Saturday, June 29, 2013

Guess How Much I Paid For All Of This?

I know I keep talking about the evils of GMOs and non-whole foods, but I also admit that I am not all there yet.  Price and convenience taunt me.

So please don't judge.

But I must take a moment to brag.  Because I used my coupon powers to get all that you see above for a whopping $3.58!  That's by far my best percentage saved at the grocery store.  And not something I will likely be able to repeat.  But hot diggity was a fun total!

** For those wondering...the bacon will be frozen until my tomatoes start to come in.  August is BLT month.  Mmmm....I can't wait!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Movie Review: The Heat


I meant to post this more than a week ago but life got the best of me.  Plus I was still grumbly over being stood up.

But I'm long over it now.  And I see that the movie comes to theaters nationwide today.  So the review is a now or never sort of thing.

Let me preface this by saying that I am rather square.  I don't like potty humor.  Actually I don't even get half of it.  I don't like dumb humor either.  I own my personality and make it work for me (I hope).

I sort of thought this movie might be full of both of those.  And I mean, it sort of was.  Not in a gross or raunchy way, though.  Other than the language (Melissa's character uses the F word every other sentence), it was not bad at all.  And truly, I have not laughed that hard in ages.

The Heat was really well written and acted.  Sandra Bullock's character was sort of like me in real life, now that I think about it.  She's the square in the movie.   But she's so endearing and funny.  And Melissa McCarthy (side note: did you know that she and Jenny McCarthy are cousins?) is HILARIOUS.  She is so over the top funny, I was nearly crying a few times.

If you are in the mood to just forget about the world for two hours and laugh until your side hurts, I completely recommend The Heat.  It has a really cute ending, too.

Have you seen any great (or terrible) movies lately?  Are you looking forward to anything coming out soon?  I rarely see movies so I'm not typically in the know about what's hot and what's not in this department.

Paula Deen, You Need A Better PR Team! Stop Crying And Start Fighting!


Dear Paula,

Stop the tears.  Just stop them.

You can sob all you want at home.  In private.  I mean, I get it.  My emotions fall out of my eyeballs, too.  So cry your little heart out.  But do it behind closed doors.

In public, you need to start fighting.

Food Network, Smithfield, Walmart and now Target have all dropped you.  You need to get a new PR team and get a grip on this thing, honey.

Give up on the ham people.  Your collaboration with them and the candle people actually made me stop watching your show.  Like Lilly Pulitzer and LeSportSac.  It just seemed like you said yes to everything that came along.  Consider this a blessing.  Buy ham and cook ham, don't hock (I seriously crack myself up) ham.  Done.

And let go of Food Network.  They are tired anyway.  All they show at night, the only time I sit down to watch TV, are competition shows.  Yawn.  Flip the channel.  There are a million cable networks that also have cooking programs.  You'll find a new network and life will go on.  Done.

Walmart is the dregs of the Earth.  They have no ground to stand on and you should look into legal action there.

But Target, that's the one I recommend you start fighting back for.

As with Walmart, they sell rap CDs that include the n word.  They sell them in the dang stores.  They promote artists and designers who also use that word.  As in, present tense.  Not 30 or 50 years ago.  Today.

If you feel the need to explain yourself again, make it just a one shot deal.  Schedule a sit down with Oprah.  Anderson Cooper can be your plan B.  But really, for so many reasons, it needs to be Momma O.  Make sure you reference her interview with Jay Z in regards to use of the n word.

But that's it.  Stop talking about it.  And good gravy, don't give any more interviews to Matt Lauer.  Mostly because I just think he's super shady.

Instead of more apologies, start demanding your good name be returned to you.

Paula, while I personally lost some that loving feeling for you the more you seeped into every mass marketing opportunity, I think you are a really good woman who was very brave and honest in your admission.  Very few people would ever be so bold and candid.  You did a good thing.  I really believe that.  You opened the door to a much needed discussion.

Our nation needs a vocabulary reform.  Use this moment as your launching pad to support such a movement.

Don't let people turn you into the wicked witch, Paula.  You've apologized.  You've explained.  And now you just need to move on.

This, of all weeks, is about taking back what is rightfully yours.  Your good name and reputation...those are yours.  Be an example to all of your fans.  Fight!

