Monday, December 30, 2013

Homemade Orange Household Cleaner

I have been making this recipe for a year and a half and just can't say enough about it.  I personally discovered it via a food swap but I've seen it on blogs and Pinterest countless times, too.  So simple, non-toxic, easy to do, and smells great.  Oh...and it works great!

Homemade Orange Household Cleaner

* Citrus peels.  Any variety.  I've used oranges, clementines and grapefruit with equal success.
* Vinegar.  I use white, but any will do.
* Water.

* In a jar, cover citrus peels with vinegar.  As I add more peels, I add more vinegar to ensure they are covered.
* Let peels steep for about a week or until they turn gross.  If I still have citrus in the house, I simply remove the old peels and add in the new peels.  Add more vinegar if needed too.  You are basically extracting the astringent from the peels in this process.  Vinegar is also a natural antibacterial.
* After you are done eating citrus and the vinegar as pulled out all it can from the peels and the peels are discarded, you are left with a concentrate.
* Add one part concentrate to one part water to a spray bottle.  And that's it, folks!  So simple!  I keep a bottle on my kitchen counter and use it daily!  A cleaner that is safe to use and you can pronounce all the ingredients.  Plus it's a great way to not let citrus peels go to waste.

While not completely homemade, here are my directions on how to make your own foaming soap, which is also super simple.  Have you ever tried making household cleaners?  Do you have any interest in more of these simple, DIY tips?


Anonymous said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for your nice comment, I will definitely plan on doing a post with links to my favorite preppy youtubers :) Thanks so much for following it means so much!

Wendy said...

Love this idea! When we bought the house I swore I wouldn't use chemicals to clean with. This recipe helps in that quest.

#unmatched said...

ooh this looks great. I want to try this!


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