Wednesday, December 4, 2013

On Why I Collect Nothing

I had life sized versions of this.

This has resurfaced three or four times over the last month so I thought I'd share here too.  It's really just a little nothing story about my childhood, to be honest.  But it's so funny the things that impact you long term.

penguin sweater

So when I was in the fourth grade, I decided that I loved penguins.  As a result, people started to buy me penguin related items.  Thus a collection began.  However, like most fourth graders, my obsession waned about a year later.  I mean, even today I still like penguins well enough.  So it's not as if I suddenly hated penguins.  But I wasn't all about them either.

penguin socks

However...I was not brave enough to mention that to anyone.

I'm an introvert and a people pleaser and it seemed to make people happy to gift me with anything and everything penguin.

For years.  Years!  Like all through middle school.

one can never have enough clothing with penguins

I'm not sure I ever said something to be honest.  I think people just ran out of penguin shit to buy for me and that's why the collection finally stopped growing.

But I learned a critical life lesson.  Don't collect anything.  And if you do, don't tell anyone.

Seriously.  I know my family and friends meant well in their penguin gifts for a solid four years.  But just because I liked something didn't mean I wanted every item I owned to be penguin related.

MacKenzie-Childs Ware

So now, however many years later, when asked what I collect, even though I do {secretly} collect vintage Lilly Pulitzer dresses and MacKenzie Childs Ware, I keep that to myself.  I'll handle my own collecting for fear it will again be all-consuming to those {well meaning} people around me.

So tell you collect anything?  Have you ever regretted sharing it with people?  Do you have any secret collections like me?


Flo said...

Been down that road myself. Growing up I was a cat lover. For some reason a friend of mine decided that I needed everything with cats on it. Even after I no longer had cats, she continued to buy me cat stuff! So I can totally relate. Garrison Keillor wrote a great piece for Lands End on this subject, I wish I could pull it up online and share it with you, it is so on the mark.

MCW said...

I don't collect anything. Never have...I guess I had stints in the past, but nothing that stuck!

eHa said...

I agree so much! My mom kept buying me dinosaur footy pajamas after I graduated from college because I like dinosaurs and because I liked forty pajamas when I was in middle school. I also have more llama things than I know what to do with for similar reasons.

I think that some people, like my mom, aren't great at picking out the perfect gift so they just latch on to things that you've ever expressed any interest in ever.

#unmatched said...

oh goodness, this happens to me all the time-with ladybug and cupcake items. Sure I like both things, but I do not need everything I know to feature either theme. People gift me way too many baking related items too and honestly, I'm picky and would vastly prefer to select my own bakeware.


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