Monday, October 14, 2013

Little White Gloves

When I was young, one of the most popular activities in the fall was Cotillion.  And while I understand that many people today think the practice is outdated and pointless, I'd argue the opposite.

Picture it...

Little girls in sweet dresses and shoes and little white gloves.  Little boys in coats and ties.  Little girls sitting politely with their ankles crossed.  Little boys asking little girls for dances.  Proper dances.  Slow, quick, quick...  Little boys going to get two cups of punch, one for him and one for the little girl he is sitting next to.  Little girls taking off their gloves and holding them by the fingers (to this day, I still take of my gloves this way).  Polite conversation.  Learning to dance and converse with every single person in the room, including those you are less than fond of.  Learning how to properly eat soup and pass the salt (and this day it's a huge pet peeve when people don't pass them together).

We all loved it!  It was such a fun experience and I have the best memories from those classes!

Is that all outdated?  Or are they life skills?

I'd rather see women and men acting politely any day of the week instead of this....

Or this treasure...

Did you take cotillion classes as a kid?  Would you sign your child up to take classes now?  Or do you think it's all too silly and outdated?  


KatiePerk said...

I did! I didn't love it back then but it has served me well through the years.

LCRush said...

I went to cotillion when I was younger and I would absolutely have my child attend. {Rant warning} It kills me when I am out and about and I see children with the worst manners and no concept of how to act. I get that kids will be kids, but they also need to grow up at some point! And manners absolutely matter when it comes to life in a professional world.

I can only hope that these types of organizations continue.

And it also really bugs me when the salt and pepper aren't passed together. I know I shouldn't judge, but I kinda do! :-)


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