Monday, February 28, 2011

More Free Goodies

Y'all seemed to like the last few freebies that I posted about so here are a few more for you this week.  I'd act fast though when printing out coupons as they tend to get taken down when they reach a certain print amount.

So I am in love with this Nieva lippy stuff.  The light blue is my favorite as it has SPF and is unscented.  But really, they are all great.  Regularly retail for $2.99.  But are on sale this week at Rite-Aid for $1/each. 

If you go here to Nieva's Facebook page, like them and then print out the coupon for $2/2, you can score TWO for FREE at Rite-Aid this week.  Again, act fast as both coupons and products tend to run out quickly.

Have a headache?  Go to Target's coupon page and print out the coupon for $3/1 Excedrin.  Then go here and print off a manufacturer coupon for $1/1.  Use both to score TWO totally FREE (remember you can print these things twice- just hit back page after the first starts to print) boxes of Excedrin this week at Target.

I am going to be able to get several boxes of the Excedrin this week and doubt I will keep any of it.  I just don't have a big need for four boxes.  But food banks will gladly accept such donations.  I figure if it costs me nothing more than printing a few coupons and $0.08 tax, that's a pretty big bang for my buck, donation-wise.  I recently read a coupon blogger (male) talk about how he used to throw away the coupons for feminine hygiene products.  But then he had a conversation with a (female) friend who said something to the effect of "can you imagine not being able to afford food and then also not being able to take care of your monthly mother nature visit?!"  That had a big impact on me as I had never before thought that way.  So now I make a point to pick up items like this that really are life necessities to add to my donation box.  If I can get them for free or nearly free...why the heck not?  My donations are small. A box here and three boxes there.  But I figure we all have to start somewhere.  So I really encourage you to consider taking advantage of some of these coupon freebies, even if you won't use them.  Someone else in your own community might truly need them!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ruelala Credit!

If you are not yet a member of Ruelala, NOW is the time to join.  It's free.  Actually, it's better than free because if you join between now and March 03, new members will receive a $10 credit!

What is Ruelala?  It's fabulous, that's what!  I have scored some great Lilly Pulitzer pieces at amazing prices over the years.  The sell great brands to members only and for small periods of time.  Tory Burch, Vera Wang, Kate Spade, Lacoste and much more.  Not just clothing either.  Shoes, bags, linens and even cruises!  But mostly clothing and fashion accessories.

It takes about 60 seconds to sign up.  So click HERE to get started and to get your $10 credit.  (applies to new members only)  And get ready to fall in love with a crazy fun shopping site.

Dear Jilly Bean,

Today you are as calm as a clam and ignoring all the fuss about you.  You are talking and smiling and forgetting to eat.  Slipping into the world's most stunning wedding dress and fixing your hair in the mirror.  Your family is fussing and you are just taking in the moment.  Marc is thinking of everything and then some.  And Belle is making you giggle.  Probably at Marc buzzing about, worrying about every last detail that you never knew mattered.  But it turns out those little details might actually be mighty in the end.  Maybe.

The weather is perfect and warm.  The sky is full of sunshine and bright blue.  And the water sparkles like diamonds.  You are surrounded by the best people on the planet.  Warm fuzzies, laughter and margaritas.  A truly excellent combination.

Your dad is weepy and thrilled at the same time.  And Wade is far more excited and emotional that he will ever admit. 

You are stunning.  Glowing.  Perfection.

You are dancing the night away and still forgetting to eat.  It's OK though because no food is necessary on Cloud Nine.  Forever is finally today.  And tomorrow you can eat and drink like a Queen without a worry in the world.

I am so sorry to miss your special day.  Truly heartbroken over the matter.  But I am sending you BIG hugs and buckets of love.  You are one of my favorite people and very best friends.  I can't wait to see your week in photographs soon. 

Mazel tov and grandest wishes for a fabulous forever with your Mister Right!  I love you!


Thursday, February 24, 2011


Nothing says conservative court attire like a slinky white spandex dress.

It's terribly wrong of me, but I feel a little bit of joy every time Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton go to jail.  I know...decorating my hand basket now.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank You

Y'all are too sweet.  I almost didn't blog about my birthday because I didn't want to make you think I was begging for well wishes.  But I am so glad that I did because your sweet words just made my dark day brighter.  If there is only one day a year when I am certifiable, it's my birthday.  But this year I did a pretty good job of keeping the blues at bay.

