Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Serious Storms In Atlanta

Yesterday afternoon, Bestie sent me a series of texts about how bad the weather was in Atlanta.  How her friends were leaving their cars on the side of the road to walk to get their kids.

As I hadn't watched the news yet, I was all, OMG how much snow do y'all have?!  {I was envisioning feet and feet.}

I then turned on the news and my local weather man said something about how the "snow in Atlanta is paralyzing.  And by paralyzing, they have an inch."

I am seriously still laughing.  It was so dry and funny the way he said it.

But then later in the night I got on Facebook and saw that scores of friends had been on the road for five or more hours trying to get the 5-15 miles home.  Wow!  I saw on the news that kids are stuck at schools, buses can't drive, and five year olds are camping out with loving teachers over night.  How scary for all involved!

And I mean, I do get it.  It's not about the amount of snow, but the infrastructure to handle it.  We've had several hurricanes up here in NY/VT over the last few years and they too have torn the states apart because no one is prepared for those fluke storms.  {Though I think it's super questionable that schools weren't closed all day yesterday as they've been talking about this storm for a week.}

So at midnight I checked FB again.  My former step sister-in-law {and as she is now a former via a divorce, she is the only member of that family with whom I speak...isn't it ironic!}, was on hour TWELVE of trying to drive the one hour home.  She would have given up but her 15 year old daughter was home alone and sick.  So she just couldn't give up trying to get to her.  *But in her 14th hour, her road closed.  Then her car slid as she tried to turn around.  Her boyfriend came to get her and she is re-attempting in the AM.*  Another friend took exactly 12.5 hours to get home too.  A high school friend, after nearly 12 hours of trying, parked on the side of 75, walked a mile to Publix, where she spent the night in the juice aisle on a bag of rice.  For which she was incredible grateful.  I actually have many friends who parked and walked a few miles home.  I could go on and on.  As I am sure y'all can too.

I am just so stunned!  And nervous for the news because I imagine there will be a slew of tragic accidents that resulted from the storm chaos last night too.

Let this be a wake up call to all of us {myself included} to keep a little emergency kit in our cars.  I normally have one, but don't this year.  It usually includes a squeezy, a bottle of water {even if it freezes- I still think it is good to have}, a Lara Bar, flashlight, and a pair of socks.  It's the bare minimum really.  But I often wear normal shoes {Tory Burch Flats} and if I was stuck walking a mile to a grocery store, I know I would be mighty grateful to have a warm pair of socks in my car.  I'm adding this little kit {and it seriously is so small} to my trunk today.  And sending out lots of positive thoughts to all of my family and friends down south.

Stay safe and warm...even if it means crashing in the juice aisle on a rice bag for the night!


Flo said...

I was in the Washington DC area one year during a snowstorm--scariest day of my life. They just don't know how to deal with it, drive in it, remove it, etc.

amy said...

We went through a similar gridlock event in the DC area about 3-4 years ago. WE WILL NEVER FORGET IT. Took me over 6 hours to drive my 7 mile communte home. You're so right to view this as a learning experience and be prepared.

MCW said...

It is nuts! I guess when you aren't use to snow and ice it can really paralyze people.

Casey said...

Keep in mind, they don't have snow plows to salt and sand the roads beforehand and plow the roads during and after, or lay down brine or beet juice or whatever. And most of them have probably never driven in those conditions either, so there's probably a small level of stupidity involved.

Buford Betty said...

Yeah, the big problem was that schools and businesses didn't close that day. So when the snow was more than anticipated, government freaked and released schools pretty much all at once. In a city of 5 million plus.... you can imagine how that might cause a little traffic issue. Oh and then add in icy roads and below freezing temps. Not good! Just grateful we work very close to home up in the burbs and didn't get stuck in the mass exodus!

Chelsea @ Married Filing Jointly said...

Stay tuned for my Atlanta snowopolis's insane!

Ruth said...

My father was saying part of the problem was that they weather had been predicted not to go that far north. They are two hours south of Birmingham and were only to get 1/2 inch originally and got almost 1 1/2 inches.


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