Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It Might Be Fall, But My Garden Is Still Growing

My harvests are smaller these days now that the last of the tomatoes have been picked {I have a few lingering at home but yesterday caught a wicked squirrel eating ALL of the biggest ones.  When I would see the evil beast, it would run away and it took me a few looks to figure out where it went.  It dug a hole behind the tomato plants and would just hang out in there until I left.}, but I am still coming home from the garden with lots of beautiful treats to eat.

Yesterday I picked my very first artichoke {will eat it tonight}, several beautiful patty pan and five of the most spectacular purple peppers.  I could stare at this photo all day as I am just so in awe of the colors!  But unlike grocery store finds, everything I've grown {using non GMO seeds and organic methods in an organic only garden} tastes amazing.  I'm also really excited that I will be eating my homegrown squash and peppers and tomatoes long into the winter months.

That big red tomato on the left was one of the tastiest I ate all year.  So delicious!  I simply cut into wedges and sprinkled with a bit of Kosher salt.  That was it.  No flair.  Just a little salt to bring out the natural sweetness.  Oh it was just crazy great!

Being able to grow so much {food, skills, sanity levels} has been a true joy for me this summer.  And while my fall garden is still very full {endless amounts of kale and chard, my pumpkin, some beans, tomatillos and ground cherries, and all of my root veggies}, I will miss the day to day tasks that come with having a big vegetable garden.  I'll also miss the first tan I've ever had in my life.  I felt fancy!

What's growing in your fall garden?  Is there anything you won't grow again next year based on this year?  {for me...radishes...just can't get myself to like them}  Did you have any surprises in your garden this summer?  And do you have any tips for getting rid of squirrels?


Flo said...

Every time I think that I'm going to be pulling stuff up, something else pops up. I still have tomatoes and peppers, my onions will be harvested soon.

Alex said...

Thats so awesome, I wish I had a garden. I love fresh veggies.


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