Monday, October 31, 2011

It Only Took Me A Year

To wear my skinny jeans. 

I did it.  After owning them for a long long time.  I finally wore them out of the house on Friday.  With a green herringbone Vineyard Vines blazer over a white shirt and pearls and pink ballet flats.  I looked rather cute, if I do say so myself!

They are a little big in the waist though so I need to wear a belt with them next time.  I felt like I was obsessively pulling them up so no plumber crack action happened.  Gasp!

Other than that though, I was rather proud of myself.  In my skinny big girl britches!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's Great To Be A Georgia Bulldog!

Friday, October 28, 2011

It Snowed. In October.

Well it snowed here yesterday.  In October.

I know I kid that I live in the North Pole but y'all know that's a joke, right?  I don't actually live next door to Santa.  There's an entire country between me and the Clause family.  So we should not be getting snow this early in a season.  Especially when the season is technically fall.

But it snowed anyway.  Despite my well-organized protests and astute objections.  Heavy, wet, thick, messy white stuff fell from above.  In October.

It stopped before midnight, when we then experienced our first freeze.  New Englanders everywhere know that this is a fluke.  To have snow before your first hard freeze.  Though for the life of me I can't come up with why any of that matters.  But weather men like to make a big BIG to-do about the matter.

Today it's cold but sunny.  Which is lovely.  I can handle any temperature (within reason) as long as we see sunshine.  Until you turn on the dumb news again to see that the snowstorm that just passed through town is likely to double back this weekend.  A re-run.  Because we didn't get enough the first go-round.  In October.

And that is why I want to move. 

Snow is December is delightful.  January can be lovely too.  February is heavy but part of living up here.  March is wet and gross but also expected.  But October is completely unacceptable.  Quite frankly, Mother Nature, it's down right rude.

I miss summer so much it hurts.  My clothes are so much cuter in the warm summer months!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Very Fun Deal Today

Ah, I'm a stinky blogger lately.  I've just been in a strange mood.  The short of it is that I lost yet another friend to cancer this week.  And it's really hit me hard to think about my own life, being alone, etc.  I'll be fine.  I mean, it's not like there is any other option.  But I've not been in a very bloggy mood.

But to change the subject, this is a fun deal and I wanted to share should anyone want to take advantage.

Are you familiar with Eversave?  It's similar to Groupon and the like.  I continue to have a lot of success of these sites.

Well today on Eversave, you can purchase a $50 gift voucher to Abe's Market for just $25. And if you sign up today, you will automatically get $3 off for signing up with Eversave. But it gets better, y'all! If you use the code SPOOKY at checkout today only, you will get another $5 off. And...if you purchase $49 or more at Abe's Market, shipping is FREE.

So for $17, you should be able to get $50 worth of goods from Abe's Market via Eversave today!

Abe's Market is newer to me but I love love it! It's like an online store of goodness. Everything from gluten free foods, natural foods, baby items, toys, make-up, pet items, clothing and more. It's just completely awesome!

I plan to stock up on gluten free snacks. But the opportunities are really endless. Can you tell that I love this website?!

So sign up with Eversave or log into your existing account and take a glance at the daily sales. Today I am all about Abe's!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Let's Talk About Fall TV


So I can't stand Bee Keeper, Josh and Anya.  Bert is just annoying to me.  Josh is an ass.  He is just nasty to everyone and then gets upset when called out on it.  And Anya seems like a nice girl and she designs the heck out of things but it bugs me to no end that she gets away with stuff that no one else gets away with.

The judges are also so inconsistent.  Nina has personal grudges and just decides she doesn't like certain people.  And they will criticize one thing and then praise it two minutes later when Anya does the same thing. 

Laura was my favorite person so I was sad to see her go.  And Victor is probably my favorite designer.  I am bummed that Josh and pretends to know how to sew Anya are in the finale. 


Wow, the show is steamy this season!  And does anyone else only ever think Mr. Big when they see Chris Noth? 


So far it's disappointing this year.  Just not enough umph or ... I don't know.  I'll still watch but it's missing the magic from the first two seasons.