I slept in a bit, much to Sadie's dismay.  Then I took the day off and went out and about.  I got a second pair of jeans with the coupon I blogged about two days ago.  For a whopping $8 after the coupon and I LOVE them!  I am between sizes right now so they are on the big side.  But the next size down was snug.  And since I am not actively doing a darn thing to reduce my poundage (just being honest with y'all), I figured I should go for comfort.  They are perfect!  This is a great week for free coupon deals, which give me a strange and unexplainable high.  So I planned to make today the day when I went around snagging those deals and a few other little somethings along the way.  As lame as that sounds, I actually had a ball.  It was a cold but super sunny day, which goes a long way to put me in a better mood.  And I never listen to the radio mid-day so I have no idea if this is always true or if it was just yesterday, but the music is so much more fun at noon than at 8 AM or PM.  I have no shame when it comes to singing like a fool in the car.  Oh and I went to the grand opening of our brand new Hobby Lobby!  I am so excited to finally have this southern gem this far north.  I ended my day going to dinner with a close girlfriend- fish tacos and flan at my favorite local Mexican hole in the wall.  And came home to a lovable puppy, a zillion sweet notes on Facebook and Glee.  All in all, it was a pretty good birthday.  Very few tears shed.  A major improvement for me.  Growing up is hard to do at any age but amazing friends who love me really make my life so cheerful!

So thank you so much for being such awesome friends!  Y'all rock!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Add Another Year

Contrary to what your school schedule and wall calendar state, today, the 22nd, is actually President George Washington's birthday.  As well as Drew Barrymore.  And a particular Pink Crocodile. 

Though I am not happy about it, I am officially another year older. It's not the getting older that makes me blue. 20 years from now I will think this age was young and fun. It's the not being where I want to be as far as the rest of my life is concerned. Marriage, baby carriage and the like. But it is what it is and today, I inch my way into a new year. Kicking and screaming a little bit. But whatever. I am trying very very hard not to cry like a baby and pull up my big girl britches and be a grown up about the matter. Trying being the key word, of course!

Wishing and hoping and praying and dreaming.  I kid.  Sort of.  But seriously, isn't this frog prince cake adorable? 

The two above are my favorite random internet finds.  So simple yet beautiful.  Cheers to another year!

Monday, February 21, 2011

FREE (Or Nearly Free) Jeans!

The next few weeks will be hairy for me.  Just like last year around this time.  But I had to pop on here to tell you to hurry over to the Target coupon site.  There is a great coupon listed, that likely will not be there very long, for $5 off denim.  Target just did a bunch of big mark downs and there are jeans currently priced as low as $4.98.  If you use the coupon, you can score FREE jeans.  I bought a pair of jeggings today for less than $5, after the coupon.  It's the perfect excuse to buy a pair of fun jeans!  Even if you don't find anything you like, it would be so awesome to snag a few pairs of free jeans and donate them to a local charity.  You can print up to two coupons per printer.

I have bragged about a few of my latest and greatest coupon deals and many of you have asked me how. Well I am really new to this couponing stuff, so I am not yet comfortable giving you a how to review. I want to really figure things out on my own first. But as long as you are headed to Target for FREE (or nearly free in my case) jeans, here is another awesome deal.

Also print from the Target coupon page the $1.50 off one 10 count Finish Quantum. It's fancy pants dish washing stuff. They normally sell for $4.49 a box or more in some stores. I would NEVER buy stuff like this before I started couponing. But if you also go here and print off the coupon for $1 off one, you have the makings of an awesome deal. Because they are on sale this week for $2.50.  (The sale was unmarked in my store but I scanned it in the little red thingy and it indeed verified the sale price.) You are allowed to use one Target store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per transaction. So used the $1.50 Target store coupon AND the $1 manufacturer coupon to score FREE fancy pants dish washing tabs.  Again, even if you don't need them yourself, they would be a great donation or even a nice addition to a housewarming gift basket.

Now if you print two of each coupon (you are allowed two prints per printer- after the first starts printing, hit the back button to print a second time), you will need to do TWO transactions at Target.  Meaning you will need to pay for your FREE jeans and FREE Finish tabs and then rinse, wash and repeat doing it again with your second pair of jeans and second box of Finish tabs.  Because you are only allowed to use one Target coupon, per item, per transaction.  Make sense?  Don't hesitate to ask questions if I am not being clear.

