Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Plead Pink Tornado

Why is it that when I have 7 billion things on my plate, every single person I know requests a very important, time sensitive, in-person only meeting? 

I am feeling VERY overwhelmed, y'all!

Which sucks because I just finished a big project and should be feeling a huge sense of relief. 

Instead I am spinning with what to do next and instead not getting anything to a state of done.  I am making lists and breaking things down.  On Monday at a meeting, I was volunteered for extra things and I just couldn't muster the simple word, "No.".  I'm an idiot sometimes.  Way over-committed this month.  But when a zillion extra things pop up and I have a very short time line, it leaves me feeling a bit like I might drown.

The good news is that at the end, regardless of what gets finished, I am going on a vaca.  But if I don't get stuff done- the stuff I knew about and all the crap that is popping up- it is going to be bad news bears.

I have ten days to get many months of stuff done.  Want to take bets on how many break-downs I have between now and then?  I guarantee it will be more than two.

So if I am sparse on here in the next three weeks, this is why.  I'm busy and then I will be out of town.  For the next ten days, I will be a swirling pink tornado trying to get things checked off my list.

Aaaahhh...I detest this feeling.  Super duper overwhelmed. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The BEST Moment In (Reality) Television

This was hands down THE BEST moment in (reality) television!  See Brad's reaction?  Identical to mine.  Seriously.  Such an amazing moment and what every girl/gay boy dreams of one day happening.  I totally thought Brad's dad showing up was going to be the surprise.  This was SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT! 

And if you are not into Bethenny Ever After and A Brad Brad World, we can't be friends.  I kid.  We totally can still be friends.  Especially as I support your love (don't understand it but as a friend I do support it) of polygamist porn (The Bachelor) and The no-one-can-explain-why-they-are-famous Kardashians.  But seriously, this is just such a cute show.  Very light-hearted.  Not a ton of drama.  And it now includes what I declare to be the BEST moment in (reality) television. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

How To Remove Word Verification In Blogger

I have noticed that a BUNCH of blogs that never before had word verification attached to comments, now have that annoying "prove you are not a robot" word verification. And y'all, I cannot tell you what a turn off that is!

There is honestly zero need for it if you will just moderate your comments instead.

But what word verification does do is...

* take extra time to comment
* cause a lot of frustration when you can never figure out what the squiggly blobs are supposed to be
* make me refresh the letters three times
* and eventually give up leaving you a comment altogether
* oh and swear off commenting on your blog again for a very long time

I recently took a night and commented on blogs specifically with this annoying word verification and it took me five times longer than those without. I was trying to be nice because y'all are so sweet to comment on my blog. But making people jump through hoops and then complaining that you don't get many comments ...well I think we have solved the problem.

I am not trying to be mean. I've posted a similar post at least two other times over the last many years and it never fails to offend people. That is so not my intention. I get that we all have our concerns regarding the internet. But I also think that it is possible that a few blogs suddenly have this ridiculous word verification on accident. And if you don't want it, it's worth 20 seconds to double check.  And if it ever shows up on Preppy Pink Crocodile, please tell me!  It's not intentional, I promise.

How to Remove (or add...but seriously that is so dumb) Word Verification in Blogger:

Go to Dashboard.
Then click Settings.
Then click Comments.
Three up from the bottom click NO next to "Show word verification for comments?".
Then click Save Settings at the very bottom.
Easy peasy and you now have blog fans who will stop screaming when they try to leave you kind comments. And again, I do moderate every single comment. Nothing gets published until I say so. This keeps mean comments and robots (which has only happened to me a handful of times in five years of blogging, y'all!) in check. But hopefully encourages my blog buddies to leave a comment now and then when they feel so inclined.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sail Away

Isn't this fabric adorable?  I found it in Joanns a few weeks ago and it just makes me crave summer!  I am so ready to be able to wear skirts and Bonannos again. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Suess Wisdom

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ~ Dr. Suess

Friday, February 24, 2012

Where Was I?

Any guesses on what I was doing yesterday?

Clue #1: I did not steal any children.
Clue #2: Things became very dramatic a few minutes after this photo was taken.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chinese Tacos

Dad asked me where I wanted to eat last night for my birthday and I said I was really in the mood for lettuce wraps at PF Changs.  He was happy to oblige, even though he had no idea where we were going (PF is newer around here and at the mall and dad never goes to the mall.  Being honest, I rarely go to the mall either.).

