Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wake Up Call

This is pretty much how every morning begins for me.

Picture it.

Me.  The human adult.  Laying diagonal in the bed.  Legs nearly hanging off the edge.  Head and body curved around.

Around what?

Around this.

This little bundle of cuddly goodness hops into bed with me around 3 or 4 AM every day now that the weather has officially turned cooler.  She starts out in the lower corner.  But maneuvers her way into the very center of the bed, pushing me off to the side in the process.

Look at her, though.  She's just beyond cute.  And covers me with kisses in the morning.  Her love is unending.

And so...the process continues.  I'm sure I would sleep much better without this furry situation happening nightly.  But I also know I will never regret a single snuggle moment with my baby girl.


Katiellirb said...

Beyond cute is the perfect description!! Oh Sadie, I just love you so! And shhh, don't tell Brad, but on mornings when he's working the night shift, Barkley jumps into bed around 5 too for a quick snuggle. I love every minute of it. :)

Ruth said...

So sweet. I also wake up with by fur baby in my bed. Thankfully the she just tries to shove me to the edge.


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