And need a better PR team...pronto.

Butter makes it better,

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Proud Day For America

Don't like it, don't do it!

Well hot damn...yesterday was beyond exciting in terms of making progress in the ever-present fight for human rights.  The right to love and the right to your body being your business.


Senator are such an inspiration and roll model!

I realize the victories might be fleeting as states still have the right to deny rights and recognition, and Texas seems hell-bent on getting all up in women's undergarments.

But I sure was celebrating, quietly, at home.  Small victories are still victories!  Way to be on the side of equality and respect, Lady Liberty!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I've Found An Intoxicating Joy

The colors in this Clematis are just stunning!

The last many years, I've noticed I am MUCH happier in the summer months than winter months.  But it wasn't until this year that I figured out why.

It's all about the garden.

I do not like to be dirty.  I do not like to get messy.  I do not like to be hot.  I do not like to sweat.

But I gladly say yes to all of the above when it comes to gardening.  Joyfully!

That high that some people get from shopping or working out or going to church....that's what I feel after I work in the garden.  It's a high!  I am more energized and more peaceful and in such a better mind space.  It keeps the crazy at bay.

Can you see it?  In the center?

I know seeing the first signs of tomatillos growing is incredibly unexciting to most of my readers.  And that's totally OK with me.  I write for myself.  And even for some of my new, garden-loving readers.  Because seeing the first little baby pineapple tomatillos growing sent me over the edge yesterday.  I noticed them after sweating my face off for an hour and a half.  I was so drippy that I was dripping into the lenses of my glasses.  Gross!  But great, too.  I was weeding (and endless cycle) and admiring new growth of my tomatoes and brussels sprouts and on my way out, I saw them.

Look closer.  That's my first baby pineapple tomatillo growing!!

I am working hard.  But I am seeing the fruits (literally) of my labor (back-breaking) before my eyes.  The time spent concentrating is really helping me to focus in ways I've not been able to before now.  And the time spent doing more mindless activities like weeding, have allowed me to meditate and contemplate life a bit more.

I really can't explain the bliss that come to me through gardening other than to equate it to those who love running and working out.  It's that look what I just accomplished, my body feels so healthy even though I'm in pain from working hard, I can't wait to take a shower, go to bed, and do it again tomorrow high.

I'm in a place of discontent with several areas of my life.  But I am honestly happier than I've been in years.  Not all due to gardening, but it sure is a big contributing factor.  I feel lighter.  And more positive.  And without a doubt, I am physically and mentally healthier.

Now I just need to figure out how to keep this in my life from Nov-April.  I start seeds in March but most of that is really just staring at flats full of dirt and plastic plant markers.  Any ideas?  I feel like I've really had such an A-ha and don't want to drop the ball after the fall growing season concludes.

Is Paula Deen A Racist?

Is she really a racist?

Honestly, I was shocked when I first heard the headlines about Paula Deen being a racist.  But tip to tail, every news source and blog and Facebook rant said it was true that Paula was in hot water again.  So it had to be true, right?

Then I read the transcript that lead to this "truth" in the Huffington Post.  Or I read whatever they made available to me to read a week ago.  And now I sit bewildered at what the buzz is all about.  Perhaps there's more I've not read?

If you know me in real life, you know it takes VERY VERY little for me to get bent waaaaay out of shape over things like this.  I am passionate about equality!  So for me to say, who cares, should mean something.

So she admits that in the 60's she used the n word as that was the culture in the South at that point in time.  She was very open about that.  She also talks about the wedding where she had black servers dress up in white time because she thought it looks beautiful.  She didn't say (at least not in the transcript that I read) that she wanted them to be slaves.  She just said it was reminiscent of a historical time period.  Could that be crossing a line?  Maybe.  Maybe.  But I think that's sort of pushing it.  Her son's speak out here.

Unless there is more that I just don't know about, I think this is such a non-story and feel so badly that she lost her job over admitting to using a word 50 years ago.

