Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Weekend Reading

One of my favorite creative blogs hosts a link up party every Friday night.  I often link up but thought this week I might direct y'all over there too.  I love these little parties because I find so many great sewing, crafting and cooking ideas.  And then some!  So if you are home avoiding cleaning and filing and emailing on this rainy Friday night, just like yours truly, be sure to take a gander at Tatertots and Jello

This week I linked up a newer post and the most popular post ever to grace this here little blog.  It cracks me ALL THE TIME to see that people are still finding my silly blog from this tutorial

Eat Pie

Like many of y'all, I was fortunate enough to go see a pre-screening of The Help with my Junior League girls last night.  Such a fun treat!  I really had such a fabulous girls night and loved that the movie promoters reached out to Junior Leagues nation-wide as the JL plays such a big role in the story line.

Holy guacamole!  Y'all must go see The Help when it hits theaters in a few weeks!  I laughed and cried and just truly loved it.  Emma Stone was fantastic.  Sissy had the best one liners.  Allison Janney is one of my favorite actresses so I was thrilled to see her.  Viola Davis had me in tears.  And Octavia Spencer had one of the best deliveries that I've ever seen.

Hated Hilly (though Bryce Dallas Howard was phenomenal in the role).  Gosh, she was just dreadful!  And yet so damn relevant still today.  A tea partier for sure.

But my favorite part of the movie was actually the costuming.  I'd wear most of those outfits (sans the high heels and any shoe that even remotely resembles white because for whatever reason, I loathe white shoes) today.  I have my mind set on duplicating a particular cardigan worn at the end by Skeeter with this cute ribbon detail on the edges.  Did anyone else notice it?  It's the one she's wearing below but it's not the best angle.  Trust me, it's adorable.

I want to be Skeeter!  Or Skeeter-esque.  Love her!

Words to live by...
You is kind.  You is good.  You is important.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back Together Again

Oh I've missed you! 

I didn't have you all week and I felt like crying.  Seriously.  It was a sad state of affairs.  But the computer people helped me get you back.  They told me it would take about five days longer than it really took.  Want to know why it was done faster?  Because this hot momma is annoying as all get out.  Yup!  I knew if I nicely called twice a day, every day, they would move me to the top of the list.  And they did (she typed grinning ear to ear).

But I have to run.  We are finally reunited and here I am walking out the door.  I'm off to have drinks and then pre-screen The Help with my Junior League lovelies. 

But tonight when I am hopefully watching a re-run of Project Runway, you and I will have a little blog catch up love fest, sweet internet.

Until then...please just rest and don't ever quit on me again.  It gives me a heart attack.  Me no likey!


Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Getting Hot In Here

This oppressive heat is just unreal.  I know I grew up in South Florida where 100+ degree weather is not unheard of for days on end down there.  But up here in the North Pole...notsomuch.  Just walking to my car sucks the life out of me.  We hit a record high up here yesterday.  The dog and I are hovering inside until the thermometer lowers.

Which is fine because I am swamped with projects right now.

So I am going to do a little slave laboring and get things checked off my long list for a bit.  I just need a few days of concentrating on life.  I'll be back on here shortly though...I promise!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Musical History Lesson From Jimmy And Justin

OK so I know all of these words.  I probably still use the phrase "insane in the membrane, insane in the brain" once a week.  True story, girls!  I really am that goofy.  Please enjoy the History of Hip Hop, II.  Or as I like to think of it, the soundtrack to the last 15 years of my life.

A Little Lilly Love

I will be the first to tell you that I have not been overly in love with many of the business choices our beloved Lilly Pulitzer (the brand, not the person) has made over the last few years.  And I have a bone to pick again with the current collection.  It starts with ly and ends with cra.  Those glorified stretchy t-shirts turned dresses for a ghastly price. 

But before I write them off altogether, I must also show you a few items that have me swooning.  Oh and I am also in love with the new fabrics and furniture.  I've not yet looked at those prices, but the images I've seen online are completely drool-worthy!

I love love love this!

Too cute for words.  Oh how I love a bloomer.

Just screams "I love Florida!"

This is one of my all time favorite Lilly prints!

This is too short in my opinion but I love the color and details.

Lilly Pulitzer eye candy.

Love love!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


* Your responses to this post have cracked me up.  Someone was sort of correct.  And others have left me googling what are the apparent endless uses for vodka.  Who knew it was such a wonder product?  Oh and I am going to tell you what I did.  Eventually. 

