new, new part" was added.  I'm dying to get back to see it- hopefully next year!  They've done an incredible job with the whole thing.  Not only does the house look amazing, but the House Association has done a fantastic job of keeping alum in the loop during every step of the multi-year process.

I'm so proud to be an Alpha Gam!  Way to go Georgia girls!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Super Simple Salad

Confession: I'm not a big salad eater.

As a kid I didn't like salad at all.  If forced to eat one, I would only eat it without dressing.  As an adult, I've discovered I disliked them for two reasons.

First was that I don't really understand Iceberg Lettuce.  What is the point?  Outside of a lettuce wrap, I don't understand why people eat it.  Total mystery to me.  Bleh.  Growing up though, salad was almost exclusively Iceberg.  I remember being in high school the first time I ate mesclun lettuce mix.  Second was that I did't really care for most salad dressings.  Or not the kinds that were popular when I was growing up.  The dressing aisle has certainly grown by leaps and bounds and I have two favorites.  But more often than not, I make my own at home.

So now that I know why I disliked salad so much as a kid, I eat more of them as an adult.  But I go through seasons.  Sometimes I eat 1-2 a day.  Then I can go a month without eating one.  I use a variety of mixed greens or spinach as I tend to much prefer the darker greens (in general I am a BIG fan of greens and have been since childhood...I was a weird kid), add "goodies" and make my own dressings.

Really this post is for exactly one reason though.  And it's not to explain the intricate details of how to make a bloody salad.  It's so that I can remember how to make the best dressing a month from now when I forget.

I threw this together the a few days ago and have made it every night since then.  OMG it's so light and refreshing.  Yum!

Creamy Orange Salad Dressing

* 2 tbls Sour Cream
* 1 tbls Orange Juice
* 1 tsp honey
* Salt and pepper to taste

* Put everything in a jar and shake to combine.

** I honestly don't ever measure this sort of thing so those measurements are a guess for folks who insist on measurements.  I'm more of an eyeball it sort of girl.  Add more of less to your own tastes.
** If you are dairy free, I think mayo would be a perfect substitute.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Prince George and His Momma Are Stealing The Show

The British Royal Family hit the jackpot when Prince William paired up with Kate Middleton.  Not only does the entire globe go gaga over her, but they seem to share a completely genuine love between them.  I seriously cannot get enough of them.

Notice Prince William's hand on Kate's back.  Sweet!

And how much fun is all the coverage of chubby, cutie Prince George?!  Adorable!  The future King is smiling and crawling and playing with toys.  He's delicious!!  

Thankfully, their royal tour of New Zealand and Australia is feeding my craving in spades.

A personal favorite so far happened yesterday when William and Kate raced boats.  And Kate won both races.

Afterwards when the Duchess looked rather pleased with herself, Wills was overheard joking, "I bet she is.  Selfless husband!  I wanted a quiet night."


I can't imagine going to college thinking you were going to study, meet friends, and go to frat parties (or whatever the British equivalent of that might be) and instead walk away the most beloved member of the royal family.  Duchess Catherine, you most certainly did college correctly!  Way to set the bar impossibly high for every other female that every lives, Kate!  Ha.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vermont Could Be The First!

Crossing my finger that Vermont becomes the first but not the last state to make this a reality!  We all deserve to know exactly what we are putting in our bodies!  #justsaynotogmo #tellmewhatsinmyfood #knowledgeispower

New Tunes And Old Favorites

On Saturday I was in a mood.  Not a bad one.  More exhausted and deflated.  I loafed about and did a whole lot of nothing other than binge listen to one of my favorite girls, Brandi Carlile, all day.  {Thankfully I made up for my do nothing Saturday with my Super Sunday!}

Do y'all do that too?  Sometimes I am suddenly in the mood for a specific artist and hit repeat for days on end.  It happens.  #thingsido

Via Twitter though, I discovered two up and coming groups to add to my tunege cycle.  {I seriously can't believe I waited so long to embrace all forms of social media given that it's my life these days.  I'd never find new clothes, music, recipes or friends if it wasn't for the various social media outlets.  Ha.}

Enter Janelle Loes.  Her voice is so lovely and honest.  I love acoustic performances but she also has a professional album available on her website.  I couldn't find a video from the album though...bummer.

And Cotton Wine.  A lot of the lyrics are dark.  But I definitely find their style interesting and their voices haunting...in a good way.  In the unfortunate era of using sound machines to cover up mediocre at best voices, I crave musicians who avoid synthetic sounds.  Think of it as non-GMO music.

