Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This month is cra-zy.  No rest for the weary...or however the saying goes.

I just have so much going on.  I'm juggling obligations and plans and friends and about 4 million other things.  I'm having a ball for the most part but I'm exhausted.  In a good way, though.

* Saturday morning early, Sadie created a situation that required an emergency bath.  Emergency, as in there was no way she was going to sit all day in my home stinking up like that.  Good thing she's cute!  This also made me late for my first event of the day because of course it happened about two minutes before I was to walk out the door.

* Saturday morning I volunteered with my Junior League ladies at one of my favorite programs.  We helped give a birthday party to four homeless children.  It's precious and such a great cause!

But it's also overwhelming for me.

Secret...I do not like mass quantities of children.  And I don't actually enjoy myself at these parties.  But I so passionately believe in the cause.  So I continue to go.  But that many children makes me feel a little bit panicky.

* Saturday mid day I had my community garden work party.  Which was just as awkward as the spring work party that I attended.  But whatever.  At least now I know other gardeners so it was nice to see some sweet garden buddies.  We finished super early because my particular garden is small and there were lots of people there.  Many hands makes light work!

During the work party, we discovered that people {not gardeners}had cut a hole in the corner of the fence the size of a person.  It's in the corner of a garden plot that has had weed issues all summer.  Which only serves to frustrate me more.

What I haven't had time to mention is that many of us gardeners have had things missing and/or destroyed lately.  One of the sweetest gardeners and her hub had SEVEN of their nine giant butternut squash stolen.  SEVEN.  Another recently {like in the last few days} had half of her rhubarb plant stolen to the point that she isn't sure if it will grow back in the center next year.  My one and only pumpkin, that like everyone else, I started in Feb, was moved and the vine broken in half.  Thankfully they didn't steal it.  But it really frustrated me as that pumpkin could have had another month to grow much larger and there were several babies growing on that vine.

Many of us talked about the human pests that plagued us this year.  The seasoned gardeners who have been in this allotment for years and years said they have never ever had these problems before this year.  I'm crossing my fingers that next year goes back to what they tell me is normal.  Because honestly, this year has had me questioning if I should even live in a city at this point in my life.  As much as I love my town and all that a city has to offer, I love having space to grow and am not sure I could do another year in the garden with all the human pest frustrations.

* Saturday afternoon I stayed in the garden for a few more hours.  It was sunny and warm and so lovely.  I'm starting to wind things down.  The tomatoes came out a while ago and the tomatillos are all but out.  The peppers are 2/3 out, with just a few remaining until the last fruits ripen.  Within the next two weeks, everything other than the frost hardy plants {kale, chard, broccoli, cauliflower, and roots} will be pulled up and winterized.

* Saturday later afternoon I ran errands.  Because it had to be done.

* Saturday evening, I ate something for dinner and took my second shower of the day to get ready for my evening out.  I wanted to crawl in bed and veg out.  But a sweet JL friend is moving and this was her going away party.

I rallied.

* Saturday night I went to the party, that started at 9:30 PM in a ....wait for it....karaoke bar!  Me...out a karaoke bar.

I know...I was surprised that I was there too.

The last time I was in a karaoke bar was at least a decade ago.  And I didn't sing.  I probably would have though if I wasn't so tired and feeling a bit out of my element.

But I have to say, it ended up being one of the most fun evenings I've had in a long time.  I am SO glad I didn't bail and pull on my pajama pants.  I am SO glad I got out of my very boxy box and did something different.  I met the sweetest people and honestly had a great time.

* Saturday I got home close to midnight and Super Nice and I were the first people to leave.

* Sunday morning I was exhausted.  I slept in.

* Sunday mid morning my neighbor called to tell me he hit my car.  Awesome.  The door on the passenger side is all scratched up.  I'll be dealing with it on Monday.  But neighbor was very upfront and apologetic and I know it was an honest accident.  He was appreciative of me being nice about it.

* Sunday afternoon I cleaned my house.  It needed it!  It needs more but it will do for now.

* Sunday afternoon I roasted three full sheet pans of tomatillos, plus peppers and garlic.  All in prep to make and can salsa verde on Monday evening.

* Sunday evening I had dinner with District and friends.  Mr. District cooked an amazing supper that included my first tasting of Italian gravy.  That I only realized a few years ago was a red sauce, not the gelatinous gloppy gunk with which people ruin top Thanksgiving turkey.  The Districts even picked up gluten free gnocchi for me.  Isn't that just beyond considerate?!  Plus I got to love on my bestie Baby H.

* Sunday night I crawled into bed tired but happy.  I had a busy and great weekend that was full of great friendships.

* The next two weeks are going to be even busier for me.  But I am going to try to remind myself that I need to enjoy all of the great {and sometimes silly} opportunities in front of me.

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  Have you ever been to a karaoke bar?  If so...did you sing?


Flo said...

That made me tired just reading about it! So sorry to hear about the garden "pests", that has to be frustrating.

MCW said...

I have been to one and of course I sing! Usually Shoop by Salt and Pepper. Ha.
Gravy (brown kind) is my favorite thing in the world. I only eat it Thanksgiving and I put it on everything but creamed corn!
Glad you had a great weekend!

eHa said...

A pub near our house does karaoke nights. My husband is a phenomenal singer (he sung in the chorus in college) so we often go. I can be persuaded to sing with a pint or so of liquid courage.

#unmatched said...

your garden is amazing looking! I, too have had human pests. Someone took 6 green tomatoes right of the plant, which is next to my house and thus creepy and rude.


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