So as my lettuce wraps arrived, dad looked on with curiosity.  So I made a wrap and dad's only comment was, "so it's like a Chinese taco?"

I laughed so hard.  Mostly because he's sort of correct.

So for my birthday dinner, I enjoyed a plate of gluten free Chinese tacos.  Delish!  I ended the night at Cold Stone.  It was a rough day but the evening was nice.  And entertaining to boot.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today Is My Birthday

I have been unable to blog for 48 hours.  And I still can't using IE actually.  Do you know how unhappy that makes me?  I'll edit and publish the missing posts later.  

But I have to make a note that today is/was my birthday.  My least favorite day of the year.  But it was today nonetheless.  I lived.  And...that's just going to have to do for this year.

I have a very fun day planned for tomorrow out of town with two of my favorite girls though.  It will most certainly make up for my not so hot day today.  I really really need a carefree day to just be silly and girly!  So I am pretending tomorrow is today.  Tomorrow is my today do-over.

My day did end with cinnamon ice cream (one of my favs that is nearly impossible to find) so I can't say it was really all bad.  It had its up towards the end of the day.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day

I hope everyone had a fantastic President's Day (or bonus Sunday for most).  Everyone needs to be sure to catch up on Downton because tomorrow...we chat it out!  I thought the last episode was fabulous!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Pick Pretty

It's been a while since I've felt excited by a bolt of fabric.  They have all seemed so blah lately.  Or so juvenile.  But my little eye spied these two pretties at Joanne's today.  Pink and orange are actually my very favorite color combo (closely followed by pink and green of course!).

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mind VS. Heart...

the difference between your mind and heart :

your mind tells you what's smart

your heart tells you what you are going to do anyway

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sand Is Just White Dirt

I said that to a friend recently and she declared that I was crazy.

And that's entirely possibly.  But I stand by my story.  Hear me out...

We were talking about quirks.  I said that even though I grew up minutes from the beach, going to the beach every weekend, driving by the beach nearly every day and loving all things ocean, I don't enjoy much about actually being physically on a beach.  I don't like to be dirty.  And I like to see my feet at all times.

When I was about four years old, we were at the beach with several family friends, just like every other Saturday growing up.  And my friend Matt's dad was holding me as he walked into the water.  He was standing about four feet in the water, still holding little me, when all of a sudden he was bumped.  I remember this so vividly!  We both were shocked and looked down to see a giant eel.  No one was hurt, but that pretty much solidified my need to see my toes at all times.  Thankfully there was a pool in my back yard most of my childhood so this was never a big issue. 

Oh you should see me around lakes.  I'm on the shore or in a boat.  Momma does not swim in lakes.  Do you know what's in there?  Snakes, y'all!  Snakes are like tiny, sassy eels.  No ma'am!

But in addition to my "must see my toes" rule, I don't like to be dirty.

Back to my childhood era stories.  When we went to the beach each weekend, my best friend (and mother to my Godchildren) Florida would romp and roll around in the sand and surf.  I, on the other hand, would sit on my towel carefully holding my sand toys and would manage to not get a speck of sand on me. 

Geeze...this whole post probably tells you a heck of a lot about my personality...ha.

Anyway, sand is just white, coarse dirt.  But it's still dirt, y'all.  If I told you that I sat in mud in a creek (pronounced crick), you would think I was off my rocker.  So no, I do not easily relax enough to sit in sand.  I try.  I will sit in a hammock or beach chair and sip rum cocktails.  But I am never fully relaxed.  But sit me around a pool with a view of a beach or better yet, on the front of a sailboat, I am a happy clam.  Just please don't ask me to swim in the ocean or touch dirt.  Just not my thing.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hunter Wellies On Sale

Y'all, I just realized that Gilt has Hunter Wellies on sale today for as low as $79!  I wear wellies all winter and add a liner for super cold days.  Up here I think they are a wardrobe staple.  Just click the images to go directly to Gilt- it's just like Ruelala where you are "invited" to join and then have access to their daily sales.  They always have fun sales happening but I happen to think the Hunter sales is particularly fun today.

The pink are nearly sold out- and sadly my size sold out before I got online.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pink Swap

It's been a long time since I participated in a blog swap.  I've had some awesome experiences over the years, but I've also had a few really unhappy experiences.  As in the packages never arrived.  But for whatever reason, when Hopsy announced the Pink Swap she was hosting, I decided to give it a go again.  Soooo happy I signed up!  I had the most fun putting together pink and green goodies for my precious swap buddy, Southern Vogue


I used cupcake ribbon to wrap up cupcake liners.  I think I'm so clever- ha.

