Tuesday, October 8, 2013

When Did I Become A Girl Who Takes Selfies?

Two more photos from Friday that I want to keep on the blog.  Super Nice was trying on sweaters while I lounged in a comfie chair in front of a fireplace (that smelled amazing).  Naturally I took a selfie (Who am I?  When did I become a person who random takes photos of herself.  This year apparently.)   But I kind of like it and that doesn't happen often.  So on the blog to keep as a memory it goes.

And again...I'm obsessed with the fall pumpkin displays at Orvis.  This is one of many that they have on the property.  That round thing with the Orvis sign is actually a giant cornucopia, but it's hard to tell from this angle.  Their property is just stunning!

1 comment:

KatiePerk said...

Your glasses are so cute! That is one amazing pumpkin display.


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