Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm Not Pregnant. I'm Apparently Just Fat.

From my Phillip Lim and Mossimo Target Review

I got a text on Sunday asking me if I was pregnant.

What the what??!!

So it seems a group of girls saw me about town and decided I looked prego.  They asked another group, and one friend from that second group decided to just ask me to confirm or deny.

Deny.  Deny.  Deny.

She, the friend who asked me, thought it was funny.  I pretended to think it was funny too, as that seemed like the socially acceptable response.  But inside I died a little.  It crushed me.

I know I'm heavy.  Even my legs, which are normally my best feature, have gained flub.  But I didn't know others thought I was so pronounced that the only explanation was not she ate too many pints of ice cream this summer and instead, she is obviously with child.

Then a few hours later, my friend K (who totally needs a good blog nickname....add that to my list of things to procrastinate doing real things work on for sure) posted on Facebook that is doing this Walk It Off In 30 Days Challenge.

And I took that as a sign from God.

I'm in.

And I won't even count my long evening walk with Sadie, either.  Because I do that 365 days a year, rain or shine or snow or wind or cold or whatever.  That doesn't count.

If anyone else would like to join in the challenge, I am more than happy to start an email chain to cheer each other on.  I have two plans to increase my exercise (and hopeful weight loss) after this month too.  So fear not, this is just the first 30 day step (literally) for me.

I am not where I want to be in life.  I've made that super clear.  But oh hell no will people think I am pregnant when I am not (and crying into my pillow because I so desperately want to be a mother).  Not cool...time to take action.

This was me a few days starting point...

This is what I wear to garden, not actually work out.

 photo PicMonkeyCollagepeony_zps26209f66.png

Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Favorite: Tradesy

Dream bag: Pink Birkin

Are y'all using Tradesy?

It's like a combination of Ebay and Ruelala.  The site has a log in and referral like Rue, as well as does sales of specific brands.  But it's re-sale of your items, like Ebay.  The items though, for the most part, are good quality and higher end.  There is no bartering as the prices are set.  They have a really easy shipping system too- for both the buyer and the seller.  And the photographs are really great because after you submit your information, Tradesy does their thing to make them white in the background.  Which is so much easier to look at and makes every item really pop off the page.

Favorite brands like Lilly Pulitzer

I've only had one experience using Tradesy so far but I am totally sold!  I love just browsing for fun, too.

And Tory Burch

If you're in the market to buy or sell some of your purses or clothes, etc this season, you might want to check out Tradesy instead of Ebay.

Every girl loves Revas.

Have you had any experience using Tradesy or Ebay lately?  Any stories we should all be aware of before placing orders?  I've had some not great luck with Ebay over the last year so I am really excited to have another option!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Why Are American Healthcare Costs So High?


This video is incredible.  Full of facts and presented in a really understandable manner.

As someone who is self-employed {and has only ever had healthcare offered by two jobs in my entire life} and crossing her fingers that the selfish, cruel idiots threatening to shut down the government before giving me access to more affordable healthcare come to their time wasting, bible claiming, Dr. Seuss reciting senses, this video just speaks to the core of so many of my concerns.  This video isn't pro or con Obamacare.  It doesn't even mention Obamacare.  It simply gives you the truth about how we line up in a variety of ways compared to other first world nations when it comes to the costs of healthcare.

It will blow your mind!

Did you learn anything new by watching that video?  Were you surprised at home much more expensive some things are in the USA vs Europe?

Loving: Lilly Pulitzer Fall Designs

I'm really having a love affair with the new fall pieces from Lilly Pulitzer this year!  The pinks and blues are just talking to me.  The clean lines in an updated style with the longer peplum (far better than last year's seen everywhere but flattered no one short peplum), blazers (love love loving that Campbell!), bows, lace and longer cardigans.

Lilly Pulitzer feels like it's inching back to being old school Lilly with a modern edge.  Crossing my fingers they stick with classic, timeless designs moving forward and got that trendy phase out of their system.  This season's designs are so delightful!


And have I mentioned how excited I am about the Lilly Pulitzer monogram sweaters (that aren't news ever for this allergic to wool girl) that include a K?  Sooo thrilled.  A must have for a girl named KK, for sure!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Better With Bows: Sweet Bow Clutch!

I'm a firm believer that everything is better with the following:

  • Bacon
  • Butter
  • Bows
I challenge you to defy that logic.  You can't.  I know.  It's impossible.  Try not to fall over from my brilliance.  