Monogram coffee cup cozy in Lilly Pulitzer fabric.

Did anyone guess what this was?

A scarf with a monogram.  And yes, I realize she lives in TX and might not need a scarf/pashmina.  But I consider this my piece of NY gift.  It's a staple eight months a year up here in the North Pole.

This was actually my favorite part- a canvas tote bag with a monogram and Lilly Pulitzer fabric.

So making myself one of these soon!

I didn't make the shoe bag.  And that little cupcake is actually lip gloss.  The frosting lifts up.  Hello cute!

I promise to do a second post after my swap package arrives to show you what Southern Vogue put together.!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Love Stuff Like This

It's entirely possible that no one else will find this even remotely interesting.  But on the off chance, I just had to share.  These two guys went from meeting in a business class, growing a bucket of mushrooms in a fraternity kitchen to having a booming business with all sorts of incredible side effects.  I'm in awe! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Best Two Hours Of Television And Celebrity Criminals

I honestly can't believe how great Downton Abbey was last night!  And how many Tweeps chose to watch the Grammy's instead.  Y'all are cray cray!!  I flipped to the Grammy's after Downton was over to see Nikki Minaj doing some sort of exorcism scene with a side of Christmas music.  I didn't get it.  So I turned it off. 

I also saw via Twitter that Chris Brown was all over that show.  It never fails to amaze and disappoint me how society can completely disregard horribly actions of celebrities and sports stars. 

So a few months ago I was in a store and the two cashiers were gossiping when I walked up.  Without asking, they started to include me in their chatter. This happens to me ALL THE TIME, y'all!  People just tell me $h*t that is none of my bees wax.  You would never believe the unsolicited stuff people tell me- especially in line at the DMV.  Anyway, they told me that a guy had come into the store earlier that day to apply for a job but on the application he filled in that he was a convicted criminal and when it asked him to please explain, he stated that is was for sexual misconduct (or something like that).  These two cashiers were going on and on to the high heavens that they couldn't believe he would even apply (this was a Dollar store type place by the way) and that he would admit to all that on the application.  I then told them that he was legally obligation to inform a potential employer if they asked.  It was public record. 

I do have a point...I promise.

For 99% of society, having any sort of criminal conviction will forever remain a black mark on their lives.  Regardless of what the crime was, they will have struggles finding jobs and feeling of value.  Even when forgiven, they will still be considered a convicted criminal.  (And I am not saying it is right or wrong to have that black mark over you- I am just stating that I feel this is the case for most people.)

But then there are celebrities and sports stars.  Who just seem to be exempt from the shame.  No one talks about Khloe Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, 50 Cent, Lil Kim, Johnny Cash, Keifer Sutherland, Christian Slater and Robery Downey Jr and even once mentions that they all did time (albeit a few hours for some) in jail.  They are sometimes elevated to a new, more respected level.  And make big buckaroos for giving interviews and writing books after they get out of the big house.

I am not saying the stigma should hover over them for a lifetime.  But would you be so accepting of someone not already famous if they told you that they beat their girlfriend (Christian), had repeated drug and alcohol abuse (RDJ), or had multiple DUIs and wore hooker club attire to court (Lindsay)?  Holy heck no!

I do realize I am so preaching to the choir here.  I read your tweets about Chris Brown's wife beatin' self.  It just totally gets my goat that everyone else doesn't see it the same way.

And that is why I watched Downton instead.  Well, that and because it is stinkin' AMAZING! 

I did predicted that Lord Grantham would cheat on Cora with Jane, but was not happy about it.  Or how far it almost went.  I was shocked by all the illnesses and am still dumbfounded by Lavinia's death.  I never predicted that one!  I am so pulling for Matthew and Mary though.  Oh and I was confused...did Sybil elope or just get engaged?  OK and tell me I am not the only one who thought it was funny when the doctor, after William showed everyone he could walk, was like "I made a mistake."  I would so find a new doctor!  That just struck me as so funny.  I am also still laughing at what I thought was the best one liner of the night.  "Don't be defeatist dear, it's very middle class."  And how sweet was it of Mary to set up the little honeymoon suite for Bates and Anna?  Do you think Bates really killed his wife?

Gosh this was just such a great episode!  I wish they were all two hours long.  I can't believe we only have one left though.  That just seems so cruel. 