So there you go. Four FREE things are waiting for you at your local Target (you will still need to pay tax). Go forth and coupon!

**NOTE:  You are never allowed to photo copy coupons, even those printed online.  It's important that we all play by the rules.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Deodorant Money Maker

Run, don't walk, to your nearest Rite-Aid. Or two because the first store I went to was sold out. But lucky for me they are on the same road so it's not a big deal to try a few.

I only use two brands of deodorant. I have super sensitive skin and that is not an area you want to be itchy. One of those chosen brands is Dove, regularly priced at $3.49/each. Which just so happens to be on sale at Rite-Aid this week. Selling for 2/$4. PLUS you then earn $2+UpRR when you buy two. And I had coupons from the newspaper a few weeks back.

So I bought FOUR things of my favorite deodorant at 2/$4. Then I used my four $2/1 coupons. Bringing my total to zero plus tax, $0.63. That's my total for FOUR deodorants.

But it gets better! Because for every two your purchase, you earn $2+UpRR (basically it's like funny money that is only good in Rite-Aid) to use on anything my heart desires (outside of prescriptions) in the next few weeks.

So instead of paying $15.07 (regular price plus 8% tax), I paid out of pocket $0.63 and then earned $4+UpRR. It's like being PAID $0.84 for each deodorant I took home!

Making money off of products I use daily is enough to convince anyone that there is no shame in being a coupon-aholic! LOVE it!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Piers Morgan,

You are a terrible interviewer. 

Now in all fairness, I thought Larry King was also a terrible interviewer and never understood why people fawned over him for so long past his prime.  He was condescending and rarely bothered to get people's names right.  Even after they corrected him eight times.

But you are in many ways the total opposite.  You are a kiss ass.  Sucking up and drooling over guests.  But then you cut people off and don't let them answer your questions.  I don't think you intend to be rude, though it totally is.  I just think you love to hear your own voice. 

It doesn't matter because the bottom line is that I do not approve.  Given my long-standing disapproval of Larry King and Katie Couric (though I do like her and watch her now- but ask Bestie, I completely disliked her on the Today Show), I'm sure your job is solid for the next decade. 

But seriously, you are not good at your job.  In my clearly very humble opinion.

Not a fan,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dropping The Middle "R"

I recently learned that elementary schools are no longer (or rarely) teaching kids to write in cursive.  And only teaching handwriting basics.  Because everything is done on the computer.  Even for little kids.

I find this horrifying on several levels.

I mean, I was forced to learn calculus and the anatomy of a frog and how to drop a damn egg and I promise you that not a single one of those lessons proved valuable in my adult life.  My blackberry has a calculator.  I can't tell you the last time I even saw a frog and feel confident that I will not be performing surgery on Kermit in the near future.  Or ever.  And my eggs come in a recyclable carton from the grocery store.

Life is full of seemingly pointless lessons.  If I had to learn it, they should have to learn it too.

And isn't handwriting always going to be important on some level?  We are always going to need to write some things.  What happens if you write a grocery list and then can't read said list when you get to the grocery market? 

And I assume if no one is teaching handwriting, we should just forget about thank you letters, right?

I wonder what else kids aren't learning because of computers.  I think I'm glad that computers weren't a big part of my life until college.  We did have one growing up but most people did not.  I didn't use email regularly until I was a few years into college.  (late 90's)  Oh sure, it's is main and preferred method of communication these days.  I have like five email addresses and can check them all from my blackberry at any time.  But I can also write a lovely and legible birthday card, thank you note and grocery list. 

No, I will never need to drop eggs from stadium bleachers.  But I write out a grocery list each and every week. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Forgive Me Bloggers, For I Have Sinned

i said i would be right back and then...crickets.  a big fatty liar.  i really thought january was going to be a super slow month for me.  and it was business-wise.  but every other corner of my life got busy on my booty.  holy's february!  so let me confess a few completely embarrassing things to y'all.  i'm blushing but they are true.  and so just "me" that i know you will understand and laugh. 

* i have yet to finish, let alone mail, some of my christmas gifts.  and none of them are wrapped yet.  i seriously cannot believe december is over.  scratch that.  i cannot believe another december is less than 10 months away.  where did the time go?  we are 1/12 finished with 2011. 

