Monday, December 16, 2013

Holidays vs. Christmas

I park so that I can walk through the row of trees and kissing balls at the grocery store and smell the evergreen!  For me the holiday is about simple pleasures and not being proper according to the vocabulary police!

I am so annoyed by the "you're not a good person unless you say 'Merry Christmas'" attitude permeating social media.  I cannot think of a less Christ-like and less loving spirit to have.

Yup...I said it.  I think it is rude beyond rude to claim that when someone wishes you a happy anything other than the specific word "Christmas" that they are less faith-filled, less loving of God, political, Atheist, bad, immoral, or any of the other ridiculous claims floating about.

When someone wishes you a happy anything, you say THANK YOU.

How often do people walk around sharing well wishes?

Really...I'm asking.  How often do you go into a store or walk down the street or do anything these days and leave with a collection (or even a single) well wish of any variety?

For me, it's very rare.  Once in a blue moon, or should I say yellow sunshine, I get wished a good weekend if it's forecasted to be nice out and the conversation includes that prediction.  And then around the holidays, I often get wishes well in relation to those.  But that's pretty much it for me.  So when I am offered a well-wish of any variety, I absorb and accept it!

I use Christmas and Holidays interchangeably.  On Christmas Eve and Day, I surely use the word Christmas.  But outside of those two days, I say whatever comes to mind.  But when I say it, I mean it.  When I wish someone well, regardless of semantics, I sincerely mean it.  I am not pushing an agenda or a form of faith.  If I am pushing anything, it's genuine kindness.  (Admittedly...I have more to offer some days than other days!)

So yes, my panties are in a bunch over the ungrateful, bratty, snobby, rude, and unloving social media soundbites that so many are posting over the word holiday.  If we run into each other this coming week and I've read your "I'm a better person because I use the word Christmas" rant on Facebook, please take no offense when I offer you a merry or happy nothing.  You clearly have such a plethora of love and an over-abundance of well-wishes in your life that you can pick and chose which to embrace and which to mock.  And I am in no mood to have my sincerity noted for it's lack of goodness, according to your expert judgement.

Until the spirit moves me or until the 24th rolls around....

Happy Holidays!


Angi Solle said...

This is one of my biggest pet peeves working in retail. I say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to every customer. I do not pick and choose who I say what to , I just honestly want to switch it up sometimes. I think people should be grateful they are getting good customer service this time of year when we are all over stressed and super busy. I go out of my way to say one of these two things and mean no harm from either yet people still give me the look sometimes when I say one of them! Thanks for sharing this!!!


#unmatched said...

ugh. It is a huge pet peeve of mine when people use religion has a crutch to act mean or superior to others. As a general non-church goer it doesn't make anyone a better person to put me down because they attend church and I don't.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Angi- I didn't even think about retail- which is silly of me as I worked it for years. You must be searching for all sorts of new spins on the holiday well-wishes after saying them hundreds of times each day! Holiday retail season memories are flooding back to me now....

Thanks for your comment!

Flo said...

When we did the bills where I used to work, we always put "Happy Holidays" figuring it not only covered all the different religions but the entire season as well. Good grief, some of the complaints we had about it were ridiculous. I always threatened that the last billing I did was going to say "die you gravy sucking pigs" just to see if anyone noticed!

eHa said...

Thank you so much! Where I grew up a good portion of people were Jewish ( for example on my street growing up only one other house celebrated Christmas) so I grew up saying Happy Holidays out of respect for the fact that a lot of people would be celebrating Hanukkah and not Christmas and I didn't always know which Holiday any given person was celebrating. So I've always been put off by people who seem to feel self-righteous about saying "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays."

MCW said...

I completely agree!!!

Delusions of Grandeur said...

My heart absolutely broke for the school-aged you in this post. I went through something similar in middle school and remember how awful it was, and how personally I took it. And I've had a handful of mean girl experiences as an adult. I know now it isn't about me, but it never ceases to amaze me that there can be so much ugliness inside a person that drives those behaviors. And of course many times it's the result of their own insecurities, which is really, really sad. And I agree - that mug is gross.

Delusions of Grandeur said...

Agreed! And I always find it humorously ironic that some Christians get so up in arms about a word that comes from the roots "holy" and "day".


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