I'd much rather see a story on why women are STILL bloody fighting for equal rights (hello NY and TX!) or why the n word is still in rampant use in urban cultures (come sit in my office and you will hear it used outside my window every hour of the day).  THOSE are stories.  Some old lady who likes bacon and butter saying she hasn't use a word in decades, is not.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gardening: The Battle Of The Weeds

No one ever mentioned to me that when you become a gardener, you spend the majority of your time weeding.  Over and over and over again.  It's endless.

Sometimes it can be sort of zen and relaxing to sit in the sunshine for a few hours and pull weeds.  But then when the wicked weeds re-appear a few days later...the peaceful zen feelings are poof gone.

Below is a photo from about 10 days ago, pre-weeding.

And here we have the thrilling sequel, taken three hours of labor later.  Post-weeding.

But when the weeds re-appeared just two days later, I had enough of that insanity.  It's now full on summer up here in the North Pole.  Gone are the days when it's relaxing to sit in the dirt for three hours pulling weeds that will return in 48 hours.  So I took the advice of Pinterest and my fellow gardeners.  I bought straw.

Below we have the garden view a day or so before the great straw spread of 2013.

Actually, I first laid down a few layers of newspaper.  Then wet them so they didn't keep blowing away.  Then layered the straw on top of it and around my plants.  Due to time and heat, I didn't actually take the time to lay the newspaper tidy around the plants- it mostly went in the walking paths.  So I can already see weeds that did not get pulled before I laid the straw, poking through.  So this is not fool proof.  But when they get taller, I'll pull them and it should then deter more weeds for the most part by blocking out sunlight.

 Below you see my plants cozy in the bed of straw.

A bonus to the straw method is that it does a great job of keeping moisture in the soil!  I've been very impressed with how well it is working.

Sadly, I could not straw the entire garden, specifically on either side of the tomatoes.  I have seeds planted along both sides and I need to allow them to germinate first.  Some are really slow like carrots and turnips and parsnips.  So I will have to go back to the farm garden one evening this week when I have a chunk of time to do some weeding down the center tomato patch.  But it's better than needed to weed the entire garden!

How do you combat weeds in your garden?  Do you use mulch or weed block plastic or straw or ground-covers?  Or do you go at it old school and just weed as needed each week?

Lilly And Sperry's On Sale

I just noticed that Ruelala has a ton of Lilly Pulitzer and Sperry items (both men and women) on sale right now.  I wear my favorite Sperry's all the time- they are one of my go-to summer shoes.  But I am swooning over the pink pair!

Pink Patent Leather Sperry's

I adore the gold pair too!

These would be so hand about 8 months out of the year.

Cute Lilly Pulitzer swim suits and dresses and tops and shorts and more.  Lots of Melly and Elizabeth McKay too.  Yay for preppy sales!

Ooh la la Lilly!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Cold Blueberry Mango Soup

The first time I had a cold fruit soup was in junior high.  Strawberry soup.  Oh be still my was amazing!

And from that point on, I became a steadfast fan of cold fruit soups in the hot summer months.

I've since read that they are a Scandinavian tradition.  I'm not sure why, other than the fact that they are delicious and refreshing.  But my roots are German and I suspect Scandinavian so it seems fitting that I am a big fan.

I made this recipe up.  But I did my best to write down the ingredients so I could replicate it later.  And of course share on this blog.

This soup is really delicious!  I like it as a start to dinner.  I think it's perfection with a big spinach salad.  Just light and lovely on a hot, humid night.  But it would be fantastic as a breakfast or lunch treat too.  I know a lot of people like to top it with yogurt or sour cream.  I am, however, not into mixing my food groups, for some weird reason.  I like it just as is.

You can substitute any fruit really.  All berries and stone fruits should work well.  I wouldn't use apples as they will oxidize.  But most fruits should work really well.  Feel free to change it up based on what is in season or in your freezer.  Fresh or frozen fruits work equally well.  I used frozen.