This little Sondra Roberts Large Satin Bow Clutch is proof that anything sweet and simple and nearly perfect can be made so much better with a great big bow!

Just How Stupid Do You Sound Using Hashtags

Another great piece by Jimmy Falon and Justin Timberlake on the stupidity of using #Hashtags.  #Hilarious  #Sotrue  #Itweetthemanyway

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It Might Be Fall, But My Garden Is Still Growing

My harvests are smaller these days now that the last of the tomatoes have been picked {I have a few lingering at home but yesterday caught a wicked squirrel eating ALL of the biggest ones.  When I would see the evil beast, it would run away and it took me a few looks to figure out where it went.  It dug a hole behind the tomato plants and would just hang out in there until I left.}, but I am still coming home from the garden with lots of beautiful treats to eat.

Yesterday I picked my very first artichoke {will eat it tonight}, several beautiful patty pan and five of the most spectacular purple peppers.  I could stare at this photo all day as I am just so in awe of the colors!  But unlike grocery store finds, everything I've grown {using non GMO seeds and organic methods in an organic only garden} tastes amazing.  I'm also really excited that I will be eating my homegrown squash and peppers and tomatoes long into the winter months.

That big red tomato on the left was one of the tastiest I ate all year.  So delicious!  I simply cut into wedges and sprinkled with a bit of Kosher salt.  That was it.  No flair.  Just a little salt to bring out the natural sweetness.  Oh it was just crazy great!

Being able to grow so much {food, skills, sanity levels} has been a true joy for me this summer.  And while my fall garden is still very full {endless amounts of kale and chard, my pumpkin, some beans, tomatillos and ground cherries, and all of my root veggies}, I will miss the day to day tasks that come with having a big vegetable garden.  I'll also miss the first tan I've ever had in my life.  I felt fancy!

What's growing in your fall garden?  Is there anything you won't grow again next year based on this year?  {for me...radishes...just can't get myself to like them}  Did you have any surprises in your garden this summer?  And do you have any tips for getting rid of squirrels?

The Indigo Girls Have A Blog!

Friday Night Discovery.

The Indigo Girls have a blog.


I have two favorite bands.  The Indigo Girls and Barenaked Ladies.  I've talked about them both on here many times over the years, because my love for them is steadfast.  But I just have to again note how much I adore my Indigo Girls.

I have no idea when I first listened to them but it was likely my freshman year of high school, by way of someone older and no doubt hipper than me, in my church choir.  Though for all I know it could have been earlier.  All of the camps I went away to had song books largely populated by folk music.  Which is pretty much my first musical love {I firmly believe your first musical taste is that which is your parents favorite at the time.  Oh how sorry I feel for kids with young parents listening to some of the pop music today.}

But I digress.

At some point in the early 90's I fell deeply in love with the Indigo Girls.

There has not been a major life event since then that has not also included Emily and Amy.  They have sung me through some dark days and cheered me on during a lot of silly days.  We {illegally...on many levels}drank to them {shots of Absolute being the drink of choice most of the couldn't pay me to take a shot of anything stronger than sweet tea at this phase of my life}in our dorm room.  We danced {awesomely} around the room and sang {even more awesomely} at the top of our lungs to favorites like Joking and Galileo.

I also don't remember the first time I saw them in concert but I do remember when they came to Georgia for homecoming my senior year.  Bestie, Lauren and I sat fourth row center for that concert and I was just dying.  I've seen them too many times to count all up and down the east coast and midwest.  Three times I've even gone to concerts by myself because I didn't have any local friends who were fans and I so badly wanted to see them that I didn't care.  I stood and sang and lived in the moment {in a way I never ever do in my normal life}and didn't care what anyone else thought.  I was there to see my girls.  I'd do it again.  I have no shame.

If I ever get around to learning how to play my guitar {I bought it over a decade ago for myself for my birthday.  But I've yet to learn to play it.  So instead I just look at it.  It's cute.  And pink.}, I am just positive my first song learned will be Get Out The Map {no idea why...but I'm convinced of it}.

While I naturally have my all time favorites and then favorites from newer albums, I honestly like all of their music.

With one exception.

Chicken Man.

But for personal reasons.  Which aren't as much personal as they are ridiculous and something I will share on a day when my post isn't inching up on book status.