Oh and then I noticed that Ingrid Michaelson has a new album coming out next week.  Yay!  I'm digging this song from the new album a lot...

Give them a listen and let me know what you think.  I actually have one more band to report on tomorrow but it's a totally different genre so it get's a separate post.  Have you found any new groups lately?  Please share!  I'm forever in search of new music.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

District's Not Dead But I've Lost My Marbles

Here's a little story about how I'm ridiculous.  You know, in the vein of keeping things real around here.

So District and I text chat daily.  Sometimes it's just a quick note and sometimes it's an off and on all day convo.  But it's rare that a 24 hour period goes by without a peep.

The last two weeks though we've been chat light.

Which is fine, we've both been busy.

But then we went the better part of a week without talking.  She didn't reply to my texts or email.  I convinced myself that I offended her somehow.

{Back story is that I am in a cruddy place in my head right now.  Every time I think the battle with the proverbial Mean Girls table is over, they start a new, ridiculous game to make my life hell.  And as a result of this insanity, I am not right in the noggin.  I am hyper-sensitive.  Like more than normal and my every day self is more sensitive than normal people.  I'm like off the charts these days.  I honest to goodness think I have JL PTSD....if such a thing exists.  My point is that I am a touch paranoid about everything I say and do right now.  It's not healthy but I'm working on it.}

So I sent a text asking if I upset her.  Nothing.  I called.  No reply.  Then last night while walking the dog, I suddenly had this feeling that I was being incredibly self-centered.  What if it had nothing to do with me and instead District was hurt or sick?  OMG...I've been misplacing my paranoia.  I still felt my worry was justified but now I should be worried that something is wrong.  Should I track her husband down?  How far should I go to do that?  By the last block, I was dragging the dog home because I was so convinced something was terribly wrong.

When I got home and got around to looking at my phone though, District sent a text saying she was out of town and was without a phone for a week because it died.

Oh.  So...she's not dead.  I mean, that's completely great!  I'd be lost without my preppy, DC connection here in the North Pole.  I'm thrilled she is alive and well and now has a working phone.  But I swear I thought I had cracked the case.  Because being without a phone for a few days is far less logical to me, it seems, than being in a hospital bed.

June first cannot get here fast enough.  Hurry up...hurry the eff up!  I have lost all my good sense and sanity this year.  I need to move on and see sunshine and get out of the house to be outside and touch dirt and wear flip flops.  Those are all actual, physical needs.  What I don't need is to work myself into a tizzy over problems that don't exist.

You know how Mermaid always says she puts her coo coo back in the clock?  Well my coo coo is loose and flying around town somewhere.  If you find her, please return promptly.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dear Lindsay Lohan: Episode 5. You're Still Ridiculous!

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

So I reviewed episode 1, episode 2 and episode 3, but then when it came to episode 4, I only watched part of it.  PBS was starting the new season of both Mr. Selfridge and my very favorite, Call The Midwife.  And well...PBS is pretty much always going to trump your hot mess of a show.  So if there was an explanation of why Matt stayed on, I missed it.  I sort of don't care enough to go back and watch.

I want to like you.  I want to see that you are growing and learning and trying.  I love an underdog and a comeback story.  I'm just not sure I will see it during this show.

You both fascinate and bore me, Lindsay.  And depress me a little bit too.

You bore me because you remain unchanged.  Despite your expensive and expansive collection of helpers, you still can't get up before noon, brush your hair and wear a bra all on the same day.  And any time you get called out on your bullshit, you play the I'm focused on staying sober card.  But I don't think anyone could possibly believe you are at all focused on staying sober.

You fascinate me though because you never stop rambling.  It's as if you think that if you just keep saying crap, something will stick and will be believed by someone else in the room.  You claim want to show people you will show up to movie sets because being an actor is your passion in life.  You ramble on and on about understanding how its hard for people to hire you because they fear you won't show up or will cancel dates or will be three hours late to set.  And then you do that over and over with this no-brainer reality show.  We saw you do it several times during this episode alone.  So far we have seen you cancel four times as many things as you have followed through on.  If you can't take a reality show seriously, how can anyone believe you will take projects that actually require effort seriously?!

The consignment store scene was a little scary.  Compulsive shopping seems like a replacement high for alcohol.  I seriously question the integrity of this "rehab" place you just spent months in.  I don't understand how you can be allowed to shop and smoke, two highly addictive habits, when you are presumably fighting with all you have to break another addiction.