Cold Blueberry Mango Soup

* 5 cups fruit (I used 3 blueberry and 2 mango)
* 4 cups water + 1/2 cup warm water
* 6-9 tbls sugar (to taste)
* 2 tbls cornstarch
* 4 tbls lemon juice
* 1 tbls vanilla extract
* pinch of salt

* In a large pot, bring fruit, water (not including 1/2 cu warm water), sugar, salt and lemon juice to a simmer.  Simmer for 5-10 minutes, until all fruit is tender.
* Blend soup.  I used my immersion blender but a regular blender or food processor would work well too.  Just be careful as this is hot liquid!  Blend until smooth.  No lumps
* Combine cornstarch and warm water until smooth.  Add to the liquefied soup.  Stir until it becomes thicker.  Should take about one minute.
* Add vanilla and any additional sugar, if needed, depending on fruit sweetness.
* Chill.  Best when served cold.
* Serve plain or with a bit of sour cream or yogurt on top.

Have you ever made or eaten cold fruit soups before?  Do you have any favorite recipes to share?  I have a feeling they are going to become a staple during this hot summer.

The Very First Ground Cherry Sighting

This is not exciting to anyone else SO EXCITING!  My first sighting of ground cherries!

Project grow a little of everything included a pack of ground cherry seeds.  I've never eaten or even heard of a ground cherry until finding the seeds at Baker Creek last winter.  But the descriptions sounded so yummy and I knew I wanted to give them a try.

I had seven or eight plants.  Gave four away (two went to my sweet friend, Italian Garage) and kept the others for myself.  One or two were eaten by a critter, most likely a squirrel, my garden worst enemy.  So I am down to two plants.  I was worried a week ago that I might not see any fruit.  These plants are not very big and grow incredibly slowly.

BUT...each plant has two little fruits and a few more blossoms.  As long as I can keep the squirrels away, I might actually get taste these little gems in the near future!

Have you every eaten a ground cherry?  They get mixed up with other fruits, such as tomatillos and gooseberries, but they are actually their own separate variety.  All three of those are different fruits.  Do you have any recipes to share with me should I ever have more than four fruits to work with?  How would you describe the flavor?  Everything I read describes they differently.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Jerk Who Cut In Front Of Me In Line

On Friday evening, I ran into the grocery store to pick up exactly eight items.  Eight.  Six of which were the same thing.

I went to self check-out just like I always do.  My buggy with my eight items is in front of my check-out station and I am digging in my purse to find my store loyalty card.  I can't find it so I ask the cashier to use the store card so I can get the discounts.

As that conversation is taking place, this guy who looks like he just walked out of the Jersey Shore cast party, walks up and starts to push my cart aside.  I looked at him bewildered.  He asked me if the machine worked.  I was confused.  I said yes, I'm using it.  He was like, well can I just use it first?  And AS HE IS SAYING THIS, he starts using it.  This involved pushing my cart to the side so he could squeeze past me and the cart.

Now this is a normal grocery store.  With normal rules.  There are four self check-out machines.  You wait in line and then go to the first available.  Normal manners and rules of society apply.

Unless you are Jersey Shore man, apparently.

But of course, as is the karma of cutting in front of someone, it didn't quite go as fast as he expected.  He had to fumble for cash and deal with the machine not taking it at first.  There were two cashiers there, and remember, I was mid-conversation with one of them so they were aware of me.  One came up to me because she was going to say something to him, but I rolled my eyes and noted not to worry about it.  Because in the grand scheme of things, this was not the end of the world.

But my personal favorite moment came when he left.  He never turned to face me and practically ran out of there.  But as he was walking away, he said in the most condescending tone, "look, you just made $0.50."  He so graciously left his $0.30 or so there for me, as a favor I suppose for having to deal with his rudeness.

And this my friends, is an example of something that happens to me over and over in life.

Not the grocery store specifics.  That was a new one.

But the whole "nice guys finish last" cliche.  That's me.

I can never find the nerve to say no to these jerks.  I wanted so badly to say no, go wait your turn, you are not only cutting in front of me but the other people in line.  But the words and the gumption never come to me in a timely manner.

I really do believe that the nice guys finish last.  And while I love being nice, I would love to not finish last one of these days.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto Fields


Y'all know how I feel about GMO's and Monsanto and available organic food.  Evil evil!  I found this article fascinating.  It seems Hungary has banned all genetically modified seeds.  From the entire country!

Come on America...catch up!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Community Garden Overview

I thought I would show you the contrast in gardening styles in my community garden this year.  Above is the view from the back of my half of the garden.  As in, my little plot is in this half.  This is not all mine.  My plot is near the front entrance.  You can see my pink strings and the squash house.

