Thursday, July 26, 2012

Travel Snacks. Or Things I Never Board A Plane Without.

Do you have must have take alongs while traveling?  Outside of things like travel sized sun screen and my full brigade of toiletries, I always always always travel with snacks.  Just.  In.  Case.

Just in case you get stuck in the airport for eight hours.  Like me last Wednesday.

Just in case you request gluten free but they serve you anything but.  True story: asked for my pre-ordered GF meal last week and the disgruntled waitress took away my gluten filled soup and replaced it with pasta filled soup. 

Just in case you don't like what's being served.  That's happened to the best of us.

Just in case you need a comfort treat.

Just in case!

So here are some of my favorites. 

Lara Bars.  I LOVE Lara Bars.  I have nothing bad to say about Lara Bars.  Did I mention I love them?  I do!

Simple Bars.  Similar to Lara Bars but not nearly as yummy.  But I got them free with coupons so...

Nuts.  This time I brought almonds but sometimes I opt for walnuts or whatever I have in the house.

Applesauce/Fruit sauce.  OK so these claim to be baby food but look at the ingredient list, they are just applesauce.  Or pureed fruit sauce.  In a super convenient travel container.  Perfect for a bag on the go.  A great way to eat a sweet treat without splurging on a big piece of cake.  Do note though that I only buy these for travel and with a coupon because good golly they are pricey otherwise.  You could buy a jar of applesauce for the same price!  I'd also never seen these until last year- so that's for the intro JJ!

Dried fruit.  Easy to eat, sweet, healthy.  Anything from raisins to dried cherries. 

Gum.  I rarely chew gum.  Makes my jaw sore if I chew it too frequently.  But I make sure to always have a pack with me on a flight for ear popping needs. 

Sometimes I toss in a candy treat or bag of GF pretzels if i have them on hand too. 

So what are your travel must haves?  Have you ever tried the baby fruit purees for your grown up needs?  Do you think I've lost my marbles for packing baby food?


MCW said...

I was going to try those Simple Bars...I will stick to Lara!

Ruth said...

I am still so confused by what I can take into the airport with me food wise. I would love to take some of my own snacks when I fly to LA in the fall.

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I am obsessed with Buddy Fruit which is pretty much that same applesauce in a pouch concept. I want to take them with me next time I fly, but wasn't sure if they would be regulated for being over 3 oz. or if they aren't considered liquids.

REBrown said...

Those fruit packs look interesting!


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