* So my back is still burnt, but also peeling.  And best yet, it's bubbling.  Which I didn't realize until I started to feel wet on my back.  Because those bubbles are popping I guess.  So I am wet and itchy on a spot where it's red and painful.  It's just getting better and better and grosser. 

* I am possibly getting a second dog as early as next week.  But it's under very sad circumstances as the owner, a family friend who is truly more like family, is nearing the end of her amazingly courageous battle with cancer. 

* I am having the worst luck with things getting back-ordered this summer.  The online order gods have been scheming against me and I am getting super annoyed.  I really really need this order to get here so I can finish this job and get it out the door.  Tick tock Company X...

* All of my reignited love of gluten free baking has done wonders for my waistline.  As in it grew. 

* I have a new bike that I've hardly used.  It's red, not pink.  But it's a fun cherry red so it's OK.  I still need to find a cute bike basket that can be monogrammed.  If there is such a thing.

* I miss gLee!  Remember that one summer when 90210 (the original, not the remake) had a summer season?   So it basically ran for two straight years?  I think gLee needs to do that.  For me.  And do we think that Rachel and Kurt will get a spin-off at NYU?

* A woman openly mocked me for bringing my Tervis Tumbler with me as I was shopping yesterday.  That's normal right?  To bring a drink with you when running errands to Target and the grocery store?  I mean, it's summer.  It's hot.  I get thirsty.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Liquored Up

I went through two giant bottles of cheap vodka the other day.  Who wants to guess why or how?

Answer: here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Berry Painful And Yet Somehow Delightful Weekend

Friday I headed up to Vermont to go raspberry, blueberry and cherry picking.  Man alive, I love Vermont!  I swear the entire state is just so stinkin' cute.  Or, the parts I frequent anyway.  I am pretty sure that I would make a fabulous raspberry farmer.  I mean, how hard could it be to grow a few rows of raspberries? 

Blueberry goodness!

I wore a sundress because it's summer and that's my uniform.  But I neglected to wear the most important accessory.  Sunscreen!  I seriously cannot believe that I didn't slather my arms and back up, y'all.  I am like a crazy lady when it comes to sun protection.  Seriously I am the most annoying person on the matter.  Don't even try to justify a visit to a cancer tanning bed in my presence.  Evil!  Anyway...I was just absent-minded and forgot to protect my skin.  And have been paying the severe price ever since then!

My arms, shoulders, back and back of my neck are throbbing in pain!  It was 1997 the last time I got this burned.  I hurt.  A lot.  Nearly every position hurts to some degree if for nothing else, because I am wearing clothes.  Damn society for looking down on nudity. 

I cannot believe I was such an idiot!  Ugh...

About an hour after I take two Advil, I feel a little bit better.  And standing seems to be an OK position to be in.  Plus, I am just bored watching nothing on TV.  So I made good use of my inside time (being in the heat more than necessary is so painful on my burn) by freezing all of those berries.  I never used to wash berries but according to the USDA, you are supposed to gently wash all berries except for blueberries.  Being a rule follower, I obliged.  Gently washing, gently laying on a clean but old (because berries will stain) towel to try for 30 mins, and gently placing them on a cookie sheet in a single layer.  Freeze for a few hours until hard and then transfer to a freezer zip top bag.  You can use them however you please but my personal favorite is just to eat a handful straight from the freezer.  That's actually been a favorite since childhood.

Rinse, wash and repeat.  Literally.  And that pretty much describes my rockin' Saturday of pain and berry freezing.  I did actually run a few errands mid-day too but I regretted it almost immediately.  And I consoled the pup as she shivered in fear when a local festival concluded with fireworks.  Poor thing hates all boomy sounds! 

Sunday I was up early so I attempted to run a few errands that got cut short on Saturday.  Again...instant regret.  It was too hot and I was too uncomfortable.  Back in the AC at home, I decided to make my very first cherry pie.  Seeing as how this was my first for everything from picking cherries to baking them...I had to sort of wing in.  I don't own a cherry pitter.  So yeah, that process of took bloody forever.  And the kitchen looked like a murder scene when I was finished.  My left hand looked like it just committed said crime with the deep red cherry juice dripping from my hand and arm.  Yet again, no success with the gluten free pie crust.  I mean, it tastes fantastic.  I've got that down pat.  But I just cannot figure out a recipe where the dough will roll out like a regular gluten full pie dough.  I make vein attempts to roll it out, it goes to hell in a hand basket as it crumbles into pieces, and in the end I find myself mushing the little pieces into the pie plate.  Which is fine for the bottom crust as you are never going to see it.  But the top crust...pushes me to the brink every time. 