Seriously, if you are not yet watching Downton Abbey, do yourself a favor and start NOW.  You need to start at season one though.  You'll be hooked after the first five minutes, I promise!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

TV Short

Dear Lilly Pulitzer,

You know I have been loyal since birth.  I am your biggest fan.  A true, old friend.  But as a friend, I feel it is important to be honest.  So are you sitting down?

The length of your dresses this season are in questionable taste!

They are sooo short.  Like TV show short.  You know, at a length that only someone on a TV show can pretend to wear but no one would actually wear out into the real world.  Not your target audience anyway.  Unless you are once again trying to change your target audience. 

When a woman sits in some of these dresses, all that God gave her is going to be depending on that last inch of fabric to remain concealed.  No self-respecting woman wants to leave her standing in society up to a few threads.

These white dresses are beyond fabulous.  But would it kill you to give us a few dresses that touched our knees? 

Your prints are out of this world creative, Lilly Pulitzer!  But unless you are going to drop your prices significantly, you owe me the extra inches of fabric you cut off half the dresses in the collection this season. Because Lilly, without the class you just have ic(k)! 

My favorite new print!

See how nice it looks with the dress falling at her knees?!

I know the petite girls are grumbling that they finally have dresses that don't require the extra expense of hemming.  But the thing is, my sweet petite friends, when a dress is too short to begin with, there is nothing that can be done to fix that.  So please understand this plea is not a slight against the petites of the world.  It's just that I don't enjoy stressing over possible peep show moments every time I sit down or get out of a car.

So glad we had this little chat!  I look forward to dresses with a wee smidgen more fabric next season!

Preppy love,

Friday, February 10, 2012

You Are My Sunshine

Growing up in South Florida, my family from NY would visit each winter.  And my aunt would always extend her visit about three times.  She would always plan to stay an extra week after my uncle and cousins went home.  And then would keep changing her flight each week so that she could "have just one more week of sunshine." 

As a kid, I found this statement bizarre.  I would constant remark that we had the same sun in Florida that they had in New York.  Not that I minded her staying longer.  I actually loved it.  But the comment that came up every time she changed her flight each and every year sort of baffled me.  As I grew older, it was a running joke in my head.  "Oh let me guess, you're staying longer to get another week of sunshine?!"

And then years ago I moved up here near my family in the North Pole Upstate NY.  Oh.  I get it now.

Because, yes childhood me, we do only have one sunshine in the sky.  But adult me now understands that you can go weeks without actually seeing said sunshine.  It can become a thing of lore up here in the heart of winter.  It exists.  But it can start to feel like more of a belief system than a tangible reality.

Yesterday though....was amazing!  Cheerful, yellow, sunshiney all day long!  The whole day just felt extra happy, despite feeling a little crappy with a cough that appeared out of nowhere. 

I am forever saying that I can handle any temperature up here.  I don't love blustery cold days, but I can deal with them just fine.  As long as I see the sun shining from time to time.  It really, truly does make the BIGGEST difference in my mental state.  A little sunshine has the power to take me from Eeyore to Tigger. 

Oh Mr. Golden Sun...please shine down on me more often!  You're like a great big New England happy pill. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012


So y'all know I don't speak to my mother.  And when she sends me things, I just fill in her address and write in "return to sender" on the packages. 

But today she skirted around that.  And sent me flowers.  But I didn't realize they were from her until after the flower deliver guy left.

So my solution was to toss the card and pretend I bought them for myself.  Who am I to reject a perfectly delightful Gerber Daisy?!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Little Bit Sad

For a year or two, my family has noticed some striking differences in my aunt.  Mostly in her speech.  When family pushed her to see a doctor, she was told it was sinuses.  When family was dissatisfied because sinuses was the most insane answer ever, she finally went to another doctor.  Who did extensive testing.  Several weeks ago we found out that my aunt had a suspected case of ALS.  And I found out a few days ago that it is in fact confirmed. 

You know, my family is not the picture of perfect health.  Just like every other family in the world.  We have several genetic issues (dwarfism, deaf, blind), heart issues and of course, cancer.  But I never imagined such a cruel health issue would pop up in my sweet little family.

I honestly knew very little about ALS, or as it is more commonly called, Lou Gehrig's Disease until now.  And still don't know a ton.  But it's scary and daunting.  There is very little hope for a cure.  It's more about management and even that is pretty minimal. 

