Friday, October 11, 2013

The Very Expensive Vet Bill For A Non-Existent Problem

A few days ago, Sadie was in her favorite throne chair while I was getting ready in the morning.  So I went over to love on and smoosh her.  She's so dang cute...I can't help myself.  But as she hopped off, she kind of slipped a little on the leather ottoman and landed really strangely.  I was immediately worried something was hurt.  She sort of limped for a moment but then walked fine.  So off we went on our little morning walk.

The walk seemed normal until about a block in when she just sat down.  Very strange.  Then she would walk normal again.  And sit down.

This happened a few times and I ended up carrying her home.

But once inside, she was normal again.  I thought I would give her some baby aspirin and she would be OK.

So I gave her breakfast as usual.

But while eating, she again sat down a few times.  And did this crazy donkey kick thing with her back leg.  Weird and weirder.

I started to panic.  OMG I think she broke her leg.  She's 11.  I can't justify surgery.  But I CAN NOT lose her.  Seriously...there is no one on earth more precious to me than this dog.

Like so many times before, I called the vet near tears.  I think my dog broke her leg or did something horrible and I'm terrible because I never used to let her on furniture and now half the time she sits on the furniture and I sit on the floor and I need to come in right away please say you have an opening.

They tell me all the doctors are going into surgeries.  {I know they do surgeries in the mornings and early afternoons and that this would be a possible answer.}  But I am now full on in tears.  So they put me on hold.

The receptionist tells me that if I can be there in 15 minutes they can see me.  The vet is close but the traffic is miserable and I've never made it there that fast.

Naturally I said I would be there.

I walk over to get Sadie's leash in the hallway and notice a piece of a leaf or something.  I paused to go pick it up and then turned away because the clock was running and I had to get up the road to the vet before all the doctors were unavailable.

I scoop her up and put her in the car and off we go.  Traffic, as predicted, was heavy.  But I put that pedal to the medal and somehow made it just in time.

They see us right away and the vet tech {At my vet, the tech comes in first, similar to a nurse coming in before a doctor.  I find it annoying because it means I have to tell the story twice.  Plus I can hear the tech in the hall relaying the story and they always get it wrong.  But it's the closest vet to my house and with the frequency that I visit, it sadly wins the which vet will I choose race.} is terrible.  The last two times I've been there my techs have made me feel worse than before entering the office.  Then the doctor comes in.  It was someone new to me but she was awesome.  She got down on the floor with my now walking normal dog and kept telling me how sweet she is.  {Truth.}  She pulled and poked and yanked her leg six ways to sunrise and didn't think it was broken.  But decided she needed a second vet in on the visit.  So she took Sadie out of the room.

She rushes in a few minutes later and says that she really thinks she needs an x-ray.  The other vet {my favorite vet} thinks something might be wrong.

I give the OK.  I mean, what else was I supposed to do.  My baby girl needed it.

So then I can see Sadie in the hallway.  Walking.  Normally.  To the x-ray room, that happened to be across from the room I was in.

So they do the x-ray and moments later Sadie is prancing back in the room to me.  They didn't see anything on the x-ray.

Good....I guess??  I mean, good that she doesn't have a broken leg.  But why did they think she needed it and what was the rush?

They give me pain meds and my exorbitant bill and send me on my way.

Hundreds of dollars and an hour and half later we were home.  I gave her the first pill and she fell fast asleep.
Then I went back into the hall to put her leash away.  And I noticed that leaf again that I spotted as I was walking out the door.  I bent down to pick it up but it wasn't a leaf.  It was an acorn cap.

And that's when the story came together.  The very expensive and time consuming story suddenly made sense.  Because this is not the first time it has happened.

So Sadie didn't break her leg.  But when we were on our walk, she stepped on an acorn cap.  Which got stuck on one of her toe pads.  When she sat down over and over it was because it was uncomfortable and she was trying to get it off.  The donkey kick in the kitchen was the same thing.  This has happened a few other times to her in the fall when the squirrels take the acorns sans caps.  She got it off though, before we left for the vet.

This acorn is a double - the one on her foot was just a single cap.

But I didn't take the four extra seconds to look at that "leaf" on the ground because I was racing the clock to get her to the vet on time.

Four seconds would have saved me so much time and energy and hundreds of dollars.  FOUR seconds!

Sadie spent the rest of her day high as a kite on pain meds and by the evening, was totally back to her normal perky self.  I, on the other hand, wanted to vomit.

And that, my friends, is what we call a wicked case of Acorn-itis!


Flo said...

The things we go through with our furkids! Glad to hear she is okay though.

Katiellirb said...

oh my lord! Thank god she is OK!! You had me worried the entire time! Oh sweet Sadie - next time just tell Momma that you have an acorn cap stuck on your pad. ;)

WorthyStyle said...

Wow! That is quite the story. I will have to remember that with Lily this fall when we talk her on walks. Never noticed it before but worth considering.


Ruth said...

I am glad she is okay. Sorry it cost so much to figure that out.


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