OK so I made a vow to not watch any RH show a long time ago and I've stayed true to that for the most part.  But I did catch the better part of the reunion show last night and was shocked.  I had no idea that besties Jacqueline, Caroline and Teressa were no longer.  What I got from that reunion was that no one likes Teressa, her cousin has giant eyes and a creepy husband, her sister in law thinks she is a singer (there is one on every show who suddenly thinks she is a singer- thinks being the key word of course), Jacqueline quit?, Ashley still needs military school and Caroline isn't on speaking terms with Dina (my hands down favorite housewife of all time- well her and Bethenny of course) because she is siding with Teressa.

I am actually most shocked at the Dina/Caroline fall out.  But I assume they will make up.  I'm still not watching though.  It's just better for my mental well-being.  But I sincerely hope Caroline and Dina make nicey nice.


This is the only show of any kind with judges that I will watch.  Because I love it so much!  Love love love it!  Could live without the judges, but I can overlook them for the pure amazing talent on that show. 


I should first point out that I think the vastness of theology beyond fascinating.  Hands down my favorite topic.  If I could go back to school, I would at the very least pick up a minor in religious studies. 

But I love this show less for my fascination in extreme religions and more because they are just the sweetest family.  I can't get my mind around that lifestyle but there are lots of pretty mainstream lifestyles I can't get my mind around.  Life choices and beliefs that some of y'all might think are totally the norm and what you have done for generations.  So I don't think it's any different to be entertained by the Brown family.  I still don't quite understand why they would move to Vegas of all places, but whatever.  Their honesty and genuine nature have totally won me over.  I'd be friends with them. 


OK so I have not watched this show from the beginning.  I watched a bunch of re-runs this summer and am only now watching the proper season.  But it's so hilarious.  It's like Friends in that you don't need to remember to watch every week to follow along.  Which is good because there are very few shows I will remember to watch every single week.  The writing and acting are all awesome but it's also so fun to see favorite faces from the early 90's on there. 


I am trying to watch both as they have a lot of potential.  But jury is still out.  Both have awesome costuming though!


Don't judge me but I think this series is completely amazing!  I never expected to love it so much but I've seen every episode (thanks to OWN running them every time I turn the TV on) and have cried during half of them.  She's kind of funny too- the bit about the Tina wig makes me laugh every time.  If you are looking for something less Housewives and more Ah-ha, I completely recommend this show.  Honestly, it's really really great.

So what are your favorite shows on TV this season?  Any new, fun shows that you think I might like?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Need Wine?

I have only recently discovered that you can get great deals, often nearly free, on wine when you buy online from a deal site. There really is a website for everything, y'all!

So here's the skinny...

It's similar to Rue.  Click the link above to Lot 18 and sign up (just your name and email). When you sign up right now, you automatically get a $15 credit. But don't buy anything yet. The key is to wait for a week when they are offering free shipping. It should make for some very inexpensive wine!

Even if you don't drink, wine makes a timeless hostess or holiday gift. It lasts forever so it won't go bad if you don't need to use it for a while. And it's a fun way to enjoy a little treat on a very budget friendly plan.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Rosie Show : Brilliant or Schizophrenic? Eh...Fine Line.

So I am a big BIG Rosie O'Donnell fan.  Big!  Huge!  I think she is so smart and funny and such a true do-gooder. 

She doesn't just put her name behind a campaign and have some company write a check on her behalf.  She doesn't even just write a check herself.  She shows up.  She actually interacts with people.  She is such a great example of "just do it" and I love and respect that.  And she follows through.  I could go on and on about how in awe I am of her personal convictions to do wonderful things in this world and to continually help others gain a better life.

And I used to love her talk show.  Bestie and I were big fans and had big dreams of going to see the show. 

So I had great expectations for her new show on OWN.  The promos for it with Oprah were pretty cute - they set the bar rather high.

But I am not sure how I feel about the show so far.  Here's why...

There's a lot going on in a one hour show.  Stand up comedy, audience questions/participation, Broadway style songs, David Letterman style songs (which I loathe by the way) with the song-writer from SNL who won an Emmy for Bleep In A Box, game show style games (also super annoying), sometimes giveaways and somewhere in the middle there's the talk show part.  Oh and sometimes there's a reality element too.  All of that in one show, y'all. 