The thing is, I am a great pie baker.  Like really really great.  I have been making my own (gluten full) crust since I could stand.  I understand the chemistry behind it.  I do it by hand- not in a food processor- because that's the only way (in my not at all humble pie opinion) that one can really, truly know when the crust is complete.  I don't eat cake.  I've never really liked it.  But I LOVE pie.  So not being able to master a beautiful gluten free pie crust is personally upsetting.  I don't understand the ins and outs of all the gf flours yet to understand why they won't bind together long enough to roll out the dough. 

I thought that I could use a little star cookie cutter and just cover the top in stars.  But even that proved unsuccessful.  So in the end, it looks like a crumble topping.  But it's not.  That's actually pie dough in tiny pieces.  And a few stars in the middle.  Whatever, it tasted great and that's all that truly matters I suppose.

I made up the filling recipe as I went along so I can't really offer details on that.  But basically, I used a lot of sugar (my cherries were tart baking cherries- not the kind you buy in the grocery store to eat- though I did eat many of them because I thought they tasted fantastic), cornstarch, dash of vanilla and dash of almond extracts.  The fruit is still quite tart.  If I every do this again, I will add more sugar.  Or at least look up some sort of recipe.  But I actually loved the sweet of the crust and tart of the cherry filling so I was quite pleased with myself.

For dinner I made up a pad thai-ish recipe that was yummy but needs tweaking before I recommend it to y'all.  And for my breakfast meeting today, I made my very favorite muffin recipe.  I used mostly my gf flour blend mixed with sorghum and flax meal and soy milk though.  But that's really not important.  These are just sooo yummy!  They taste like a cinnamon roll in muffin form.  Mmmm!

So in review...I hardly left my house this weekend due to my stupidity on Friday.  But I did make good use of my time by filling my kitchen with the yummiest smells.  So it wasn't a total loss.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Too Nekkid

I was recently at a conference with college students and during one session, I mentioned to my table that I google myself often.  They looked at me bewildered.  All of them- collegians and advisors alike.  So I went on to explain that there are all sorts of creepy websites who troll cyberspace to seek out any and all info about you.  Then they put it on their websites.  So every few months, I google my name and find these creeper websites and then take the time to remove my information.  It's not difficult but it does take time.  You have to email the sites and request that your information is removed.  But do note that it will be back up there again.  So this is a never-ending process.

Most still looked at me with an "oh I feel so sorry for the crazy lady who thinks she is some big thing online" smirk.  But then a few whipped out their smart phones and googled themselves.  And proclaimed that they were all over the internet.  Hello, I know, thankyouverymuch!

I just recently remembered that before blogging and Facebook, I used Myspace.  So I went on there (had to have my password sent to me because it had been eons since my last visit) and just cancelled myself altogether.  If you are not using something like that, please be sure to cancel it. 

We are all just so exposed these days with all of the social media tools weaving in and out of our daily routines.  It's fun to connect with friends globally at the speed of light (or speed of a slow blackberry that needed to be upgraded a year ago...whichever your case may be).  But it's also important to be aware of how over-exposed we all are.  A little nekkid sometimes!

Oh and if you are applying for any sort of job/school/program/organization/anything, lock your business down, girls!  The very first thing that happens when your resume/application/name comes across any sort of desk-like object is a google and Facebook search.  I promise this to be true!

So for those of y'all who don't stalk your own might want to hop on board my crazy train.  Just be prepared to be a little uneasy finding your life-long details on page after page. 

The girl you only know via blogging.  And sometimes Facebook.  Oh and Twitter.  Geeze...see the problem I've gotten myself into...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Settled And I Don't Like It

I started thinking about a few aspects of my life and have come to the ( did I not see it...more like I've been ignoring the truth) conclusion that I have really settled.  Not everywhere.  But there are several areas that I guess I sort of gave up or accepted mediocre as my standard.

I don't like it.  I mean, what's to like about mediocre (though I do have a theory on this tid bit...coming soon to a preppy blog near you)?  It's so flippin' blah.  Ew.

This is a result of several things.  First, just pure laziness.  Second, fear.  And third, the notion that something is better than nothing.

So I am left with a lazy, fearful life filled with so many nothings that they barely equal a something.

