Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Week And My Favorite Hair Conditioner

* It snowed last night.  Multiple times.  Not a terrible amount of accumulation but I suspect my grumpiness over an inch in December is only going to increase over the next four months.  I'll do my best not to blog my dismay at the sight of ever snowflake.  But I can't make any promises.  I just can't get past being gloomy and disgruntled about winter this year.  Normally this attitude doesn't set in until the end of March.

* I miss Florida.  (stating the obvious...clearly)

* Cousin got back with loser boyfriend last night, per the ever so klassy Facebook announcement he made that included all thing loser things he's done, but he's now sober, and basically people need to get over it.  At this point though I don't care  Or I do, but it's not for me to say anything.  She has to walk this walk on her own.  I hope it's a short walk this time though.  Like...around the block and back.  I love her so much and hope one day she can see what we all see in her.  But as we all know, we have to come to these things in our own time.

* I am so happy that The Sing Off is back on TV!  I just wish they would keep/include some of the more traditional preppy college boys.  Every year they always kick them off first, which is weird to me.  Jewel on the show is great though.

* I read recently that Scandal, which I happen to think is one of the most well-written and acted shows ever, right up there with West Wing, had the season cut short.  Yet that completely unfunny Michael J. Fox show is still hanging in there.

* My girlfriend, Super Nice, gave me the best Christmas gift this week.  I'll show y'all that tomorrow.  Seriously the most thoughtful and personal gift.  Loved it!

* And finally, a product review.  From a company that once again doesn't know I exist.  I just seriously love this product.

I present to you the very best hair conditioner....

Suave Color Protection

OK so I am very specific about hair products.  I have fine hair and sensitive skin and oily but also dry skin.  I'm a dermatologist's dream come true!  For years I have been using John Freida conditioner.  Which I do still completely adore.

But I ran out two weeks ago and didn't realize I was without a back-up bottle in the closet.

I did however have two bottles of this Suave conditioner that I had purchased for free with coupons recently.  They were about to find their way into a bag I am donating to a local homeless shelter.  As I was conditioner-less, a major crisis in my world, I tried it out.

And.  I.  Love.  It.

My hair feels like satin!  It does such a good job of conditioning but not making my hair feel heavy.  And this big bottle is a whopping $2.89 regularly at Target.  That's without sales or coupons, both of which are easy to find.  Under $3!!  For the best conditioner ever!!

I realize we all have our own tastes.  But if you are in the market for a great conditioner and a crazy inexpensive price, I highly recommend Suave!  I've been using it daily for two weeks and I still can't believe how much I love this product!

Who knew?!

* I must must must remember to go get a flu shot this weekend.  I know some folks are opposed to them but I am not of that variety.  The thing is, when I get sick, I get REALLY sick.  It might only happen once a year but what is a two day illness for normal people will be a two week on my death bed illness for me.  So I take precautions.  Of course, it doesn't keep me from getting other freak illnesses...

* My week has been and my weekend will be full.  But it's a good thing.  There were years when my holidays were empty.  It's nice to have these really full weeks!


Flo said...

I so hear you on the snow thing. It doesn't help it started early. Perhaps we should start a support group?

Thanks for the info on the conditioner, might have to check it out.

MCW said...

I love the Sing Off. I didn't think the Princeton group was nearly s good as the rest, except the ones from Puerto Rico. They should have gone first!

Ruth said...

I am very picky about my hair products too. I will have to look into sauce next time I am running low. I stocked up in the spring on some at CVS during a big sale and I had coupons.
I think Scandal might have been cut short because Kerri is pregnant in real life and maybe they couldn't figure out how to right it in.

Unknown said...

So excited to try out this conditioner. I also have fine, oily hair but dry skin. I'm definitely going to have to try this one out!

Xo, J

Unknown said...

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