It's just too much.  Too all over the place.  Too hard to follow.  A little bit Schizophrenic.

So Rosie, let's talk.  Just us girls.  A heart to heart between old friends. 

You know I love you.  And I very much want to like your new show.  But I have some suggestions to make it better.

First, if you insist on doing the games (which I don't think you should but you clearly love them and I do believe in following one's bliss and if they are your bliss who am I to deny that to you), pick one day to do them.  Maybe do a game on Friday.  But not everyday.  They are annoying.  Not a little bit, but a lot bit.  I say that with love though.

The Letterman style songs have just got to go.  That sucks up time you could be talking to guests or doing stand up.  The songs don't translate to a TV audience as funny, Ro.  They just don't.  A DJ or just no music at all would be better. 

Focus on the strengths and do more of that.  The stand up and the talking to guests, specifically.  Lisa Kudrow was a great.  Have more guests like her, please.

Like the games that we've now decided (because I am so sure you are reading this and are nodding in agreement) to move to just one day a week, let's perhaps also move the reality behind the scenes element to one day a week too.  I get why you want in as a part of your show.  We all loved the Oprah behind the scenes show.  That was just so much fun to watch.  But maybe just do that on say, Mondays.  Or maybe a summer series when your show is on vaca. 

So here's a tweak on what you are already doing regarding the Broadway style numbers.  Maybe just do those one day a week too but get local high school kids to do them with you.  How fun for a high school kid to be on your big, fancy Rosie show with Oprah's long coveted hard wood floors!  See ... I watch.

And last (for now), why is your show on at 7PM?  Move it to 8 or 9 and I swear you will get more viewers.  At 7PM I am cooking dinner or walking the dog or sitting in a League meeting.  Thankfully you're on cable and OWN, like Bravo, tends to run in a loop.  So you are sort of always on.  But if you moved the show an hour or two later, you would likely get more viewers at the time the show first airs. 

Oh and how does one get the job as your announcer?  I'd love that gig.  How fun to answer when asked the question of what I do for a living, "Oh I am the announcer at The Rosie Show."  So much more interesting to say than the typical "I'm in consulting" blabber that everyone else says.

So there you go.  You are going to get rid of the Letterman style songs with the SNL gal (who is awesome- just not for this show format) because they are not funny and a waste of time, you are going to tailor down the games, and focus more on the talk show element.  Oh and if your current announcer gal doesn't work out, you'll call me because I think that looks like the most fun job ever.

Glad we had this chat, friend.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Carrot Slaw

A few weeks ago I scored a great deal on carrots at the grocery store and then sort of forgot to do something with them. Typical. So this past weekend I decided they needed to be used and made a little slaw-ish salad out of them that is sooo yummy.



* Carrots
* Raisins
* Apple cider vinegar
* Maple syrup (real and only real) or honey
* Salt and pepper


* Shred carrots in food processor.
* In a bowl, mix vinegar, oil, maple syrup, salt and pepper. I'm not giving measurements because it depends on how many carrots you're using. This is essentially a salad dressing though so you really can't go wrong. Just eyeball it.
* Add in carrots and raisins. Mix to incorporate. Taste to be sure you have enough seasoning and dressing. It does not need to be wet as the carrots will give off some moisture as they sit too. Just enough to coat everything.
* It's yummy right away but best if you let it sit in the fridge at least an hour.
Optional additions:
* Garlic or onion powder
* Chopped scallions
* Dried cranberries
* Raspberry vinegar (I actually used a splash or two in my salad)

I'm linked up here!

Update On Apple Contest

So I don't think I won.  Well, I know I didn't win the first round.  I was third.  Out of eight.  Don't try to sugar coat it.  Ha.  I lost that round.  Now they take the top five (So yes, the top five out of eight.  Pathetic, I know.) and some team from the news votes.  But I can't imagine they would give the win to anyone other than the top two as they had sooo many more votes than the rest of us. 