Or sort of.  I don't mean that I have settled in all facets of my being.  That's not true at all actually.  When I set a standard, I am a stubborn ole ox. 

But it's time to recognize my mistakes, turn them into lessons and get this show I call life on the road.  I'm tired of just OK.  It's doesn't fancy me, my friends.  Time to cut the fat and find my bliss!

Today I have a lot of work to do.  But this evening, I promise to fit in a little workout (to try to cut a little of the literal fat) and a come-to-Jesus-this-is-my-life-now-what-do-I-really-want-it-to-look-like planning session.

Veggie Cakes : Carrot and Radish

I love veggie cakes. Of course, potato latkes are one of the world's best food creations ever. But really, mush anything into a little cake and I will probably love it. Zucchini is another summer winner.

They are so easy, relatively healthy and so versatile. Really, what's not to love?!

I had a few radishes left in a bag that needed to be used or tossed. Being one who dislikes throwing away good food, I came up with this little ditty. Oh it's so yummy, y'all! Don't be me.

Carrot and Radish Cakes

* Veggies (in this case half a bag of small radishes and a few handfuls of baby carrots)

* Flour (I use Better Batter but any flour will do)
* Seasoning (I used salt, pepper, onion power, garlic powder and freshly grated nutmeg)
* Salt
* Splash or two of water
* Oil

* Grate veggies in food processor. Don't they look so pretty!

* Place grated veggies in colander and toss with a bit of Kosher salt. Let sit a while to drain excess water. If you are in a hurry like I usually am, after a few minutes, squeeze water out of veggies with hands. Discard the liquid as it is very salty.

* In a bowl, mix a few tablespoons of flour (The amount will depend on how much of the veggie mush you are making into cakes. Just eyeball it.) and seasonings. Season VERY well or the cakes will taste too bland.
* Add drained veggies. Mix well.
* Add a splash or two of water to get the mixture to stick together. Again...eyeball it.
* Form patties.
* Place a few tablespoons of plain flour on a plate. Coat each little cake in flour.
* Heat veggie or olive oil in a pan. I just used a few tablespoons- just enough to coat the bottom of cakes. But I imagine if you like to fry things, it would be delish that way too.

* Cook cakes on medium until golden on both sides.
* Enjoy plain or with sour cream or apple sauce.

And I ended my evening with a clafouti.  Actually, I made it both gluten and dairy free by using soy milk.  Which isn't my favorite to drink but I had a box in the pantry than I needed to use up eventually.  So the good news is that I didn't taste a difference, but the bad news is that the whole thing was an epic fail.  I feel it's only right for me to share my kitchen failures on here too.  I thought I followed the recipe exactly but clearly that was not the case.  I ended up cooking it for twice the time and it still turned into this pudding mush.  Thankfully it was just me and I did in fact enjoy a strange bowl of warm purple blueberry pudding.  And it tasted great.  But looked bizarre.  After looking at the recipe it just occurred to me that I never added the eggs.  Ah-ha!  At least I do now know what went wrong.

So there you have it.  A happy success and a super flop.  Just another night at the casa de crocodile.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Symbol Of Summer : Hydrangeas

I first fell in love with hydrangeas when I went to my cousin's wedding somewhere around the age of 13.  She had ginormous bouquets of white hydrangeas and I was just in awe.  I'd never before seen them but fell in love right then and there.  I remember carrying a bouquet home with me from North Pole, NY to Fort Lalaland, FL and every person stopped to compliment me on the flowers in the airports.  The remained dried (back before I grew grossed out by dead dried flowers) in my bedroom for years.  J'adore!

I can't grow them in my tiny full sun yard, but my friends all have volumes of hydrangeas around their homes.  Where I just sit and swoon.  I walk the dog past a particular house every evening simply so that I can have a glance at the most brilliant bush of fuchsia pink hydrangeas!  They just mesmerize me.

So last night I ran up to a friend's house for a quick little visit, complimented her flowers and then she insisted I cut an armful to take home.  Well if you insist!

So this...

Became this....

I should have taken a quick pic of them on my dresser because they look even prettier.  Aren't they stunning?! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bakery Dust

This is what happens when you buy your flour in 25lb bags.  I should have taken a self portrait to show you how I was just covered in flour.  This should keep me baking for a while!

Loving Right Now

Makes me feel like I'm sipping 'ritas at the beach even though I live near the mountains...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies : Now and Later Too

I made the most delicious chocolate chip cookies last night!  Really, is there any better smile-maker than a hot out of the oven chocolate chip cookie?  Mmmm!