So all of this is to explain my excitement when I discovered {I say discovered as if I unearthed something hidden.  I did not.  They posted it on their Facebook page.  So it showed up in my news feed.  Hardly me making any sort of discovery.}that my Indigo Girls have a blog.  What the what?!  And it's so crazy awesome.  I wish more artists would blog in this format.

Each month they write about a year, from their individual perspectives.  It's so great to see what was going on during their earliest years {high school, college, etc}.  You can really see what shaped them into the musicians they are today.

So if you too are an Indigo Girls fan {and why wouldn't you be...they're amazing}, go check out A Year A Month.

A Year A Month

Which bands are your favorites?  Have any of them been at the top of your list since your school days?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Must See At C. Wonder

I am swooning over this kelly green C. Wonder Quilted Nylon Barn Coat!   The color,the style, the neckline, the piping details in navy and then of course...the elbow patches...this might be my PERFECT COAT!  Love!

And's clear I have a thing for blazers.  They just go with everything.  I don't own one in navy and am so loving this C. Wonder Classic Blazer.  Timeless!


I've never shopped at a C. Wonder store before...have y'all?  How do their clothes fit?  Do you have any favorites this season?

Weekend Review: Apple Picking, Friends, Cooking And A Baby, Too!

No more tomatoes.

* Friday afternoon I popped into the garden for a short visit.  My garden is both winding down and still in full swing.  I've pulled all but a few cherry tomato plants out.  And I will pull those out this week as this cold snap will kill the lingering tomatoes anyway.  I'll touch on that topic specifically another day.  But the rest of my garden goodies are still growing strong.  My pumpkin is so pretty.  I will pick my first artichoke this week.  Lots of kale.  Goodness...more kale than we could all collectively use in a lifetime.  In fact, if you have ideas of new {to me} ways to cook kale {do not sale kale chips...notice I didn't even say please...that is not the end all, be all to a food group}, please share!  I've had several meals of broccoli, too, which is amazing and something I plan to grow lots of next year.

I will have my first nibble this week!

* Friday night I lived it up.  Making one of the two things I brought to my food swap on Sunday.  I know...I really know how to throw down.  I had fun though, so that's all that matters.

* Friday night, in bed and just before falling asleep, Florida sent a text to tell me that Godsister was delivering that night.  As it's not my story to share, I will leave it at I was up late waiting for news.  Momma and baby are doing well and hope to go home as early as Monday.  I am elated to have a Godniece!  {it's a real thing}

* Friday night I slept miserably and woke up to a terrible nightmare around 4:30 AM.  Every time I closed my eyes, I would go back to the nightmare.  It was just completely awful.

* Saturday I had to be up early to meet Super Nice.  Which would not have been an issue had I slept the night before.  I had one of those mornings where I hated every last piece of clothing in my wardrobe.  {It's called being a girl!}  But I managed to make it on time.

* Saturday morning Super Nice and I went apple picking.  This was our second annual trip together {and my second time picking's not an activity afforded to kids growing up in Fort Lauderdale} and so much fun.  We also picked up squash and other treats because I am newly obsessed with spaghetti squash.  Like I could eat it every day.  It's a weird obsession.  Also, I have a million pounds of apples to deal with early this week.

* Saturday mid-morning, to kill time before lunch, we ran to Target.  My mecca!  Both picked up a few items on our lists, looked around and then headed to the cutest lunch.  Only real friends can turn a lull in events trip to Target into an experience.

* Saturday for lunch, we tried a {new to me} tea house in the area.  It was adorable, albeit in an odd location.  It was packed though so I guess it doesn't need to be in a populated area to be successful.  We tried a spiced chai tea and it was crazy good.  I wish I had thought to jot down who makes it.  My lunch was also fantastic, minus the scone.  You chose between a savory or a sweet scone.  And I have to say, big let down there.  I tried the savory but could see the same issue was had in the sweet scone that Super Nice tried.  Dry as a bone!  Almost stale.  Very strange considering they made a big deal over the scones, including a large sign at the front door.  But the rest of the meal more than made up for the gluten-filled carb I didn't need to eat anyway.

* Saturday after lunch, I ran more errands.  Including going to the grocery store, something I avoid at all costs on a Saturday.  It.  Was.  Miserable.  The Latham Price Chopper was a zoo.  Not just because everyone in the region was there but because they are mid-re-design and the items in the store are in a new place every time I go in there.  Madness.

* Saturday evening, after a lovely walk with Sadie, I made the second item I brought to the food swap.  And it tasted awesome- so excited to share that recipe tomorrow!