My garden: Noah's Ark of the produce department.

This was my allotment just after weeding on June 14, 2013.  All that hard work and it is full-o-weeds again this week.  I'm buying straw tomorrow!

I planned my garden for months (though the plan has someone gone to pot at this point) using the square foot gardening method and careful to observe companion planting methods.  I didn't actually make string squares because that seemed like a big pain.  But that's how I spaced and arranged my plants.  My tomatoes are looking super healthy and I'm elated!  They are growing taller every day and the leaves are that nice dark green!

Above is the garden in the very front on my side.  This is the only plot between me and the front fence (to the right in this photo).  This gardener does not seem very friendly so far.  But I'm going to try to let the season shake out before making my final call on his personality.  He only plants corn, tomatoes and a few radish.

On one hand, I've never seen corn grow from start to finish, so I'm excited to see it happen.  On the other hand, corn grows TALL and I am worried it will shade out my garden that is next to his.  Also, sweet corn is both incredibly delicious and incredibly inexpensive at every farm stand around here.  So I don't know why you would waste your time and very limited space to grow it.  But I am told this has been his system for ages so what do I know.

This is the garden just up from me.  See my fence line?  He seems to have no actual method in place.  13 tomato plants and a cluster of seeds (I think cucumbers and maybe some flowers?).  He never even shook the weeds out of his soil so I am curious to see how his garden does.  His tomato plants look really healthy though.  He's an odd duck.  When I first met him he spent 20 minutes telling me everything I was doing wrong and that all my plants were going to die and I planted things too late (I planted before him) and on and on and on.

This is the front garden on the other side.  So across from Mr. Corn grower.  Another long time gardener who planted MUCH earlier than me.  See the hills for veggies?  That's the more typical method in this garden.  They also used straw to keep out weeds and keep in moisture.  As I said...tomorrow!  This gardener was very sweet and has given me lots of pointers so far.  Her plants are super healthy!

This is another super sweet gardener.  Also uses the hills for planting and straw.  And also has super mature and healthy plants.  She has a little back part that has a huge squash growing and strawberries!  My plot came with strawberries but it was too much trouble to keep them and pull weeds at the same time.  So they were sacrificed.  Sadly!  But above is probably my favorite plot (other than mine) in the garden.

This is the plot of my garden leader.  She used fabric cloth instead of straw.  I like the look of the straw better for some reason.  Plus you can leave it to turn into compost over the winter.

This gardener is another long timer.  But he apparently isn't going to be here much this summer.  So do you see that field of green grass-looking stuff?  That's all garlic!  All of it!  There must be hundreds of heads of garlic!  I have no idea what one does with that much garlic.  Pickle it, I guess.  Maybe he will donate a lot to our Veggie Mobile.  But garlic was a good choice because you basically plant it in the fall and harvest end of summer.

This is another really nice garden and gardener.  Her rhubarb pant is enormous and super pretty!  I'm jealous.  Again...hills.

And this gardener cracks me up.  She's super sweet- I've met her twice.  But apparently she has trouble keeping up with things.  I think she got a weed warning.  You can barely make out her actual plants among the enormous weeds.  But she's nice and her plot is in the very back, so it doesn't bother me one bit.

There's one more gardener but I guess I forgot to take a photo.  Another time.  But that's a good overview of the different styles.  Lots of that hilling up going on.  Lots of straw.  But overall, lots of healthy plants regardless of style and method.

How is your garden (or small pot) doing so far?  Do you have any secrets to keeping up with the weeds?  Have you ever tried the square foot gardening method?  Any tips?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Follow Up And Other Bits

** This is normal, right?  Drink {iced coffee} in one cup holder and a pepper plant in the other.  It's just how I roll these days.

** Thank you for the sweet compliments on that photo yesterday.  I wish my head was in it to finally update my Facebook photo, because I swear that's the best photo I've ever taken.  Must be the odd angle of the camera.  Those shorts are size 10 or 12, so I promise I am not actually as thin as I magically look in that photo.  But let's pretend just for today anyway!