For a change, I made these almost exactly as the directions state here.  Ha.  But this recipe is truly so fantastic and I am thrilled with the results.  D-lish! 

I know I've mentioned this before but I can't tell you enough how much I recommend this tiny tip.  You see the tray of dough balls?  I actually pulled that out of the freezer for the photo op.  You see, when I make cookies, I make only a few at a time.  The rest of the dough is frozen into balls on a cookie sheet.  Once frozen for a bit, I toss them into a big zip top baggie that's kept in the freezer door. 

This serves several purposes.  First, it prevents me from eating an entire batch of cookies by myself.  Because I would!  Second, it allows me to make every cookie a hot from the oven treat.  When I want to bake one or two or an entire batch, I just take them directly from the freezer and bake them as normal.  No defrosting needed.  So if I want to bake just one...I do!  And third, it makes for a quick and easy treat for unexpected moments.  Friends pop in for a visit or a someone is having a bad day...just bake a few cookies!

I use an ice cream scooper but need to find something smaller.  As much as I love a giant cookie, I need to not eat giant cookies!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Best Banana Bread Goes Gluten Free

I know it seems like I have been in the kitchen all week...and perhaps I have been a bit more than usual.  But really I am just trying to make a better effort to blog recipes I like so that they are handy for future use.  Like many of y'all, I keep this blog for my own purposes.  The fact that I've made so many dear friends is a truly unexpected, happy bonus. 

So I made my Best Banana Bread Recipe the other night and simply used gluten free flour instead.  Changed nothing else- no measurements were changed.  I typically use Better Batter but decided to use up the bag of Bob's Red Mill lingering in my pantry.  But truly, whatever flour you chose, gluten full or gluten free, this is such a fabulous recipe. 

This is proof that you can still eat so many of your favorite gluten filled yummies when gluten free because you can't even taste the difference with the GF flour.  Soooo yum-o!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Week In Photos

Wow...what a week, America!  I think we all need a weekend after all the happenings around our fine nation this week.

She look like she's aged 25 years here.  My guess is that she will be free this weekend.

This hot mess has a new reality show.  Though I don't think she is any worse for doing so than any of the other gazillions of Z list celebs on similar shows too.

Sad that this is the last one today.  But I honestly think it's the right move.  It will push the program to newer and better in the future!

So excited to watch this interview!  I just think Jaycee Dugard is the most amazing woman!!

This might be my favorite photo of them ever.  Wills is really working that shirt and hat!

What's not to love about these two cuties?!  Welcome to America!

Images from

Again, A Lilly Pulitzer Fail

Ugh...I fought so stinkin' hard to get a little Lilly Pulitzer love for myself on Ruelala.  And was elated when the dress showed up days later.  But the joy was short-lived. 

I have lost a bit of weight.  But not an inch of that has been in my chest (unfortunately!).  This dress is ginormous on me.  Like two of me can fit in here.  It is just huge up top.  The sleeves are so big that you can see...well everything the good Lord gave me.

So it is sadly going back to Rue.  I really really love the print but it really would need to be totally taken apart to fit properly and I am just not willing to go there.

Muscles Fried Rice...ish

So this isn't exactly a true fried rice recipe.  More like a gentle nod in that direction.  With strange elements. Whatever, give me the benefit of doubt here.  Have I ever lied about a recipe?

OK so confession, it was an experiment.  And before I took a bite, I said out loud that it might be really weird.  But it was actually delicious.  Like I hate half the pan, delicious. 

Muscles Fried Rice

* 3 eggs
* dash of milk
* 1/2 bag frozen spinach
* 1/2 bag frozen sugar snap peas  (or whatever green veggies you have on hand)
* rice
* frozen muscles (or another protein that you have on hand), defrosted
* Salt and Pepper to taste
* Seasoning to taste (I added a dash of both onion and garlic powder)

* Whisk eggs and dash of milk in bowl.  Add to hot pan and make soft scrambled eggs.  Remove from pan while still very soft- as in they are just barely cooked.

See...veggies are still frozen.  I should be call the lazy chef!

* Add a bit of EVOO to pan and then add your frozen veggies. 
* After everything comes to temperature, add muscles and rice. Add egg.  Mix well to make sure everything is incorporated.  This is why you wanted to take the eggs out while soft- they will cook a bit more at this point in the process.
* Add salt, pepper and any desired seasoning to taste.