* Sunday morning I attempted to sleep in.  But for some unknown reason, I was awake at the bloody crack-o-dawn.  Could not get back to sleep.  Damn!  So I got up and as I do every morning, went to put on my glasses first.  But they weren't there!  I looked on the floor.  Nope.  Felt my face {has totally happened before}.  Nope.  Searched the bed, under the bed, behind the bed, in the bed, under end table and dresser and across the room thinking who knows what.  Nope.  Panic.  These are my back-up glasses.  Panic more.  Searched all of those places again.  And again.  Nope.  Ran into the bathroom and there they were.  Sitting right there.  Where I left them the night before when I washed my face.  It seems that I was so tired that I left them there and crawled into bed, TV on, without realizing I was without my glasses.  I guess I fell right asleep because I can't see the TV without them.  Talk about tired!

* Sunday afternoon I ran two errands and prepped my swap goodies.  Then headed to the From Scratch Club food swap.  I have much to say on this too...tomorrow.

* Sunday evening I came home and promptly ate one of my swap trades standing in my kitchen.  Then walked the dog and picked up Moes for dinner.

* Sunday night, L sent me a text with a website that would allow me to watch Downton.  So I downloaded it right away.  And it loaded all of this crap onto my computer that was making it crash and doing all sorts of bad things.  One of them I still can't quite get to go away.  I then stayed up until nearly THREE AM fixing it.  I was in a panic.  So my day started and ended in a sleepy panic.

* Sunday night did not include a viewing of Downton.

* But it's Monday.  And as long as I can manage a day without nightmares and panic attacks, I will be off to a good start.  I think it's important to set the bar appropriately low for the week and just see how things shake out.

So how was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  Did you relax a little?  Did you cry because you couldn't watch Downton?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Goonies Grew Up.

The Goonies a few decades later!  Or the movie where I equally crushed on Josh Brolin and Sean Astin.  Chunk is no longer chunky but the rest of the cast looks exactly the same.  Oh Goonies...such a classic!

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Preppy Classic: Peter Pan Collars

I have long loved the sweet, simple look of a Peter Pan collar.  Often used for children's clothing, this season they are popping up in the women's section too.  And I love it!

Peter Pan collars are timeless.  They are pretty, preppy, classic and understated.  Oh I could just go on and on...have I mentioned that I love Peter Pan collars?  I do!

JCrew Factory Store



New Look

New Look


Jasper Conran

Are you a fan of Peter Pan collars too?  Have you found any favorites this season?  I just think they are the perfect preppy clothing item.  The first two are my favorites, as far as every day pieces, and the Jasper Conran dress is just the most delightful piece I've ever seen!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review: Phillip Lim For Target And Mossimo

I finally stopped by Target yesterday for about 10 minutes to check out the Phillip Lim line.  And I am not entirely surprised to tell you that I was less than impressed.  I say that about pretty much every special Target line.

I went in hoping to look at three specific items from the line.  A men's trench coat, a purse, and the green shirt below.  My store had zero from the men's line and zero from the accessory line.  And while I didn't hate the green shirt, I didn't love it either.  The shoulder were weird (better seen in second photo).  Too boxy or something for my taste.  And it was much longer in the back than the front.  I don't know, it just didn't call out to me.  But I took a photo anyway because I'm trying to be better about that.

I don't even know what to say about my eyes other than my phone was freezing and driving me nuts and I was trying to smile instead of concentrating on the phone.  This was apparently the end result of all of that.

Also, please note the hair.  Tres sister-wife!  Suggestions are welcome.  Especially if they include photos.  The size of my head is enormous.  This isn't me being all girly and self-depricating.  It is literally giant.  As in I have never ever found a hat that fits me.  Ever.  My head is larger than most football players.  It's weird.  I am pointing this out because it's important to take into consideration when thinking about hair styles.  Of course, none of that went into the absence of planning that became my Duggar-esque, wife number three do.

I thought this dress looked dreadful on the rack but tried it on to amuse myself.  Because I totally had this dress when I was in elementary school!  Oh and I LOVED that thing.  It was a pink sweater with a lacy bottom that I begged my dad to buy me from Burdines.  So 1. trends don't need to be repeated.  If I wore it once, no need to double dip.  And 2. combined with my inappropriately long hair, I look like I just walked off the YFZ ranch!  It's a weird length, baggy and unflattering.  Comfy as all get out but a total fail in every other category.  I mean, seriously, is this dress not the most ridiculous piece of clothing ever?

