Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weird Candle Scents: Does Bacon Really Make It Better?

Last week when I was in Vermont for the day with Super Nice (who is celebrating her birthday today!) and District (who celebrated her birthday yesterday!), we popped into Yankee Candle.  Because scented things aren't really my favorite, I meandered around while Super Nice picked up some treats.

When was the last time you shopped in a candle store?  Other than briefly popping in with Super Nice again a year ago and then sitting outside to take a phone call, I'd say the last time I visited a candle store was a solid decade ago.  Or more.  I'm saying this to make it clear that I am not up on the latest candle scents and trends.

But when-o-when did bacon become a candle scent?  I mean, I've long professed that I truly believe that bacon (and butter) makes it better.  But even I have limits.

They had other weird and I assume catered to men flavors like leather and pigskin, but this one took the cake.  Turkey and Stuffing!  It smelled like turkey and wax.  Gross!

That said, they had row after row of these large and expensive candles in the store.  So perhaps I am in the minority.  Maybe these really are the next big thing in the candle world...who knows?  They are definitely not on my must have list!

Are you a big candle fan?  Do you love the fun scents warming up your home?  Or are they not your thing, like me?  And do you think anyone really wants a turkey scented candle?  


MCW said...

Those candles look gross. I am not a smelly candle fan. I will light them every once in awhile, but rarely.

The enchanted home said...

Seriously...ewh! First off I gag when I walk by the store in the mall (almost never) way too strong for me but the thought of a candle in bacon or turkey gravy is kind of stomach turning;( I am sure there will be some however who will not agree with me, so that's why there is something for everyone!

Flo said...

Blech! I like bacon smell when it is first cooked, but then hate how it lingers, so that would be the last candle you would sell to me. And you answered a question I had--if the Yankee Candle outlet store was still in Manchester--guess it is!

Ruth said...

Those are not ones I would want. I buy theres on occasion but when I have coupons. the BHG candles from Wal-Mart smell great.


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