Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Baby Has A Baby.

Do you remember me showing y'all the photo of my baby artichoke a few weeks ago?

Well that baby 'choke is getting much bigger and she has a new baby buddy to keep her company!  I am now the proud farmer gardener of TWO baby artichokes!

To say I am impressed with myself is an understatement.  I all sorts of braggy!  I mean, no one else in my this isn't a competition but you know it totally is a competition community garden is growing them.  In fact, everyone says they didn't believe they could be grown this far north.  AND...I grew them from seed!  It's an accomplishment.  A small one.  I mean, I get it.  But's not the sort of thing you see growing every day!


Flo said...

I don't know of anyone who grows them here, so congrats to you! What will you do with them when you harvest them?

Dawn said...

Good for you, bragging rights deserved in my opinion!

I tried to grow artichokes in my FL Zone 10 garden and all I got was leaves. They are rather lovely, silvery gray and huge - I decided that going forward to use them as an accent plant in the garden but the local garden center (Home Depot) didn't stock them again or were out of stock.


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