Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Cutest Work Out Shorts

I am newly obsessed with running shorts.  Or as the kids call them...norts.

Why did no one ever tell me that they are so bloody comfortable?

They are my standard gardening attire.  No make-up, greased up in SPF 50, hair in a floppy pony tail mess, running shorts, cami and tank top and old running shoes.

I'm sexy and I know it.

Or not.

But I just spied these little cuties the other day and want just about every pair!  Krass & Co managed to take regular running shorts and prep them up a notch!  Love it!  Has anyone tried on a pair?  Are they as fabulous in person as they are online?

All images.


MCW said...

Those are adorable! But I never wear shorts. I will wear short skirts, but not shorts. I hate my legs, you however from what I remember can rock them!

Lauren said...

i love those shorts! They are all so cute!


Pink and Green Mom said...

I have the coral reef ones with the anchors on it...they're really cute in person..i like the material...kinda silky feeling! :)

Amber G said...

These are presh!!! Be sure to post if you get some!

Amber G said...

These are presh!!! You have to post if you get some!

Lindsay @ LindsayInNYC said...

Those are super cute!! I would love to know how they fit!

3 Peanuts said...

They are so cute. I LIVED in nylon shorts this summer . I want these now.

E said...

I've heard that they are more comfortable than norts! I'd like to give them a try sometime.

WorthyStyle said...

Wow. I have NEVER heard of this brand but I love them! So much more fun than my UnderArmor shorts for working out. Added them to my Pinterest list! Thanks, lady.

Kate said...

umm I need to buy all of these asap! I wonder how they fit.

I never heard "norts" until recently. Not sure if I'm just out of touch or maybe it's an east coast thing? They seemed more popular when I was in DC. I live in mine year round :)


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