I'm bummed because I just think it would have been so fun to get to go share my recipe on the air.  But alas, it doesn't look like that's going to be in my future.  I'll live. 

And I am SOOO grateful to those of you who voted for me.  That was beyond kind!  Thank you thank you!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I know it's so silly, but do you see that "Vote For Me" link over on the right?  It's to my local NBC affiliate website.  Would you mind voting for my Cutie Pies?  You are allowed to vote once each day, but I would be ever so grateful if you would just vote once and help me out.  At the moment, I'm totally losing.  And the voting ends on Friday.  Ha- it's really just so pathetic.  But I promise my little pies were super delish!  Worthy of a little vote.

Did Your Target Goodies Come Too?

Did you get your goody bag from Target that we all requested a month or two ago?  This was so much more fun than a stack of bills.  I am so excited about all the treats! 

* A super cute pink and purple cosmetic case
* Ponds Towelettes
* Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner
* Garnier Pure Clean Shampoo and Conditioner
* John Frieda Shampoo and Conditioner (my new fav!)
* L'oreal Youth Code Night Cream
* Burt's Bees Lotion
* And LOTS and LOTS of coupons!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dear Little Me

My back was turned to the TV last night but I heard some commercial where one woman asked another what advice she would give to her teenage self.  She (I believe a celebrity but again, my back was turned to the TV.) said that she would tell her teenage self not to be afraid to say no.

And I immediately in that same breath knew what advice I would give my teenage self.  And my 20-something self.  And the self who just looked at me in the mirror an hour ago.

Don't be afraid to say YES.

While I have a complete inability to say no in regards to volunteering, I do not live the rest of my life that way.  I think in some ways I live in fear of the yes.

What if I say yes and then I fail?  What if I say yes and everyone thinks I am insane?  I am generally considered to be left of center.  Just not the norm.  Unique.  And while I embrace my "specialness" on most days, I don't like the idea of being thought of as weirder, nerdier or crazier than I already am. 

But in the process to be, what in my little head I have always referred to as a C (not as in C grade, but as in average), I tend to sit while others stand and run and bounce.  I don't take risks that come so easily to others.  I am stiff.  I am manicured (not my nails though because I don't like my fingernails to be painted). 

I absolutely know the root of this part of my personality.  It stems 100% from my childhood.  Which was a hot mess of yuck and abuse.  My life goal was to just blend in and go unnoticed.  My daily life already made me stand out in unpleasant ways.  And I have forever been both creative and academic.  Kids don't generally dig being different though and I was no exception.  I wanted to be like everyone else.  I wanted to be a C.

So this post sort of took a strange turn because all I meant to tell you was that if I could give my teenage self one piece of advice, it would be to stop fearing the yes.  Take chances.  Live your life BIG.  Follow your gut every day, even if others might think you to be crazy.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?  Well my problem is that I have lived my entire life in the "no thank you." 

New goal.  Live in the "YES!"

If you could give your little self a piece of advice, what would it be? 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Time Out

I don't have kids but I would buy this in a skinny minute if I did.  How genius!  And it's so cute that it's not obnoxious in your living room. 

Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives...

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Week Without A Post...A Long Overdue Update

Wow, I don't even have a good excuse beyond my head just has not been in this blog lately.  Sometimes you feel like a preppy blogger and sometimes you don't.  I've totally fallen out of love with Facebook and slowly in love (or maybe strong like) with Twitter.

But to bring you up to date...

* I colored my own hair. 

Oh boy, where do I start?  My hairdresser is fabulous but about 80 minutes away in VT.  I blame Laura for mentioning her to me.  But that's a loooong way to drive in the winter.  And hello, it's winter like 11 months out of the year up here.  So I tried coloring it myself just to stretch out the time between my visits.

There were two problems. 

First the color turned out what I feel is a little too strawberry blonde.  However I think I am the only person who sees the strawberry.  People keep complimenting me on my hair.  Even without knowing I colored it myself or any of the drama surrounding it.  I will say I did a good job as far as coverage.  I don't have any roots (that I can see anyway) or splotches.  And because I had highlights, it still looks like I still have those highlights. 

