Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Week Updates

Well let's see...I need to play catch-up, don't I?

How was your Thanksgiving?  Relaxing and delicious, I hope!

Mine was lovely.  Once again I opted to stay in bed instead of running the Turkey Trot that was just outside.  It was cold and miserable this year.  And my bed was warm and cozy with my fur baby.  So that's that.  Supper...or as I convinced the kids it should be called, Linner (it took place at 3...lunch + dinner...get it?)...was great.  We don't have any special traditions.  Very standard turkey and sides.  But all good.

Such a fun family game!

After filling our faces with pie, we played card games with the kids this year.  Apples to Apples, which I thought was really funny, and another game that was similar to Trivial Pursuit but it was all about food history.  Both were entertaining.  And I was home by 7:30ish to relax and wait for the fullness to subside.  (Which didn't happen until the following day.)

My weekend was low key but lovely.  I got some stuff done.  I am 99% done shopping- just two small parts to gifts left that will be picked up this week.  I do have a good bit left to make and am wishing I started those projects far earlier.  Like in July.  I'm proud to say though that every item I purchased was done so online.  Not mall for this little crocodile!  Woo hoo.  And in total, I paid less than $4 for shipping.  I love that I have a package in the mail every other day, too.  Even though nothing is for me, it's still fun to open up the boxes to see all of the gifts I've ordered.

Sunday began with Sadie having not one but two seizures.  One right after the other.  Even though she is fine 20 minutes later, it is a wretched way to start your day.  She deep slept most of the day as she always does after an episode.  I was on nerve about everything.  As I always am.  Ugh.

Then at some point on Sunday evening, I think I scratched my eye.  Well...at the time I thought I had an eyelash in it and spent hours trying to get it out.  But when I woke up Monday with it still hurting and clearly nothing was in my eye, my new self-diagnosis is that it's scratched.  It hurts like heck but only in part due to it being scratched (or whatever).  Mostly it hurts because I either touch it constantly (when I still thought I had something in it) or I keep it closed like a pirate, which is causing those nerves to be stressed (or something).  I'm really hoping this ends soon because it's putting me in a completely foul mood.

Monday after I went to a Baubles and Bubbles (jewelry and champers) party at District's home, I came home to quickly bake up a custard to take on Tuesday night to the JLA board holiday party.  I don't know where I went wrong but this was the result.  I had the temperature correct and the recipe correct and yet...it puffed up and bubbled over and my oven is now covered in burnt custard and the top of the one to take looks like crap.  I had extra and baked it in little ramekins and it does taste great.  But gosh it looks terrible.  I'm thinking of covering it with whipped cream for tonight.  Thoughts??  I'm so bummed it looks so bad.  But I'm out of time to make anything else.  My sweet friend Jennifer, whom I also got to see last night, has this great line when she brings something to parties that she buys instead of bakes.  When asked if she made it, she says she made it possible.  I could probably pop up to the Italian bakery to make something possible.  But I doubt it will be gluten free, which would sort of stink for me.

And finally, I am thanking Baby Jesus that these candies are only available for a limited time.

Dark Chocolate Filled With Mint Truffle

I don't really like chocolate.  It's just never been my thing.  But let me tell you bob, these mint Hershey's Kisses are the devil in disguise.  Holy bloody delicious!!  I could eat three bags a week if I had them in the house.  If these were available year-round I would for sure need to be crane lifted out of the house.  Just seeing the bag I am totally craving 17 right now.

Oh I thought of one more thing.  So I mentioned not running the Turkey Trot.  But something weird happened.  I regretted it!  True story.  I saw all the fun photos on Facebook and was all bummed that I didn't go run it (it's literally out my door) with any of my many friends who did.  And then on Monday when I was in an incredibly frustrated mood due to everything but nothing in particular (just one of those days), I thought several times, I should work out or run or something to relieve this annoying pent up stress.  I kept thinking about how Mermaid keeps the coo coo in the clock by working out and my coo coo is on the lose lately.  So there's that.  I thought about being healthy.  I didn't actually do it.  We don't want to get too crazy up here in the casa de crocodile.  But I thought about it in a very real way.  Weird, right?  I'll be sure to let you know if I actually get consistently healthy.  Wouldn't want to rush into it...

And that, my sweet friends, pretty much brings you up to date on me.  Fill me in on you!  What's shaking in your world these days?


jess said...

I didn't know you were in JLA! My friend Caitlin is, too...assuming I've got the acrynom correct. I was going to join in the fall but then I ended up having to move, now I've got to check out the JL here in Buffalo. Sigh.

Seems like you and the pup had a rough weekend! I hope you are both feeling better soon. You should definitely have your eye checked out it keeps bothering you - the same thing happened to my BF last year and he had to go to an ophthalmologist in the end and they cleared it up right away.

jess | Quaintrelle

MCW said...

I need those kisses!

And working out does help sooo much in keeping the crazies at bay. Ha.

Ruth said...

I hope your eye is better. And this should make you feel better. A couple weeks ago I took my contact out and I only got half of it. I kept feeling around all night for the other half just determined it was in my eye. The next morning I woke up to a red eye.
I love those kisses.


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