There's no real point to this post other than to share why I'm feeling a wee bit frowny face this week.  My aunt who has so much energy and is so incredibly social and full of life and loves on her two grandbabies several times each week, has this terrible monster chasing her down.  I guess it makes the entire family feel rather vulnerable.  You never know what is just around that next corner in life.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sneak Peek

I was late sending my Pink Swap package out to Southern Vogue.  But it's en route now, so better late than never.  The swap was supposed to be pink but I will fully admit that my box was equal parts pink and green.  Hope that's OK. 

I will pop back on here with photos at the end of the week when the box finally makes it down to sunny Texas!  Just a sneak peek until then.  Yay for sweet swap buddies!  Thanks for hosting, Hopsy.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Random Things On My Mind Tonight

* My Resolutions to stop procrastinating and start losing weight have been wicked failures thus far. 

* But at least I am honest and admit my flaws.

* I had the MOST fun putting together my Pink Swap package.  I sent it a few days late but it's cute, I promise.  And pink.  And making me super excited for spring to get here.

* Smash better be as good as the commercials.  They've really built it up to be this amazing show.  I have high expectations.

* I have a friend who is in a difficult season of life.  Has been for about two years.  And I'm her confidant.  Which is great.  I am grateful that I can do that for her.  But it's also exhausting sometimes.  I just needed to admit that out loud.

* I slept AMAZING last night for the first time in what feels like forever.  Please please please God let me make it two for two tonight!

* I've been making terrible food choices lately and my tummy is cursing me.  This week, more salad and less brownies!  It's a promise.  I think better when I eat better.  True story.

* I agreed to be on the board again for JL next year and kind of regret it.  I'd rather just show up to stuff and do Done In A Days and have no responsibilities.  On the flip side, I can't get any worse than I am this year so perhaps things will be easier in this position round two for me.

* I colored my hair this morning.  Actually, I just touched up the roots.  And I can honestly say I LOVE the results.  I didn't do the most amazing job in the back but unless I wear a pony tail (which I only do late at night at home alone with the dog and she's not telling), you wouldn't know.  But the front looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.  The best part is that it took @15 minutes start to finish.  Considering I drive close to an hour and a half one way to my hair salon in VT, that's completely awesome!  And with my amazing couponing skills, I think I paid under $2 today.  I have another box of hair color that I got for free for the next time too.

* I got the sweetest email from a friend today that was so unexpected and just made my world much more sparkly.  Yay for adorable girlfriends!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

$5 Off $5 At Michaels Saturday Only

I know this isn't my coupon blog but if you purchase $5 worth of anything at Michaels today only and use this coupon, you will just need to pay tax.  Click the image to print.  Go forth and get your craft on!

Friday, February 3, 2012


This blog business is a funny thing.

Years ago I was googling something about monograms and found Monogram Momma (sadly she no longer blogs).  I had no idea what a blog was and couldn't figure out what this website was at first.  Through her, I found Lisagh, Clogsy and Mel.  And then my world opened up to so many other fabulous bloggers. 

So I secretly started my own blog.  And it was so dumb at first.  Probably still is a lot of the time.  But eventually I got the hang of it.  And came clean to Bestie.  And insisted she start one too. 

Blogging soon felt less hush hush.  A new wave of fun girls (and guys too) moved to Blogville.  And then the strangest thing ever happened.  I mean, seriously unexpected. 

We became friends! 

How, when, why...?  I'm still not sure.  But somewhere along the way, I found myself telling stories of "my friends" and actually believing that these bloggers were just that.  Many of us found each other on Facebook and now Twitter and lo and behold...I had honest to goodness friendships swirling around my laptop.  I even figured out that one of my favorite bloggers is also a sorority advisor so we were able to meet two summers ago at a conference (and hopefully this summer too).  It all still baffles me.

I've seen my blog friends get married, break up with boyfriends, pick paint colors and invitations, host book clubs, shop, travel, struggle with illness, have babies, adopt babies, lose babies, struggle to create babies, make the most creative items, cook up a storm, buy homes, graduate, and so much more.  Yes, blogging only gives you a side that the author chooses to share.  But the blogs I chose to read feel as honest as possible while keeping a level of privacy.

In many ways, I think blogs are a very real glimpse into a person's life.  We share our silly sides, creative sides, and all of life's ups and downs. 

Real life friends who read my blog say the EXACT same thing to me after finding it.  Seriously, it is the only thing anyone ever says and it never fails to make me giggle.  "Your blog is so you.  You write exactly how you speak in person."  In my head the rest of the dialog goes like this..." else would I sound?"  I believe that is the case for all of my favorite bloggers.  This is our chatty online diary/best friend vent session/extension of our daily lives.

