Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tomato Powder: Make It Or Buy It

Last year I made tomato powder with the leftover skins from making and canning salsa.  I did it sort of on a whim, but I ended up really loving having a jar on hand all year long.  I added it to all sorts of things from soups and casseroles to tomato jam.  Tomato powder just adds an extra tomato flavor burst.  It's sort of amazing stuff.

DIY Tomato Powder (flakes)

While picking up a few things last night from Vitacost (Do others love that site too?  I place a big order a few times a year to stock up on foods that I can't find easily.  I also swear by their brand of coconut oil and use it for way more than just cooking- dry skin- on me or the dog- has met it's match with a little coconut oil!) I noticed that they actually sell tomato powder!  I found that so interesting.  I had no idea it was being mass produced.

Tomato Flakes (Powder) from Vitacost

So if you aren't in the mood to make your own (it does require a LOT of tomato skins), you are able to pick up a bag from Vitacost.  And it's on sale this weekend.  Fancy that!

I might have to add some to my next order because even tough I made enough tomato products to fill an entire shelf in my pantry closet, I didn't make salsa this year (I have a lot leftover from last year).  Everything else I made, I kept the skins on (I'm all about less work when possible).  I know, I know ... #firstworldproblems!


$10 worth of free products!

I didn't realize that Vitacost was still doing this deal.  But if you sign up through my links, you will get a coupon for $10 off your first order of $30 or more.  Free food!  How fun!!  They have lots of great products that cater to everyone, not just gluten free girls like myself.  For example, if you are thinking it might be fun to attempt making a batch of French Macarons this holiday season, Vitacost has a great price on almond flour, which is what you need to make them.  I may or may not be attempting them soon for the first time myself!

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