** I didn't buy the shorts.  When I sat down they were just too short for my comfort level.  I felt scandalous.  It was just too big of a contrast with my Duggar/Sister Wife hair I have happening right now.  Like prude on top and {preppy} street walker on bottom.  But thank you for the compliments.  The shirt I already own.  It's Lilly Pulitzer.

I did find two pairs that I think I still like {must re-try on}from Gap.  Where I had gift cards.  So they were free.  Woo hoo!

** Cousin sent me an email last night explaining that it was her worst day ever because of the {cheating} Loser Boyfriend break up situation.  I was so tempted to write back how bloody rude it is to cancel on someone, especially when tickets have been purchased or acquired.  How it sucks to have other friends I could invite but I invited her and then was left standing alone with a wasted ticket.  For the second time in as many months.  But so far, I've said nothing.  I will probably just reply that I'm sorry he hurt her and leave it at that.  She's family.  And kicking her when she's down, despite my running commentary on the matter, isn't going to help either of us.  I guess.

** I had a play date with my sweet buddy H and his momma, District, yesterday.  H is nearly 6 mos old and I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm as cool as they come.  Well, right after that giraffe teething toy thingy that all babies are obsessed with these days.  But as I am a blip older than 6 months, I tend to hold these play dates at the office {Starbucks}.  I'm back into their iced green tea.  It was my go-to years and years ago and I am suddenly obsessed with it again.  Mmmm!  District and I have all these mutual friends and connections, but didn't know each other until recently.  So it's super fun to have a girly gab session and discuss the latest Facebook gossip in person.

** My grocery store is expanding and doing all sorts of major construction.  As a result, the parking lot has been a hot mess for months now.  I've been going to the other store (same company and actually closer to my home but because of traffic it takes longer to get to) a lot more lately to avoid the messy parking.  But then they announced that they are now offering free valet parking to customers.  I'm guessing I'm not the only one to find a new place to shop.  And while that doesn't really sound fun to me because you then have to wait for your car to come to you, it does make me feel like my area just stepped itself up a notch!  Which is ridiculous, because it hasn't.  But in my {twisted} mind, I feel like we are suddenly fancy pants with valet service at the grocery store.  I like it!


** I bought two pairs of running shorts online the other day.  To wear in the garden.  Bestie suggested short overalls and a straw hat.  But I opt for athletic attire.  I somehow think that if I wear work-out clothes to the garden, it will be just as good as wearing work-out clothes to work-out.  It's not.  But don't burst my bubble.  Sometimes I go run an errand at the grocery store {or the like}after gardening and I wonder if people think that I am a sweaty mess in work-out attire because I just put in an hour at the gym.  Fools!

** We should probably discuss how low my line is that I am suddenly now willing to go to public places not showered, sweaty, and dirty from the garden.  I mean, normally I won't even walk out of the house without blow-drying my hair.  I don't know if this means I am letting myself go or just letting go.

Gretchen Scott Giveaway


I discovered this last night on CT Cupcake's blog and think it's just too fun not to share!

There is a little Facebook contest happening on the Tuckernuck FB page for a trip to design a dress with Gretchen Scott.  I want to win!

But even more fun is that everyone CAN win a little treat.  If you get 10 people to sign up for the contest (which totally want to sign up!) using your special link (given to you after you sign up), you will win a little prize.

So if you've not yet signed up, I'd completely appreciate if you use my link right here to sign up on Facebook.  Then you can post on your FB page and Twitter page to ask your friends to sign up too.  So hopefully, we can all win a little happy treat.

We all need a happy treat!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Was Stood Up Last Night. Again.

Last month I had tickets to to see Julie Fowlis.  A month prior, I invited Cousin to join me.  She said yes and the date was scheduled.  Normal.

Two hours before the concert, Cousin sent a text that she's really tired and doesn't want to drive down from her parent's house.  She's been busy all day doing rodeo (that's what she does for fun) with Loser Boyfriend.

Now she knew about this a good month in advance.  Actually I might have asked her two months in advance.  But to be fair, let's just say one month.  We discussed it several times.  She knew where it was and that tickets were involved.

Two effing hours before, she effing bails on me.