Why do I look like a deer in headlights?  I need to get better at these selfie shots, I guess.  I liked this dress, by Mossimo, on, until I saw the photo and how it was pulling up top.  Ironically it was baggy at the hips.  But the color is very pretty and the material is amazingly comfortable and thick.

I am a blazer fanatic!  I have many and wear them ALL THE TIME.  Blazers are just a great go-to preppy staple to add to any outfit.  They easily go from office to dinner to brunch on Sunday morning.

I prefer two buttons but at $35, I can overlook it.  Plus, I am thinking I might be able to add a second button.  The price was spot on for this blazer, by Mossimo.  It seemed really well made too.  The underside of the collar on the camel blazer was the same pink as my pants- love!  And the sleeve detail was awesome.  My arms are really long and I thought I would need to roll the cute detail down, but I didn't.  Extra love!  The tan one I have on is a 10 and the black is a 12.  I think I want them both in a 12 though.  I'm wearing a super thin cami but I would be wearing a shirt or sweater in real life so with my extra blessed chest, better to go up a size.

These are my favorite jeans.  I don't think they are particularly flattering as they make my legs look heavy and in real life, my legs and ankles are thin.  But they are sooo bloody comfie.  I picked them up with Super Nice last fall on a girl's day up in Vermont at the Gap outlet.  Flattering or not, I am on a hunt for a more neutral color (though in my defense, I have long said that pink is my neutral!) to wear this year.

I still hope to check out the Phillip Lim for Target bags in person this weekend.  But beyond that, my curiosity is pretty much over.  I came.  I saw.  I left empty-handed.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Religious Discussion With A Side Of Funny

Have you seen this video yet?  It's a discussion between an Atheist and a Christian, who both happen to be comedians.  Really great points on both sides of what is normally a hyper sensitive and personal debate.

Tomato Jam

About a year ago at a food swap, I first tasted tomato jam.  It has not been far from my thoughts since then.  I was just obsessed with the flavor.  Which is a lot like ketchup...but kicked up a notch.  It's adult ketchup.  It's savory and sweet and chunky and delightful.  And really, there are a million ways you can make it your own by adding and subtracting the seasonings.

I made three batches this year and all three taste different.  It depends a lot on your tomatoes.  As mine are all heirloom and vary in flavor, I assume that's a big player in the different flavors.  I also taste along the way and adjust.  So do note that this is just what I will call the base of the recipe.  If yours isn't sweet enough, add more sugar.  I actually added significantly more balsamic vinegar than is noted in this recipe because I really loved the depth of flavor it adds.  And unless you are crazy like me, you won't have tomato powder.  It's totally optional.  I had it on hand so I went ahead and added it.

I do not peel and seed my tomatoes for this recipe.  Neither bother me and that just seems silly to waste extra hours on that process.  If they bother you, peel and seed away.

After the first batch, I swore I would never share with anyone.  Ha.  I vowed to hoard it.  But with a full row on a shelf full, a few jars will make their way to the food swap this weekend with me.  And to a few lucky friends.

Tomato Jam

* 1 c. sweet onion. chopped
* a bit of grape seed or olive oil
* 5 lbs tomatoes, chopped
* 1 c. basil, chopped
* 1 c. brown sugar
* 1 c. white sugar
* 1 tsp. salt
* 1 tsp. cinnamon
* 1/4 tsp. ground cloves
* 1/4 tsp. ground garlic powder
* 1/2 tsp. cumin
* 1/2 tsp. tarragon
* 1 tbls tomato powder
* 1/4 c. cider vinegar
* 2 tbls. balsamic vinegar
* 1/4 c. lemon juice

* Heat up a heavy bottom pot (I always use my beloved cast iron, similar to Le Creuset) with just enough oil (lately I prefer grape seed oil...bestie Little got me hooked on it!) to saute the onion (which is basically one large onion).  Saute the onion until translucent and just starting to caramelize.

* Add tomatoes.  For me, I have to do this in two stages.  I add the first batch and let it cook for a while with the lid on to reduce the liquid.  Then add the remaining tomatoes.

* Add everything else.
* Cook for hours!  HOURS.  Every recipe I read said 20 minutes, but mine took hours and I want to make sure you are prepared for that.  But I mean, I left to walk the dog and play on Pinterest do fabulous and productive things while it cooked.  The goal is to reduce the liquid enough to make it jammy.  For me, that was reducing the pot at its fullest stage by about 25%.  But test on a dish you keep in the freezer to get it to a consistency you enjoy.

