Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review: Phillip Lim For Target And Mossimo

I finally stopped by Target yesterday for about 10 minutes to check out the Phillip Lim line.  And I am not entirely surprised to tell you that I was less than impressed.  I say that about pretty much every special Target line.

I went in hoping to look at three specific items from the line.  A men's trench coat, a purse, and the green shirt below.  My store had zero from the men's line and zero from the accessory line.  And while I didn't hate the green shirt, I didn't love it either.  The shoulder were weird (better seen in second photo).  Too boxy or something for my taste.  And it was much longer in the back than the front.  I don't know, it just didn't call out to me.  But I took a photo anyway because I'm trying to be better about that.

I don't even know what to say about my eyes other than my phone was freezing and driving me nuts and I was trying to smile instead of concentrating on the phone.  This was apparently the end result of all of that.

Also, please note the hair.  Tres sister-wife!  Suggestions are welcome.  Especially if they include photos.  The size of my head is enormous.  This isn't me being all girly and self-depricating.  It is literally giant.  As in I have never ever found a hat that fits me.  Ever.  My head is larger than most football players.  It's weird.  I am pointing this out because it's important to take into consideration when thinking about hair styles.  Of course, none of that went into the absence of planning that became my Duggar-esque, wife number three do.

I thought this dress looked dreadful on the rack but tried it on to amuse myself.  Because I totally had this dress when I was in elementary school!  Oh and I LOVED that thing.  It was a pink sweater with a lacy bottom that I begged my dad to buy me from Burdines.  So 1. trends don't need to be repeated.  If I wore it once, no need to double dip.  And 2. combined with my inappropriately long hair, I look like I just walked off the YFZ ranch!  It's a weird length, baggy and unflattering.  Comfy as all get out but a total fail in every other category.  I mean, seriously, is this dress not the most ridiculous piece of clothing ever?

Why do I look like a deer in headlights?  I need to get better at these selfie shots, I guess.  I liked this dress, by Mossimo, on, until I saw the photo and how it was pulling up top.  Ironically it was baggy at the hips.  But the color is very pretty and the material is amazingly comfortable and thick.

I am a blazer fanatic!  I have many and wear them ALL THE TIME.  Blazers are just a great go-to preppy staple to add to any outfit.  They easily go from office to dinner to brunch on Sunday morning.

I prefer two buttons but at $35, I can overlook it.  Plus, I am thinking I might be able to add a second button.  The price was spot on for this blazer, by Mossimo.  It seemed really well made too.  The underside of the collar on the camel blazer was the same pink as my pants- love!  And the sleeve detail was awesome.  My arms are really long and I thought I would need to roll the cute detail down, but I didn't.  Extra love!  The tan one I have on is a 10 and the black is a 12.  I think I want them both in a 12 though.  I'm wearing a super thin cami but I would be wearing a shirt or sweater in real life so with my extra blessed chest, better to go up a size.

These are my favorite jeans.  I don't think they are particularly flattering as they make my legs look heavy and in real life, my legs and ankles are thin.  But they are sooo bloody comfie.  I picked them up with Super Nice last fall on a girl's day up in Vermont at the Gap outlet.  Flattering or not, I am on a hunt for a more neutral color (though in my defense, I have long said that pink is my neutral!) to wear this year.

I still hope to check out the Phillip Lim for Target bags in person this weekend.  But beyond that, my curiosity is pretty much over.  I came.  I saw.  I left empty-handed.


Lindy D. said...

I LOVE your pink jeans - and how great that they are comfortable besides good looking! You have a great figure and the green shirt fits you nicely.

Since you asked, may I just say that you should cut your beautiful blonde hair a good six inches. I have a very honest, fashionable friend who advises against "high school hair" on women over age 25. She even goes as far as saying that your hair should not touch your shoulders. Remember that longer hair makes you look older.

I have a large head also. I don't own a single hat. My grandmother always said, "Big head, lot of wit; small head, not a bit." Ha!

Sunkissed and Southern said...

I thought the same thing about the line. What a hype! I also feel your big head pain. My head is larger than most people's and some hats dont fit me either!

AEOT said...

I bought the orange blazer last year from Target and wore it ALL the time!! Mine does have two buttons, so they must have tweaked it a little this year. I am so tempted to buy the pink. I think your hair looks good long, personally. I wouldn't go shorter than shoulder length but I do think a Reese W-esque bob with layers would look cute and give you the body you are looking for. With your really straight hair, I think that long layers are the way to go!!

Those jeans are cute on you! I look so incredibly terrible in skinny pants, it's quite amusing. The JCrew Minnie's that everyone states are flattering on "everyone" look absolutely HORRID on me. Like SO terrible! I bet with your legs, though, they would look great on you. Definitely worth a try on if you don't already have them!

3 Peanuts said...

FIrst, you are adorable and secondly the black blazer looks great on you!!!

Alisha said...

I think the jeans are adorable. And, the blazer is super cute, especially for the price, like you, I prefer two buttons, but, for less than $40 - one button will do. :)

Katiellirb said...

I'm so glad you posted this b/c I was wondering how you made out! Its a shame that pink dress was tight on your chest b/c it looks super cute! As for the blazers, you should def get them. And the jeans? Love them girl! Look at you - all Mary Tyler Moore ish via Dick Van Dyke show :)

Unfortunately, no recommendations for your hair. I have learned that my hair is too fine to be any longer than shoulder length.

Lindsay said...

Those blazers look great on you!

I can also relate to having an extremely large head. My friend just bought me a helmet for my birthday (because my fiancé bought me a bike, ha) and I couldn't get it on! Everyone was in hysterics laughing at me!! I laughed too but the kicker was even my 6'3" football sized fiancé could get it on. It was then that I realized I have an abnormally large head!!


Tres Sister Wife?! Bahaha! I totally just laughed out loud!

Love your pants. They're totally cute.

I love hats and I want all of them!!!! I don't have a big head, but I have a fat face. It is just as awful. Bleh.

Lauren said...

I love target! There are always such great finds at that store! I love the pink jean!


misslily said...

i got that blazer in the hot pink. love!

Ruth said...

I wasn't impressed with the line either. But I have not with any of them.


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