I took to Facebook and miracle of all miracles, my sweet friend Kara got her son fed and herself down her (son was not alone- her hub was there- no worries) to go with me.  What a stoke of luck to have someone able to come with me last minute!  And Kara was totally the perfect date!  I should have asked her first and will in the future for that type of event.

I was disgruntled but decided to give Cousin a second chance.

I got tickets to see a screening of The Heat.  I asked her a few weeks in advance on this one.  And said that I would ask someone else if she couldn't/didn't want to go but needed to know in advance.  She was very excited to go.  We again discussed the times, etc.

So Monday she sends me a text asking about times because she has an interview up north.  We review and all is set.  Tuesday morning, we again review times.  All good.  At noon I send her a text that I am bringing her a little treat.  She says thanks.  We're good.

See...bobblehead.  HUGE on top, super toned calves and toothpick ankles.

I'm in the dressing room of Jcrew (Don't worry....Jcrew and I are still totally broken up.  But I've had store credit to use for YEARS and every summer I try in vein to find something that looks decent.  I left empty-handed because I decided I am too old to wear these short shorts.) and notice that she sent a text.  It's 5:30.  We needed to meet and get in line no later than 6:30.

She's not coming!

I don't even know why because I got like three different stories in the texts.  Loser boyfriend broke up with her.  (Yawn.  They have broken up and gotten back together several times now.  I'm super sympathetic the first time.  Mildly sympathetic the second time.  And I just think you are an idiot beyond that.  What could possibly be different a month after a break up that would make you think getting back together is a good idea?  I am just totally missing the kindness gene for this type of situation.  Across the board, I think you are a fool if you keep getting back together with someone after repeatedly breaking up.  Own it.  Move on.)  She was tired.  She was crying (but was OK enough to be ALL OVER Facebook).  Her parents didn't want her to go (she's 25 and I invite her to things per her mother's request).  And like two other things thrown in there too.

I tried to suggest that this would be a great way to take her mind off things and that I would buy her a drink after so we could talk/cry/vent.


She stood me up.  Again.  One hour notice this time!  A ticket wasted.

I will review the movie (and that experience) shortly but suffice to say, she missed out!  I didn't think it would be my type of movie but oh goodness, I have not laughed that much in a very long time!  I also am done inviting her to things.  She's backed out of a few other things too, but it's the 1-2 hours notice on ticketed events that really sent me over the edge.  So that's it.  I'll just see you at family dinners until you can learn to be a better friend.

I probably should have sent her some sort of "I'm sorry y'all broke up" note, but I didn't.  No one in the family is upset they broke up.  Except for family members who didn't realize they got back together after the last break up.  It's all so very cry wolf-ish.  When she asked me if I thought I could find someone else to go, I didn't reply.  Because of course I couldn't.  That's absurd to think I could.  I figured it would just make her feel worse so I just skipped that part of the text.  We both know the answer to that one.  No need to belabor the obvious.  But that's pretty much were my nice KK act ended last night.

Do you think I'm over-reacting?  I'm not actually mad at her.  I just feel like a fool for letting this happen again.  So I'm making a mental note not to ask her to do these sorts of things with me.  Also, did you notice that both times she bailed, Loser Boyfriend was part of the equation?  And where can I find shorts that are not touching my knees but more than a squeak longer than my undies?  I don't think such a short exists.  It's all short sorts or we ran out of fabric making pants shorts.

Monday, June 17, 2013

What Is A Food Swap?

I can't stop singing the praises of food swaps!  They are fun and exciting and delicious!  I've discovered so many new foods over the last year.  And I hunt Pinterest to find the perfect ideas that are uncommon enough that no one else will bring them but not so uncommon that no one else will want them.

This short 3 minute film does a great job of showing you exactly what takes place at a food swap.  I hope it encourages you to find one in your area too!

These {Squeaker} Shoes Were Made For Walking


Available here.

Um...hello adorable!

Little boy and little girl shoes in NCAA Teams on sale.  One can assume in preparation for fall ball.  Obvi!

I want a child.  For many reasons.  But I'm not going to would be so much fun to dress him or her up in team spirit.  So super cute!


These would make really sweet baby shower gifts.  And it's a fun idea to give to a daddy-to-be at the ever popular (but constantly baffles me why) couples shower.

Is your little love ready for football season?


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