Friday, January 31, 2014

Do You Ever Go Alone To The Movies?

A few weeks ago, the guy I am dating (I use that term so fact...let's call it friending...and I even use that term let's just say this guy I know...that's better) asked me to go see the Anchorman II movie.  This is by far his favorite movie.  He references it all the time and has been talking about the sequel for all of the months I've known him.

But he asked me last minute and I couldn't go (I've never seen the first one though so I wasn't bent out of shape not to see the sequel).

Last weekend I asked him how the Anchorman II movie was?

His response, "I didn't go.  I'll just watch it on blue ray when it comes out."

I was all, what-huh-why?  It's your favorite movie!  Why didn't you go?

He said he didn't have anyone to go with.

To which I replied, "Why didn't you just go by yourself, though?"

And then he made the face.  The most disgusted and horrified face I've ever seen.  He was all, OMG I would NEVER EVER go to a movie by myself!!!  NEVER!  And then more of the face.

I started giggling a little.  I just thought it was the oddest reaction ever given that at the time we were walking out of a movie where we didn't talk, touch, hold hands or anything else that required a buddy.  I was like, well I would have just gone by myself.

More of his horrified face and comments.

I then said I think it's normal to go to a movie alone.  I mean, what's wrong with it?  You don't talk to anyone anyway.

He then went into how it was soooo weird and I was so weird and he would never ever ever do that and on and on and on. know...more of the face.

In the car he then went on and on about how he's going home to see mommy (my words...not his) yet again this coming weekend and the one after that (despite the fact that he was just home for three straight weeks).  He has no issues about driving across the state at least two weekends a month to cuddle his mommy but sitting in a dark movie theater to watch your favorite movie is weird.  Um...OK. can see why this isn't going anywhere.

But do answer me this.  Do you ever go to the movies alone?  And if not, do you agree that it's weird?  I really want the truth here because I think it's perfectly normal to go by yourself if you really want to see something.  But perhaps I'm uninformed...


Violet Clouds said...

I quite like going to the movies alone!I'll happily go by myself if I really want to see a movie and no one else is willing/available but there are some movies I actually prefer to see solo. No nudges or sharing the popcorn, just you and the story on screen.
The guy is missing out!

Violet Clouds said...

I quite enjoy going to the movies alone. I'm quite happy to go by myself to a movie if no one else is willing/available but some movies I actually prefer to see solo. No nudges, whispers or sharing the popcorn, just you and the story on screen!
The guy is missing out!

Buford Betty said...

Mommy?!?!? OK end this now, tt kk. And for the record, I've never gone to a movie alone but I see nothing wrong with it! Kathleen used to do it all the time.

Flo said...

I never have, but not going to say I wouldn't. If I wanted to see a movie on the big screen really bad and no one wanted to go, I would. I've gone to lunch by myself and not felt weird about it.

Jenni said...

I go to the movies all the time by myself....but I prefer to go with a friend for a couple of main reasons. 1)someone to babysit the popcorn while I go to the bathroom right before the show starts and 2)someone to debrief the movie with me afterwards

MCW said...

It's nice he has a great relationship with his mom, but seems a bit excessive!
I love going to the movies alone. In fact, like it more than going with people. And so funny I was just had this convo this morning.

eHa said...

I've gone to at least one movie alone. I'm not a big movie person so I usually go because other people want to go and want me to come along. I'm also kind of a loner and I like my alone time some people need people all the time.

Also, "grown-ups" who call their parents mommy and daddy weird me out so much. My 20 something married cousin was still calling him mom momma. That said being close with your parents is usually a good sign.

Alex said...

I have never gone to a movie alone but my mom always said she used to all the time when she was younger. I feel like I would be lonely sitting there by myself!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Y'all are cracking me up! Thanks for not thinking I'm weird for seeing a few movies solo. I've actually only done it a few times because like eHa, I am not a big movie person. But if I want to see something, I have no problems going by myself.

Also, please note, that he doesn't (at least not in my presence) call his parents Mommy and Daddy. I have that note that reads (my words...not his) because I hoped it would clarify. But if it didn't- just to be clear- he doesn't actually call them that. I am just baffled by a grown man who runs home EVERY possible weekend to see his parents instead of dating or going out with friends or really so many other things that normal 30-somethings do.


Casey said...

I go to the movies alone more than I go with somebody! I don't want to feel like I dragged somebody along who doesn't really want to be there, plus I want to go when I want to go, not when it's convenient for somebody else. My older sister, on the other hand, can't go to the movies by herself.

TeTe said...

I love going to the movies by myself.

Love Being A Nonny said...

A box of popcorn, a diet coke and I don't care who is with me! Alone is sometimes quiet and wonderful!

Ruth said...

If it is something I truly can't wait to see I have been to the movies by myself. Okay only twice for the last two Harry Potter movies. I took half a day off work and went so the theatre was pretty empty which made me not feel bad.


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