Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Farmer's Market Finds

I have about four posts in draft stages.  Normal, real posts.  But I just can't seem to finish them.  Hopefully tomorrow.  So until then, I leave you with two of my more entertaining farmer's market finds.

Have you ever seen a Christmas Melon before?  I for sure had not.

It's about the size of a cantaloupe, but more oblong than round.  Smooth skin in a pretty yellow and green combo.

The woman who sold it tome described the inside as salmon colored but I'd say it's pretty white.  A tiny bit of pink close to the seeds but mine was not salmon at all.  That said, it was very tasty.  Sweet and delicious, similar to a cantaloupe but with a unique flavor.

I saved the seeds to try growing a few next year.  I love the size of them- very compact and easy to eat in 1-2 meals.  Plus, it's different and pretty.

From the same farmer, I picked up a handful of these most adorable super sweet peppers.  They're teeny tiny!  And oh how I love all things cute and little.  I saved those seeds too, though each pepper only contained about six seeds.  I've just never seen anything so small and sweet before...have you?

Do you frequent your local farmer's market?  What fun finds have you discovered this summer?  Is your market open year-round like mine?  Are you looking forward to any fall and winter veggies?  Winter squash of every variety are my favorites!

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Annie said...

Obsessed with our Farmer's Market. I'll have to keep my eyes open for these cute finds!


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