* i had a job interview last week.  i told you i am shaking things up in 2011.  making changes.  gettin' jiggy with it.  well that morning i didn't feel great.  i had a little tummy bug the night before actually.  but there aren't many days when i don't have some sort of stomach issue.  that's why i gave up gluten.  most of the time i just go about my day and ignore the discomfort.  but this was an actual bug.  legit.  up most of the night.  but like most of these things, it came on and left fairly quickly.  so by the time i went to the interview in late afternoon, i was feeling fine.  and wasn't nervous at all for the interview either.  i actually love interviews, first dates, and sorority recruitment.  they are all the same.  you just talk about yourself and act polite.  no easier task in the world.  cake.  so i went in and had a great interview.  i really liked the interviewer and totally dig the organization so it was fun.  good conversation.  i left.  got in my car, turned on the heat, took a deep breath and....threw up!  less than two minutes after leaving the interview.  if i had talked for two more minutes i would have been in the interviewer's office!  now before you scream in horror, it wasn't some b movie scene.  it was a small quantity, entirely rescued by my scarf.  that is thankfully machine washable.  but still.  it is what it is.  and it ain't purdy, that's for damn sure.  i was mortified.  it was dark and after hours and i am positive that no one saw anything.  but still.  the funny thing is that i really did feel ok before and after the "incident."  i also didn't get the job.  but i was at peace with that.  i knew i rocked the interview but also knew it wasn't the right position for me.  i can't explain why.  i'm odd.  but at peace.  and keeping food down nicely now too.

* as you well know, i worship diet coke.  well my true love and passion is actually mcdonald's diet coke because their special recipe (they really do have their own recipe for those who are doubting me) is ah-maz-ing.  i don't indulge very often but it really is my happy place somewhere in the middle of that good ice and big straw cup of fake color brown bubbly rot my insides liquid goodness.  but i like to keep caffeine free diet coke on hand at home for days when i have a "need."  cvs was having a sale so i stocked up.  like the junkie i am.  but the day i was bringing the coughfivecough cases inside (this will last me all winter so don't leave comments about me and my bad diet.  i'm fine.  it's caf free.  it was on sale.  i eat my veggies.  relax max.), it was snowing and slippery.  which is a fairly permanent state lately.  grumble!  but i digress.  coke.  bringing it inside.  five cases.  and a girl who wanted to bring those, plus groceries, inside in two trips.  so the last trip i had groceries and then three cases of pop shoved under my arms and well, this is not earth shattering.  everyone has carried crap from a car to a house.  visualize.  i went about my evening.  thought nothing of it. 

until i woke up the next day with pain down my left side.  i figured i slept funny and ignored it.  are you sensing a pattern in my personal medical assessment here?  ignore is always my first method of treatment.  i'm like the opposite of a hypochondriac.  whatever that might be.  anyway, i went about my day.  it was a busy day and about 4 pm i realized this was more serious.  i was in actual, wincing as a try to take deep breaths pain.  not being able to breathe is kind of not great, right?  it hurt like heck.  so i went home and got in bed in the only position that was sort of comfortable.  i had a girls night planned but that got cancelled the night before.  then i was invited to dinner that afternoon but clearly had to bail due to my inability to sit upright.  bummer.  so fast forward several days i am still have some pain.  but it is much much better compared to where it started.  if it wasn't improving i would have gone to the doctor.  i promise.  i've had to sleep on my back, which i loathe.  yet another reason i should never get prego.  but i can, for the most part, breathe normally now.  always a good thing.  and my bending is getting much better. 

you are probably wondering why i told you that dumb diet coke story, right?  well the only thing i can come up with that could have caused me to do whatever it is that i did (pull a muscle or bruise my side or a rib?  is that even possible?) is carrying the cases of pop under my arms on my left side.  i know it was that side as the railing to the stairs is on the right.  and after i fell down the stairs last summer, i am like a little old lady going up and down stairs.  i hold on to that rail for dear life.  it had to have been my addiction to diet coke and unwillingness to make an extra trip to bring in the diet coke that caused days worth of serious pain. 

the moral is, buying pop on sale isn't always a great deal in the end.  oh you thought my life lesson would be to drink more water?  pish posh...have we met?  seriously.

* after two days inside, i was out of my mind stir crazy.  so i decided to celebrate feeling a bit better by taking a little drive.  to mcdonald's for a diet coke.  (it's been an odd week but i really do go weeks at a time without drinking anything that bubbles.  usually.)


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