Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Christmas Was Awesome Because I Shut Out The World

It seems like many of us took a week (or more) off from blogging to do all the real life, non-blogging things that happen over the holidays.  And for me, it was so completely awesome!  I hope it was for y'all, too!

I didn't just shut out the blog world though.  I shut out Twitter, most of Facebook, all things Junior League, non-essential work stuff, non-essential everything stuff and then some.  December was consumed with stress and frustration.  And it really ate into a good part of my Christmas spirit.  But on the 22nd I shut it down.  I just stopped allowing it to fog up my head.  I stopped responding and stopped thinking about it (for the most part) and let go of things that weren't going to be resolved.  I finally got my head and heart to just live in the moment for a few days.  I let myself close out the stress and chaos of life life and absorb time with friends and family.  I also let myself eat darn near everything, which is darn near close to requiring me to grease the darn door to get through it.  But whatever.  In a few days, it's a new year.  I will confront my issues then.

But for at least one more day, I am still living in the blissfully calm and lovely world of holidays and family time.  I think it was the best decision I made all year!

Similar styles

Two of my favorite gifts this year were these ah-maz-ing pajama pants that put all other pajama pants to shame.  Seriously the softest and coziest pants ever!  Picked out by my best boyfriend, 3 year old Isaiah!  He knows me so well!!  And these Sperry ballet flats that are as comfortable as they are cute.  They were a Merry Christmas to me, from me.  Y'all get yourselves a Christmas gift each year, too, right?

This weekend, District's baby, H, turned ONE!  I milestone for both for babies and parents!  And despite me having the wrong time and the getting into a minor fender bender (I was hit while parked by a little old man who should not be driving.  But he was going slow and I didn't see any damage so after 30 minutes of grocery store parking lot chaos, we exchanged "it's one was hurt" affirmations and personal information and I got my now super duper worst friend ever booty on the road.  Oddly...I was very "whatever" about the ordeal until 11 PM when I took Sadie outside before bed and we were both almost eaten alive by a Pit Bull.  I lost it after that- just too much for one girl in one day.), I was able to give Super Baby H his new cape.  He's super awesome on all accounts so this just seemed like a necessary wardrobe addition.

Another highlight was my family's Dirty Santa game this year (also known as Yankee Trade, Nasty Christmas, or White Elephant).  I often end up with the dud gift.  Last year was the worst, a self-help book by some golfer.  What the heck...worst gift idea!  This year though, I brought home a trio of 31 bags.  I'm not a huge 31 fan but the bags are cute and I can totally use them.  The insulated wine/beverage bag is actually really fun.  So yay for a year of a good Dirty Santa game gift!!

Does your family plan this or a similar game?  It seriously gets funnier every year.  Even when you take home the dud gift, it's still hilarious and such a great time with the family adults.  And how was your holiday in general?  Did you shut off the chaos to enjoy Christmas with your family and friends?  I hope so!


Flo said...

I think we should all buy ourselves a little something over the holiday, it doesn't have to be extravagant, just something! Glad to hear you had a great holiday. Love the shoes!

Anonymous said...

I think that's really awesome that you went without some of your social networks, great way to enjoy Christmas.

Unknown said...

Glad you had a relaxing week off! We all need that around the holidays!


Alex said...

Isn't it so nice to take a little break from blogging to have some time for yourself?

Ruth said...

I was disconnected too. Partly because reception at the parents and grandparents is almost non existent. I got some major rest and reading done.
I love the PJs. And the cape is so cute.
WE did dirty Santa this year. I got some dog statue.

Kate said...

I am glad you could disconnect and clear your head!

Very cute shoes and new pj pants!

I'm not a big fan of those white elephant gift exchanges. Mostly because I always get awful gifts while everyone else gets something practical or not that bad.


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