Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tired Of Being Fat: Day Two

My biggest challenge this week seems to be lack of time.

My days are packed with meetings and conference calls and last night I didn't get home from my board meeting until almost 11:30PM.  On top of that, I have a sinus situation happening that has left me on day two of a migraine.

I'm sticking to my workout schedule but today, I had to combine the walks.  I was supposed to walk in the morning and again in the evening.  Waking up with migraine meant I didn't get out the door on time to walk this morning.  A super long conference call meant I couldn't fit it in mid-day.  And a meeting tonight means that I had to combine them late this afternoon.

But my theory is that we just have to do what we can.  Right??

Last night at the board meeting, there were the best gluten free cookies from Trader Joes.  Sitting in front of me, the gf-er, the entire night.  I ate more than one...and let's just leave it at that.

So the bottom line is that I am off to a rough start.

But I am going to get back on track.  This is just a hard week.  And if my friend wasn't stating this on Oct, I actually would have pushed my start back a week.  But I really wanted to do it with her because I do better at this stuff when I have a team mentality.

I also haven't sent out any of my promised emails.  I will though.  Tomorrow.  At the moment I am conference call and late night meeting free tomorrow.

This post is more to keep things honest.  I am trying.  But I'm not exactly succeeding.  Yet.

There's always only "thing" free day this week.

Here's what sparked this little project...


Andrea said...

You don't have to be perfect everyday! Gluten free cookies are healthier than normal cookies! So look at the bright side, you are trying which is more than some people can say! You are doing your best and making an effort! That's great! Keep up the good work!

Ruth said...

not feeling well can really through you off. I know it did the same to me this week with the same issues.


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