The second issue was that my hair was soooo dry.  I normally have silky soft hair.  So silky soft that it has zero ability to hold any sort of body or curl.  And then, suddenly, my hair was like straw.  It scared me if I am being honest.  I was conditioning twice and still...hay bales on my head.  Bad!  I was worried that my hair would fall out or something tragic and dramatic like that.  I found a sample in my bag of freebies of a leave in conditioner.  That really helped.  Then I bought a small bottle of John Freida conditioner and that has made a world of difference.  So I am thankful that I found a solution to that problem. 

* I don't yet have a plan for my life but as this is potentially my last year in this city, I am making a conscious effort to really enjoy myself more.  I am trying to complain less and praise more.  So far it's working.  I feel happier for the most part.

* My volunteer seasons are in full swing.  Full of drama of course.  As always.  But I'm managing.  I am thankful that a dear friend took one of those dramas off my plate.  I was seriously having trouble sleeping and having anxiety.  I take things too personally in life.  I let things get to me.  It makes me this super attentive friend but at the same time, I can't just let things go. 

I am on the JL board this year and it has taken me a few months to get my feet on solid ground.  I really struggled the first few months with feeling like I had any clue what I was doing.  Ironically, now that I have more on my plate (compliments of one of those above mentioned dramas), I am feeling more like I know what I am doing.  Story of my life.  I am loving that I get to know my fellow leaguers better as we have such a fun group.

* I was in a sad sad frame of mind last week.  I lost a very dear family friend to cancer.  She fought for nearly six years when doctors told her she had only two months.  She saved her own life when countless doctors told her that she was not worth their time and energy.  She is such a hero in my life for the fight she battled up stream with such passion and dignity.  I prayed for weeks that God would take her home and give her peace.  She deserved it.  But I am still so sad to know I can't just send her an email or chat on the phone.  We all miss you so much, Beverly!  And dammit...I just totally hate cancer!

* I need to make a new duvet for my bed.  But I am feeling uninspired.  Or I guess I could buy one but I've not found one that I like.  I'm picky because I need the fabric to be very soft.  Like I love Anthropology but I think their bed fabrics are too stiff for my taste.  Not that we have an Anthro around here.  But as an example.  Plus I really think it would be fun to have something more plain on one side and fru fru on the other side.  But I need a heavy dose of inspiration mixed with motivation.  Actually, I probably need more motivation than anything else.  I need to figure something out because my one duvet has a big bleach stain on it and the second (favorite) now has a big hole in it that I waited way too long to repair.

* I am happy to have the humidity leave the area but am so sad that it's time to wear fall/winter clothing.  I like the seasons but loathe the clothes.  Or let me clarify, I loathe me in the clothes.  A chubby girl only looks chubbier in a sweater.  I feel cuter in summer clothes.  Even if no one else thinks I look better, I feel better.  And that's really the biggest battle for any girl.  I do not feel cute in fall/winter clothes.  Ever.  So I go 8 months feeling blah.  See why I need to move to a state that does not require my clothing to make me feel like blah for this many months?

* I glutened myself.  I knew I was eating it but I ate it anyway.  And it's official.  I cannot tolerate gluten.  And as strange as it sounds, I feel such a release to realize this.  I like clarity.  I'm missing a lot of that in my life.  But it's clear as day that I need to avoid gluten.  Thankfully, I've found flours and recipes and blogs and various other resources.  For a year I swore that I could be GF save for pie crust.  Y'all know that pie is sacred in the Crocodile family.  Pie is to my family what cupcakes are to the rest of the world.  But I've even perfected GF pie crust finally.  Now to deal with the next two days of getting this icky gluten through my system... 

* I am nearly finished my my Christmas shopping.  That doesn't mean things are all put together but the plans are laid.  A few cousins and my dad are left to figure out and then I will be done.  I will be out of town a lot in November but my goal is still set to be completed by December 01.  That's my goal every year mind you, but I swear this year I am on track!

* We must chat about TV and Hollywood but that will have to wait another day or three....  What are our feelings about gLee so far?  Is anyone else watching Project Runway?  Oooh The Good Wife is steamy sexy this year.  So much to gossip about, girls!


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