Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Sweetest Berries

Over behind my garden shed, are a few little strawberry plants that appear to be left-over from years past.  There is a garden next to that space but I don't believe that space is hers.  No one takes care of it anyway.  And the gardener with the space near it barely takes care of her own space as it is (rant coming soon on the amount of waste that happens in community gardens).  So twice, when over by the shed (I don't go over there very much), I saw a berry (one each time) that was just right.  Not rotting like most and not under-ripe.  Just perfect.  So I tasted them.  And let me tell you...I wish I had a field of them!  They are teeny (see photo) but they are packed with more strawberry flavor than any berry I have ever tasted.  I had no idea such a small fruit could have an enormously wonderful flavor.

Have you discovered any unexpected garden treats this year?  Do you grow strawberries?  They are on my must have list for next year for sure.

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Flo said...

Those look like they might be wild strawberries--and the fact that they are so sweet makes it very likely. A friend of mine discovered a whole patch of them in the woods behind her house and used to make the best jam out of them. MMMMM!


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