Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thanks For Being My Un-Biological Sister

Missing my Little today.  So I thought I'd share a Throw Back Thursday photo of us from her wedding in Hawaii, where is is again living these days.

Little and I didn't meet until she came through my sorority house for Recruitment in college, my junior year.  I was persistent, because I knew she was going to be my new Little and bestie.  Her version of this story is different- she uses the word stalker- ha.  But in the end, we turned out to be two peas in a pod.  Literally.

So we obviously met at UGA.  She grew up in North Georgia and I grew up in South Florida.  But fun fact: we were both born in the same hospital in Washington DC!  We have a million little fun bits like that which only prove {to us} that we were so totally destined to be sisters.

I have a lot of besties.  I am so incredibly blessed in that department.  But today it's all about Little.  Who in so many ways, really does seem like my twin!

Do you have a best friend who just links up so naturally to your personality quirks?  Someone you met later in life but feels like they have been by your side since birth?


Dr. Blondie said...

Super cute picture! And what hospital were you both born at in DC?!

Ruth said...

One of my besties is also my little


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