Monday, February 3, 2014

Jack Rogers Sale...Because Eventually Winter Will End

Despite the fact that the dumbass rodent Groundhog predicts a never-ending winter this year, I just bought the cute gold Jack Rogers flip flops below.  I think they are so sweet and am going to stare at them until the iceberg I'm living on melts away.

Cute and Casual

There are lots of really fun options on sale today, too.  Almost everything is still in stock, which is rare for Ruelala.  Maybe you too need a to treat yourself to a little daydreaming of spring sandal today!  Or is that just me?  Because seriously...this weekend when we broke 30 it felt like an actual heat-wave.  My bar has reached new lows, y'all!

Tiffany Blue with a Cap Toe

Pink and Gold

Love the rope detail!

Black and White...A Classic!

Gold Quilted.

I wear a similar pair most often in the summer.


Alex said...

Seriously it feels like winter will NEVER end! I love the blue cap toe flats, very pretty!

Marla said...

Those flip flops are cute! No longer in my size :(

Ruth said...

The Tiffany ones are beautiful.


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