Friday, September 27, 2013

Why Are American Healthcare Costs So High?


This video is incredible.  Full of facts and presented in a really understandable manner.

As someone who is self-employed {and has only ever had healthcare offered by two jobs in my entire life} and crossing her fingers that the selfish, cruel idiots threatening to shut down the government before giving me access to more affordable healthcare come to their time wasting, bible claiming, Dr. Seuss reciting senses, this video just speaks to the core of so many of my concerns.  This video isn't pro or con Obamacare.  It doesn't even mention Obamacare.  It simply gives you the truth about how we line up in a variety of ways compared to other first world nations when it comes to the costs of healthcare.

It will blow your mind!

Did you learn anything new by watching that video?  Were you surprised at home much more expensive some things are in the USA vs Europe?


Flo said...

A friend who lives in Canada told me not long ago that she didn't realize how out of whack our health care prices are until she saw some paper work from a lawsuit (she works in the legal trade) from the US, and about fainted.

Rebecca said...

Come to Canada, sweetie! We take care. I have lived in several countries, including Canada and the US, and I heard the most horrific stories in the US of people dying due to poor health care. It really broke my heart. Now, my sister lives in the US and has great healthcare (as we did when we were there), but has to spend so much time and frustration in filling out forms...then filling them out again. Health care, like education, really should be there for all. Nice blog!

Dawn said...

Very good blog. I am a Brit living living in the USA, and yes our healthcare for the UK nation is paid for through our taxes (or was when I lived there).

I was really shocked when I came to the USA and discovered that healthcare wasn't available for everyone, I mean what is a nation without a healthy population, or at least a population that can strive to be healthy because their health costs are covered?


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