Today, one of my favorite bloggers, Hopsy, has gone above and beyond the call of of friendship.  She has linked up to Kelly's Korner SUYL Singles Day and featured yours truly and three other adorable bloggers.  Hopsy, I am just so flattered you thought of me.  I love that we have "known" each other for so many years and have come to call each other sweet friends.  One day I swear I will finally get to meet my bloggy friends and sit and talk for hours! 

Oh and for those photos are there too.  True story- I have posted a photo of myself THREE times on this here bloggy blog.  Years ago and before anyone noticed I guess, but there have been three.  Actually, the third was only about two years ago now that I think of it.  And I figured that because I am FB friends with so many of y'all, it didn't matter.  But it seems I misjudged that by the comments I am getting.  Which are cracking me up.  I didn't realize anyone would be interested.  I hope I've accurately described myself over the years.  Maybe this will make me brave enough to post a photo again in the future...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

TLC...You Are Trashier Than The Jerry Springer Show!

Remember a decade ago when TLC was about education and did a lot of great programing surrounding health topics?  And then their specials with Kate Gosselin, The Duggars and The Rolloffs were surprise hits.  So they gave them all TV shows.  And made them all into celebrities.  And then the network turned into a strange mix of Jerry Springer and The Jersey Shore instead of education and health. 

My sweet sorority sister sent me a link to a new show that has me fuming mad.  It is just sick!  On several levels.  TLC has a new, wretched show called Sorority Girls.


They take several pretty American girls, who were clearly never in any actual American or Canadian sorority (My sorority, AGD, is in both the USA and Canada, as are several others.  So it is not just a southern American thing, thankyouverymuch!) and move them over to England.  And have them start the "first sorority in England."  It is every made-up or outdated horrible, disgusting stereotype you can imagine.  Judging outfits and calling girls horrible names and testing girls on secret things and just tons of stuff that would NEVER EVER EVER actually happen in a real sorority.

For anyone who never went through Recruitment (It's not even called Rush anymore, y'all!  I mean, you might call it that but I promise, no NPC chapter headquarters supports that term.), no one would ever ask you about your daily beauty routine.  I don't think I've ever asked anyone, anywhere, that question.  Do you know what my kids ask?  They ask about school majors and minors, collegiate sports, where they are from, extra curricular interests, philanthropy/volunteering and that sort of stuff.  Real topics to get to know every woman from the inside out.  They are not even allowed to discussing Potential New Members with each other after they leave an event so no mocking or gossiping is happening, as is depicted in this wretched TLC show.  Real college sororities are about teaching young women to be community volunteers and campus leaders all while excelling in academics and personal interests.

This show just makes me feel physically ill.  It is so bloody harmful to women trying to make their campus, community and world better by joining a sorority.  All the hours studying to get the highest grades on campus, all the money raised to support community needs, all the efforts to participate on more campus events than any other group...are overshadowed by this stereotype-ridden fake program.

These women do not even vaguely resemble the true Greek system.  Shame on you, TLC!  You are officially the most ridiculous network on television.  And it seemed impossible to surpass Bravo's hot mess of Housewives and E!'s hot mess of Kardashians.  But you did it.  Gross, gross, gross!

As a long-time volunteer as Chapter Adivsor for my sorority, I take great offense this.  You are mucking up efforts that are so pure and genuine by hundreds of thousands of women across North America each year.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am a total phone screener.

True story.  If I am not in a chatty mood, I don't think it's fair to answer the phone when I know the person calling want to chitty chat.  I call back later.

If I am busy, walking out/in the door, am in the car but trying to concentrate, or a variety of other possible excuses, I don't answer.  I call back later.

Now, the first two don't actually happen all that often.  It's not very regular for me to see a call and skip it.  Unless I don't recognize the phone number.

In that case, I never answer the phone call.  It actually creeps me out.  That's why someone invented voice mail.  So I can screen in peace and decide if you need a call back.

What drives me batty though is when someone, say from St. Louis, MO, calls your phone from their mobile phone (that's White Pages for telling me that much) twice a day over and over and over and never leaves a message.  I am not going to crack and pick up the phone for you, mobile phone in St. Louis.  I am as stubborn and determined as they come sometimes.  So either leave a message or stop calling.  You know, for example.

So tell you totally screen too?  Or am I crazy?  Not that I will stop- I love caller ID!  Just curious to know if everyone else is a total screener too.


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