Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Review: Apple Picking, Friends, Cooking And A Baby, Too!

No more tomatoes.

* Friday afternoon I popped into the garden for a short visit.  My garden is both winding down and still in full swing.  I've pulled all but a few cherry tomato plants out.  And I will pull those out this week as this cold snap will kill the lingering tomatoes anyway.  I'll touch on that topic specifically another day.  But the rest of my garden goodies are still growing strong.  My pumpkin is so pretty.  I will pick my first artichoke this week.  Lots of kale.  Goodness...more kale than we could all collectively use in a lifetime.  In fact, if you have ideas of new {to me} ways to cook kale {do not sale kale chips...notice I didn't even say please...that is not the end all, be all to a food group}, please share!  I've had several meals of broccoli, too, which is amazing and something I plan to grow lots of next year.

I will have my first nibble this week!

* Friday night I lived it up.  Making one of the two things I brought to my food swap on Sunday.  I know...I really know how to throw down.  I had fun though, so that's all that matters.

* Friday night, in bed and just before falling asleep, Florida sent a text to tell me that Godsister was delivering that night.  As it's not my story to share, I will leave it at I was up late waiting for news.  Momma and baby are doing well and hope to go home as early as Monday.  I am elated to have a Godniece!  {it's a real thing}

* Friday night I slept miserably and woke up to a terrible nightmare around 4:30 AM.  Every time I closed my eyes, I would go back to the nightmare.  It was just completely awful.

* Saturday I had to be up early to meet Super Nice.  Which would not have been an issue had I slept the night before.  I had one of those mornings where I hated every last piece of clothing in my wardrobe.  {It's called being a girl!}  But I managed to make it on time.

* Saturday morning Super Nice and I went apple picking.  This was our second annual trip together {and my second time picking's not an activity afforded to kids growing up in Fort Lauderdale} and so much fun.  We also picked up squash and other treats because I am newly obsessed with spaghetti squash.  Like I could eat it every day.  It's a weird obsession.  Also, I have a million pounds of apples to deal with early this week.

* Saturday mid-morning, to kill time before lunch, we ran to Target.  My mecca!  Both picked up a few items on our lists, looked around and then headed to the cutest lunch.  Only real friends can turn a lull in events trip to Target into an experience.

* Saturday for lunch, we tried a {new to me} tea house in the area.  It was adorable, albeit in an odd location.  It was packed though so I guess it doesn't need to be in a populated area to be successful.  We tried a spiced chai tea and it was crazy good.  I wish I had thought to jot down who makes it.  My lunch was also fantastic, minus the scone.  You chose between a savory or a sweet scone.  And I have to say, big let down there.  I tried the savory but could see the same issue was had in the sweet scone that Super Nice tried.  Dry as a bone!  Almost stale.  Very strange considering they made a big deal over the scones, including a large sign at the front door.  But the rest of the meal more than made up for the gluten-filled carb I didn't need to eat anyway.

* Saturday after lunch, I ran more errands.  Including going to the grocery store, something I avoid at all costs on a Saturday.  It.  Was.  Miserable.  The Latham Price Chopper was a zoo.  Not just because everyone in the region was there but because they are mid-re-design and the items in the store are in a new place every time I go in there.  Madness.

* Saturday evening, after a lovely walk with Sadie, I made the second item I brought to the food swap.  And it tasted awesome- so excited to share that recipe tomorrow!

* Sunday morning I attempted to sleep in.  But for some unknown reason, I was awake at the bloody crack-o-dawn.  Could not get back to sleep.  Damn!  So I got up and as I do every morning, went to put on my glasses first.  But they weren't there!  I looked on the floor.  Nope.  Felt my face {has totally happened before}.  Nope.  Searched the bed, under the bed, behind the bed, in the bed, under end table and dresser and across the room thinking who knows what.  Nope.  Panic.  These are my back-up glasses.  Panic more.  Searched all of those places again.  And again.  Nope.  Ran into the bathroom and there they were.  Sitting right there.  Where I left them the night before when I washed my face.  It seems that I was so tired that I left them there and crawled into bed, TV on, without realizing I was without my glasses.  I guess I fell right asleep because I can't see the TV without them.  Talk about tired!

* Sunday afternoon I ran two errands and prepped my swap goodies.  Then headed to the From Scratch Club food swap.  I have much to say on this too...tomorrow.

* Sunday evening I came home and promptly ate one of my swap trades standing in my kitchen.  Then walked the dog and picked up Moes for dinner.

* Sunday night, L sent me a text with a website that would allow me to watch Downton.  So I downloaded it right away.  And it loaded all of this crap onto my computer that was making it crash and doing all sorts of bad things.  One of them I still can't quite get to go away.  I then stayed up until nearly THREE AM fixing it.  I was in a panic.  So my day started and ended in a sleepy panic.

* Sunday night did not include a viewing of Downton.

* But it's Monday.  And as long as I can manage a day without nightmares and panic attacks, I will be off to a good start.  I think it's important to set the bar appropriately low for the week and just see how things shake out.

So how was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  Did you relax a little?  Did you cry because you couldn't watch Downton?


Love Being A Nonny said...

We had family visit Friday and Saturday. Sunday was church, keeping the big boy twins and a visit with friends. Not exactly exciting but sometimes that is good!

E said...

I really love this recipe for using up kale:

Last time I made it vegetarian by using beans instead of sausage like she suggested (adding extra oregano, basil, and red pepper flakes to make up for the missing sausage) and vegetable broth.

I hope you're able to figure out your computer and watch Downton. :(

Flo said...

I cleaned most of the weekend--yuck. I did find an adorable mug at TJMaxx though, all was not lost. And yes, totally bummed here that I couldn't watch Downton either, tried to set up a VPN account so I could and that was a fiasco. Still hopeful that I can get it up and running later this week and I can catch up.

SarahCate said...

That sounds like a busy weekend! I just have to comment that your garden looks Amazing! And oh...those artichokes... My garden this year was a disaster and I have no clue as to why. Nothing flourished, except basil and okra!
Enjoy your week.

MCW said...

I had a great weekend which included a little trip to Williamsburg. Will have an update on the blog soon. I am sad I can't watch DA, but there is s much good fall TV it's ok!

3 Peanuts said...

I wish I could take some of your kale. I like to juice it with other things but it is so expensive for juicing (it does not yield a lot or juice) I also like to sauté it with golden raisins and toasted pine nuts. So yummy!!!!


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