* Test for flavor.  Add more sugar, vinegar or seasonings to get it just right.
* Add to sterilized jars and process the same way you would process tomato sauce (for me, that's 35 minutes in a hot water bath).  See Ball Canning for specific details.

Have you ever tried tomato jam?  Are you a fan of making and/or using unique kitchen goodies (again, you use this in place of ketchup)?  Please let me know if you try this or a similar recipe.  Especially if you add or subtract flavors that you think I might want to try next year.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Picked A Peck Of Purple Peppers

Mmmmkay...I don't really know how much a peck is.  But I have been picking purple bell (they're small), green bell (also small) and another type of sweet light green peppers for weeks now.  And in an effort to waste as little as possible, I've been freezing them.

Some veggies need to be blanched before being frozen, but this isn't so for peppers.  Are you ready for my tutorial on how to freeze peppers?  You simply slice them up and lay flat to freeze.  Once frozen, pop into baggies for use over the next six months.  It's just that easy!

Winter meals are going to be even better with my own home-grown peppers!

I Am Not A Morning Person

I don't watch TV in the morning.  It makes me grumpy.  I just don't like chatter or noise.

I eat breakfast in silence.  And I'm good with that.  I walk the dog in silence.  And I'm good with that too.

But once in a while, it sort of backfires on me.

Yesterday, I didn't even get around to checking personal emails until 11 something.  When I noticed that I had notices from every possible news source regarding the shooting in DC.

That happened at 8 something.  Three hours earlier!  Three hours went by with the nation in turmoil and I had no bloody clue!

I probably won't change my mind about morning television being akin to nails on a chalkboard, but I really do need to make sure I look at personal emails earlier in the day. hit home even more when I realized that I used to live just a few blocks from the Navy Yards.  I'm not sure when I last made note of it on here but I lived on the Hill, like 30 feet from Eastern Market, for several years.  And I miss it daily.


I know there will never be an answer that is satisfactory but the great big "why?" is just eating away at me.  Why, why, why would anyone do such a horrible thing?!  And why was this man cleared to work there with such a shady lady past?  So many big questions.

In other news, I didn't feel great yesterday.  Nothing huge, I'm fine.  But I was distracted.  I guess.  Because I forgot all about a meeting that I had scheduled for last night.  Until my girlfriend sent a text saying she would be late as she was just in a fender bender.  And in my head, I was all, "late for what?"  It took me a few moments to figure out what she was talking about.  I ended up canceling the entire meeting, still feeling like blah and on top of that feeling like a big jerk who just flaked and wasted people's valuable time.  AND...questioning how I could possibly forget this meeting.  That is so not like me to forget that kind of stuff.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Candy Colored Toes

I've been a Bass Weejuns fan for as long as I can remember.  Back to my elementary school days.  They are classic and go with everything from school uniforms to jeans and everything in between.

Weejuns never go out of style.  They're timeless.

Candy Colored Bass Weejuns

But look, my sweet friends, what they've done with the classic.  They painted them the most delicious, intoxicating colors!

I want every pair.  Especially the bright pink.  And green.  Oh man, I love all things kelly green!

What are your thoughts?  Are you a fan of the update, colorful look or do you think the classic is not to to be messed with?  I mean, I still adore the original of course.  But I am just responding with all smiles to the pops of candy colored joyfulness.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


* I feel so badly.  I wrote this post because I was linking up to Kelly's blog.  I wasn't in a bad head-space at the time or begging for anyone to feel sympathetic towards me.  It's honestly how I feel every day.  Sort of lingers in the back of my mind.  But I promise I wasn't in a corner slitting my wrists and I never meant to worry anyone.  I reached out to a few friends (including blog friends) who expressed concern but let me say it here too.  I'm OK.  I'm just trying to balance dreams and reality, and some days I do a better job than others.

* I was flipping channels on Saturday night before bed and saw the first five minutes of the movie Road Trip.  It's the only five minutes I've ever seen.  But it (or the campus scenes, anyway) was filmed at UGA while I was in school.  I have lots of friends and sorority sisters who were extras.  Bestie's hub was an extra, if I remember correctly.  I can't recall why I wasn't an extra, though.  I think I had class or Recruitment or something.  Looking back, I totally should have blown off whatever it was.  How fun would that be to be an extra in a movie?!  Damn me for always being a goody two shoes!

