Friday, December 6, 2013

Sound of Music vs. Scandal

Sound of Music...the new version

I said {to myself} that I wasn't going to watch the live remake of Sound of Music last night.  Because I am not big on remakes.  If the original version is still completely awesome {and it is}, why make a new version?  As the saying goes...if it ain't broke, don't fix it!  I was just skeptical of the whole ordeal and decided to avoid it.

Sound of Music...the original!

But then curiosity got the best of me so I flipped over to watch for five minutes.

Y'all...I am shocked so many people on Facebook and Twitter were into it!  I thought it was so weird.  The acting was off.  They were singing the songs at the wrong times.  It was just all off to me.  I actually clicked on it a second time, not realizing it went so late, and had the same opinion.


#Scandal on the other hand...brought the damn house down!  I cannot believe how many twists and turns were in that episode!!  The mom.  Cyrus.  James. she with Olivia or against her and how many teeth did she lose?  And the biggest shocker...Sally!  I can't even get over how wild it was and can't wait for the conclusion {that will no doubt be full of cliff-hangers created to drive me insane} next week.

What was on your TV screen last night?  Are you a Scandal fan?  Ruth and I tweet it out on Thursday nights so please feel free to join in our #canyoubelievethatjusthappened fun! 


Flo said...

The order of the songs is different for the stage version which is what they were doing. I thought that Carrie Underwood sounded great, but the guy who played the Captain was just eh.

My Life as A Plate said...

I did watch the Sound of Music, and was looking forward to it because I love the original and Carrie, but was disappointed and I agree I was so frustrated that they were singing the songs at the wrong times.

Angi Solle said...

I also decided not to watch Sound of Music live. Although I love Carrie Underwood, I love Sound of Music more and didn't want to see it ruined.


MCW said...

I turned it on for 5 minutes and quickly changed it as soon as Carrie started singing. It was awful.

I caught up on my DVR this weekend!

MCW said...

I meant last night. Ha.

3 Peanuts said...

I watched the Sound of music. I thought the singing was great but Carrie's acting was terrible. I loathe Scandal. I cannot watch something based on the premise of extramarital affairs because I see on a daily basis in my office the damage it does to so many people. I think it is the ultimate act of selfishness. I know people love that show but I cannot bring myself to watch.

Kate said...

I didn't watch Sound of Music but I think the biggest issue was that so many people didn't realize it was based on the stage version NOT the movie. I kind of think it was false advertising there. The ads should have said based on the stage version or something! I have seen both stage and movie and will always prefer movie version so I didn't watch.

I can't wait for Scandal! On my DVR and ready to watch as soon as I have a chance

Ruth said...

I am not a huge Sound of Music fan so I had no desire to watch it but it seems most who did didn't like it.
Scnadal has gotten good. It was so hard to keep up with. I need to watch this week's episode again before next week.

Buford Betty said...

Like others said - it was a Broadway musical before being adapted for film. This was just a live version of the musical and that's why the songs were where they were. So I don't think of it as a remake at all - they can never remake the movie if you ask me! But yeah I agree with others in that Carrie sang beautifully bit the acting was pretty bad. Interesting to watch though. I watched most of it bit was mostly bored with it! I kept thinking, who the heck is going to biy that DVD? Die hard Carrie Underwood fans maybe?

Unknown said...

I wanted to love it, but Carrie's acting was not great. Thankfully she has a beautiful voice which made up for it. Thank goodness I DVR'd it so I watched it over several days...I will say it was nice falling to sleep to the music :)



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