Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Indigo Girls Have A Blog!

Friday Night Discovery.

The Indigo Girls have a blog.


I have two favorite bands.  The Indigo Girls and Barenaked Ladies.  I've talked about them both on here many times over the years, because my love for them is steadfast.  But I just have to again note how much I adore my Indigo Girls.

I have no idea when I first listened to them but it was likely my freshman year of high school, by way of someone older and no doubt hipper than me, in my church choir.  Though for all I know it could have been earlier.  All of the camps I went away to had song books largely populated by folk music.  Which is pretty much my first musical love {I firmly believe your first musical taste is that which is your parents favorite at the time.  Oh how sorry I feel for kids with young parents listening to some of the pop music today.}

But I digress.

At some point in the early 90's I fell deeply in love with the Indigo Girls.

There has not been a major life event since then that has not also included Emily and Amy.  They have sung me through some dark days and cheered me on during a lot of silly days.  We {illegally...on many levels}drank to them {shots of Absolute being the drink of choice most of the couldn't pay me to take a shot of anything stronger than sweet tea at this phase of my life}in our dorm room.  We danced {awesomely} around the room and sang {even more awesomely} at the top of our lungs to favorites like Joking and Galileo.

I also don't remember the first time I saw them in concert but I do remember when they came to Georgia for homecoming my senior year.  Bestie, Lauren and I sat fourth row center for that concert and I was just dying.  I've seen them too many times to count all up and down the east coast and midwest.  Three times I've even gone to concerts by myself because I didn't have any local friends who were fans and I so badly wanted to see them that I didn't care.  I stood and sang and lived in the moment {in a way I never ever do in my normal life}and didn't care what anyone else thought.  I was there to see my girls.  I'd do it again.  I have no shame.

If I ever get around to learning how to play my guitar {I bought it over a decade ago for myself for my birthday.  But I've yet to learn to play it.  So instead I just look at it.  It's cute.  And pink.}, I am just positive my first song learned will be Get Out The Map {no idea why...but I'm convinced of it}.

While I naturally have my all time favorites and then favorites from newer albums, I honestly like all of their music.

With one exception.

Chicken Man.

But for personal reasons.  Which aren't as much personal as they are ridiculous and something I will share on a day when my post isn't inching up on book status.

So all of this is to explain my excitement when I discovered {I say discovered as if I unearthed something hidden.  I did not.  They posted it on their Facebook page.  So it showed up in my news feed.  Hardly me making any sort of discovery.}that my Indigo Girls have a blog.  What the what?!  And it's so crazy awesome.  I wish more artists would blog in this format.

Each month they write about a year, from their individual perspectives.  It's so great to see what was going on during their earliest years {high school, college, etc}.  You can really see what shaped them into the musicians they are today.

So if you too are an Indigo Girls fan {and why wouldn't you be...they're amazing}, go check out A Year A Month.

A Year A Month

Which bands are your favorites?  Have any of them been at the top of your list since your school days?


Flo said...

I like the Indigo Girls and I think it is cool that they are still together and performing all these years later. My favorite band is the Foo Fighters, but in high school I was a big Cheap Trick fan, I still enjoy listening to them.

AEOT said...

I, too, am obsessed with IG and have been to 2 concerts by myself. DO NOT CARE. I love them and will see them whenever I am able :) What's funny is that Get out the Map is also one of my favorites and the reason I want to play the banjo and I hate chickenman. It's my bathroom break song!! I'll have to go read the blog and apparently be friends with them on FB!!


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