I know it doesn't look like much and it is certainly not company worthy.  But it's really really tasty, fully of veggies, and super quick. 

Yup, that whole spend time making chicken and rice to use later business is really panning out!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Help: How Do You Slice A Brownie?

I have a problem, y'all!  And it's getting pretty serious.  It's a long-standing problem with no end in sight.  I need help.  One of those creepy music TV interventions.

I still, at the age of 30-something, do not know how the heck one properly slices a brownie.

There, I admitted it.  It's in writing.  For all the world to see.  I feel both nervous and a sense of relief. 

On the Fourth of July, I made a batch of the best brownies ever.  Not best gluten free brownies.  No, these are seriously the best brownies EVER.  That just happen to also be gluten free.  I make them with two eggs, instead of three, per the directions for the desired fudgy brownie.  Because even though I don't overly love cake or chocolate, I LOVE a good fudgy brownie.  With walnuts if I have them on hand, please!

But regardless of what brownie mix or recipe I use (and I have tried gazillions over the years), I just cannot seem to neatly slice them.  Mine always always look all clumpy and lumpy.  No sharp edges. 

I follow directions.  Mostofthetime.  And I do wait until they have fully cooled to slice them.  Mostofthetime.  I use a sharp knife.  I've even tried spritzing EVOO spray on the knife.  As well as hot water and cold water.  I use non-stick pans, non-stick spray on the bottom as directed, and nice squares.

This was honestly the nicest of the batch.  They are rarely this square-ish.

So help a prep out, sweet friends.  How the heck do you slice a brownie and make it look...well not like this.  Because as amazing as these taste, they also fit into my "not for company" category due to their Picasso-esque nature.

They do taste damn good though!

Roasted Chick Peas

Three words I never thought I would use in the same sentence!  I didn't eat chick peas (also called garbanzo beans) until fairly recently.  It was a purely texture issue, as I LOVE hummus.  And I make hummus frequently.  Because really, it tastes just so much better and is a fraction of the price when you just make it at home.

But today, I have to tell you about another fairly new snacky obsession of mine.  I ripped a similar recipe out of a magazine two years ago.  But as is frequently the case when I tear little bits out of magazines, it got lost in the great abyss of my "to be filed" pile of papers sitting on top of the filing cabinet.  So I googled and found gazillions of other similar recipes.  You can really add any flavoring to these.  But this time I stuck to my favorite savory flavor.  Old Bay!

No one can claim to be an east coast girl (or guy) if they are not a lover of the famous yellow tin.  It's not just for crab.  I use it on everything.  Eggs, potatoes, seafood, chicken and of course, roasted chick peas.

This recipe is crazy simple.  It's also dirt cheap.  A can of chick peas at my grocery store runs under a buck.  Actually I probably got these cans for nearly free with coupons.  I tend to do things like that.  Very healthful.  And you can use any flavor combination.  My only warning is to remember that they are also known as garbanzo beans.  And in they are, in actuality, a BEAN.  That's my hint hint to not eat the entire tray by yourself the first day.  No lady wants to say excuse me because she ate an entire can of beans in one sitting.  Catch my drift?  (I swear this blog is reaching new lows each year.) 

Roasted Chick Peas

* 1 can of chickpeas
* 1 1/2 tablespoons EVOO, divided
* Kosher salt
* 1/2 tsp. Old Bay (or seasoning of choice)
* 2 tbls. brown sugar (optional)

* Drain and rinse chick peas in cold water to remove the slimy water.  Dry well on paper towels or clean kitchen towel.  Gently dry on top with second towel- taking care not to crush the beans. 

* While drying, the outer skin might come off.  Just pick the skins out and discard.  It is not necessary to remove the skins but I go ahead and discard those that come lose while rubbing dry.  They look sort of gross...just fair warning.

* Once completely dry, place beans on cookie sheet.  Add 1 tbls. EVOO and toss well with hands to ensure even coverage.

* Place in middle of oven preheated to 400 for @40 mins.

* While baking, mix seasonings and 1/2 tbls. EVOO in bowl.

* Pour hot peas into seasoning mix and toss gently to coat well.  Then transfer them back to the cookie sheet to cool off.  Once completely cool, store in air tight container for up to one week.  I use a slotted spoon to dust off the excess seasoning mixture.

* Double and triple as desired.

Once finished roasting, you can taste for seasoning and add more if desired.  They make the best little snack.  Very crunchy and yummy!  Enjoy.


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