* I need a hair cut something fierce.  For over a decade my hair was super short.  A few times as short as a pixie cut but those were times when I lost all sight of reality and the size of my giant head.  So let's not linger on those mistakes.  But my point is, it was short for as long as many people have known me.  Then a year or two ago I sort of let it grow out to my shoulders.  And people started complimenting me.  No one ever compliments me so I sort of got excited and went with it.  But's verging on sister wife long.  Not to mention, my hair is baby fine and straight as an arrow.  So I need a cut.  The problem is that I have no idea what style.  I think I want to keep it long enough to wear in a pony tail for at least this next season.  I sort of love having that option after a decade of not having that option.  But beyond that requirement, I have no idea what to do.  I don't think I want bangs.  I've had them over and over and they honestly just bug me.  I know I have a big forehead but I would rather that show and not be constantly annoyed with my bangs.  Personal choice.

Anyway, if you have seen any cute haircuts lately that might work for me, please share them.  Mention them here or send them to me via Pinterest or whatever.  I need help!

* I've decided that as much as I try, I just don't love hot tea.  I like it enough to drink it at someones home or at a tea party (something there should be more of in the world).  But it sort of makes me have a dry mouth.  Is that weird?  Does anyone else feel this way?

* Just as an update, Bestie's babies are doing super duper awesome!  Both are now over 6lbs and taking bottles.  They are headed home very soon.  If any of y'all are twin mommas, be sure to hop over to her blog to give her your best bit of advice.  She is in for a wild ride!

* I love my little city.  I could easily live in lots of other cities and states and be happy.  Perhaps happier.  But I am firm in my believe that this city is one of the most architecturally beautiful (and under-appreciated) in the country.

Troy Iron Works

* I used to have a Facebook page for this and my (currently and perhaps permanently on hiatus) coupon blog.  I used it more for the other blog than this one.  But it wasn't really working for me.  So I closed down that one and finally started a page just for this blog.  Right now I mostly just make a note of when I add a new post to the blog but I plan to use it more socially too.

* I'm sad that, for the most part, gardening season is coming to a close.  I have had the best time this summer in my little community garden allotment.  Even with all the bugs and pests and blight issues.  I have the best tan I've ever had in my entire life, too.  And I'm a Florida girl.  I've learned so much and grown so much and shared so much.

* As much as I love living in a city, I sort of want to live on a farm.  But a prissy hobby farm.  Beekman Boys style.  Is it weird that I crinkle my nose at the thought of living in a suburb but could easily picture myself in a city or farm setting?  Don't worry...the chances of me ever actually living on a farm are slim to none.  Though I do also have a fantasy of renovating an old barn into a contemporary home...

* And the update y'all have just been holding your breath for...the status of my artichoke plant.  Well, we have had miserable weather here lately.  A week-o-monsoons.  And I will update tomorrow with all of the garden details.  But my sweet little still going strong!  She has THREE artichokes.  The first one is like legit artichoke size.  Or the size of the small ones they sell in the grocery store.  It's so exciting.  The second one is growing nicely too.  And the third is the newest and not seen in this photo.  I smile every time I see those little artichokes.  I mean...I grew that!  From seed.  That's sort of awesome.

Watch This: Justin, Jimmy, Prince William And True Love

Justin and Jimmy can do no wrong...

Can't wait for the Prince William interview on CNN this weekend...

This guy woke up groggy from surgery only to discover that his wife of six years is stunning.  Really cute...

This little pre-schooler goes rogue at the end...hilarious...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dressing For Game Day.

It's game day everywhere.  Football and pumpkin spice lattes are the best parts of fall, in my opinion.  And even though I live in the North Pole, I never miss a chance to cheer on my Georgia Bulldawgs.

I've been a long time lover of Pennington and Bailes.  I love their fun and colorful take on classic pieces.  Perfect for southern game days.  Well...perfect pretty much everywhere...but especially ideal down south.  My Georgia peeps know how to dress in style!


I also stumbled upon a wide array of game day gear on Zulily today.  I honestly had no idea so many pretty team items existed until recently.  I have a few of the cute platters but didn't realize so many companies made them now.  They just don't sell anything like them up here.  So perhaps they are a yawn, you see them all the time item to you.  But to me, I'm always so tickled.  Love a great team spirit platter or mug!

Love game day platters!

Perfect for a hot toddy.


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