You also live this insane lifestyle, where I assume you are hemorrhaging money, but you are seriously talented at not paying for things.  You talked about free designer clothes, you managed to get some of the consignment pieces on trade, this was the second episode where you talk about someone else paying for flights, and on and on.  Add this to the list of reasons you fascinate me.  I mean, you're not even a big star.  You're a big story because of your train-wreck lifestyle, but I don't think you can ride the Parent Trap remake coattails at this point.

So your workout coach/life coach unpacks your boxes?  Was that a full time position for her?  Do you actually do anything yourself?  I just have an absolute disconnect with your lifestyle.  I don't get it.  I could never live like that.  I use self-check out at the grocery store because I don't even like someone else bagging up my items.  I like to do it myself.  If you can't even unpack your own boxes or hang up your own clothes, how in the world do you plan to function in life?  Do you ever feel a sense of personal satisfaction after completing a task?

Wait...your mom drank at dinner in front of you?  That's ridiculous.  I'm really sorry about that.  Truly.  I don't think that everyone should be obligated to abstain in front of you, but your mother...when you are barely holding it together?  Holy low!

So AJ the trainer/life coach/another personal assistant/box unpacker calls you on your shit in what can only be described as the most loving way possible.  And you then blackball her?  You were mad because she asked you on camera, you know because you are both on this thing called a reality show, about your drinking.  Then you got mad again after you blew her off for a full week when she was expecting you as a house guest and blew off a meeting she went out on a limb to set up for you because it was at 12:30 and you didn't get up until noon and she called you on that too.  But instead of having a grown-up conversation, you cut her out.  Though you don't actually do that yourself either.  You send Matt down to handle it.

The running theme again is that you are impossibly out of touch with reality.  Even when you admitted that you relapsed, you just blew it off with "but it's totally fine" and never mentioned it again.  You simultaneously bore me, fascinate me and depress me, Lindsay Lohan!  You could have a charmed life but you thoughtlessly waste it as you constantly avoid things like maturity, sincerity, personal responsibility, independence and honesty.

Sweetheart, if you can't even be honest with yourself, you have a loooong way to go yet in this recovery process.

KK the Preppy Pink Crocodile

Monday, April 7, 2014

My Best Sunday

Last week was just pure crap.  No way to sugar coat it.  More ridiculous games are being played and I have let it eat me up.  I'm frustrated in myself because I've let the stress just chomp away at my insides.  I wish so badly that I could take my own advice and step away.  I wish so badly that I could not let it destroy me and make me cry. 

But I’m me.  For better or worse, that’s just not how I roll.

However, Sunday was a different story.

For the most part.

When I went to my car to leave, it was broken into.  For the second time in a little over a year. 

But I have no idea, as was the case last time, how it happened.  Because nothing was broken.  My car has automatic locks.  So even if I forget to lock it, which I never do but let’s pretend, it locks by itself.  {So annoying when bringing in groceries.}  But I came out and stuff was everywhere inside.  As I keep about five random CD’s and a stack of McDonald’s napkins and not much else in my car, nothing was taken.  But it was still really strange.

Dealing with it made me late but it didn't dampen my day too much.  I was then off to celebrate Alpha Gamma Delta’s International Reunion Day with my local chapter.  It’s been 14 months since I was last there.  For seven years I barely went four days between visits.  I was a bit nervous to go back, but I have to say it was so amazing!  I loved seeing my advisor friends and catching up.  The time away from the mix has been so healthy for me.  {Though the irony is not lost on me that I stepped away from that to focus on JL only to realize I needed to get the heck out of shady dodge this year.  If I wasn't still crying I would be laughing.}  Tip to tail it was a lovely event. 

And then I was off.  The day was…wait for it…sunny and…warm.  Together.  Sunny AND warm.  Holy moly!  It seems that spring popped into town yesterday.  Is she here to stay?  Who knows.  But it made running errands so much fun!  I felt like I got five times as much accomplished simply because of the amazing weather.  Good music, cheerful sunshine and a Mickey D’s Diet Crack…and these are a few of my favorite things!

When I got home, I cleaned and organized.  I transplanted all of my tomatoes to pots!  {Will finish transplanting everything else this week.}  I took the longest and best walk with Sadie that we've had in six months.  Then I worked out.  And at the end of it all, I watched Call The Midwife.

Seriously…the best day! 

Nothing major happened.  But maybe that’s the point.  It was just simple and productive and light-hearted.

I needed that day so badly.  My cup feels …well maybe not full…but certainly less empty. 

I’m even blogging.  I mean…hello…long time no chat.

I need more weekends like this one.  More Super Sundays to soak up the sunshine and get boxes checked off my to-do list.

My Sunday was awesome.  How was yours?


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