Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making Up With J.Crew

Years ago, J.Crew and I broke up.

It was a long, knock-out, drag-out end to our relationship.  There were tears and hurt.  J.Crew told me they didn't love me and my size and said it only wanted to talk to girls who were smaller and prettier.  My life-long loyalty meant nothing to J.Crew.

I still think that Jenna girl is ridiculously obnoxious.  I do not understand her draw to everyone on social media.

But J.Crew has a few items that are slowing dragging me back in to the stores.  And wondering if perhaps some growth (on J.Crew's end) has happened and there is little more love for girls my size.

Before a movie last night, I popped into the store to see the Ruffle Collar Sweatshirt in person.  I've seen it all over online and really liked it but wanted to see this top in person.

The verdict: LOVE it!  Don't love the price (though I am sure it will go on sale any minute now), as it is truly just a sweatshirt with embellishment.  But as far as a cozy top goes, this is a total winner.  It's softy and comfortable, but also super cute.  Plus I'm having a fetish with gray lately.  Over the past year or two, it's become one of my favorite colors.  Weird, right?

Next came the navy jewel embellished Necklace Sweatshirt.

The verdict: Like it.  But I feel like I could DIY this for about $15 total.  It's clever.  But less clever than the ruffles.

And finally, this navy Classic Schoolboy Blazer.  Remember how much I love love blazers?  I love them!

The verdict: LOVE it!  Added it to my wish list.  I love the weight of the material and the brass tone buttons are such a classic touch.

Blue Blazer  /  Ruffle Sweatshirt  /  Necklace Sweatshirt

How do you feel about J.Crew?  I'm not entirely sure we've truly made up.  Let's just say, I'm not saying no to future discussions.  There are definitely some great pieces in their current line that have me excited.  Have you found any must have pieces in J.Crew lately?


Flo said...

I'm not a big J Crew fan, not just because of the size thing, but also because I think their quality isn't quite up to par. I LOVE that gray top, that is too cute--and I so bet that you could do that ruffle. The fit on it was really nice though, it looked great on you!

#unmatched said...

love the ruffle sweatshirt, though I wish it wasn't grey.

Barb said...

can we talk about how long and GORGEOUS your hair is? i love it! and those sweatshirts look SO cute on you :-) love love love.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Aw, thanks Barb! I think the hair is a little age-inappropriate but until I pick a new hair style, it's what I have to work with- ha.

Miss you!

MCW said...

I love JCrew and it's one of the only places I shop. I tried on that Ruffle sweatshirt and it looked awful on me. Adorable on you. And check JCrew factory for the blazer!

Ruth said...

The jeweled one is cute but I agree it would be easy to make.


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