Friday, February 26, 2010

A Birthday Fairy Tale

This is from a card that Georgia sent me this week for my birthday. I thought it was too cute not to share. Made me laugh out loud, anyway....

A Birthday Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a princess who was like a size four or something. She could eat and drink whatever she wanted and always stayed really skinny and had flat, firm abs even though she never went to the gym. Every time she tried on jeans, the very first pair fit perfectly and made her butt look amazing. She lived in a great big, beautiful castle with her handsome, multimillionaire husband, who was busy all the time buying her giant diamonds, taking her to Hawaii, giving her foot massages, and telling her how beautiful she was.

One day, she was eaten by a dragon and no one cared.

The end.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Is She With Him?

Does anyone else keep up with the Kardashians? When they first became a TV show, I didn't know who they were or why I should keep up with them. And while I am still not entirely clear on how they became celebrities, I admit that I have watched about 75% of their shows. And don't you dare judge me. I read your blogs and see how many of you watch The Herpes (aka The Hills) and Polygamist Porn (aka The Bachelor). Anyway, I don't really understand all the "characters" on the Kardashian show but I can't turn away. I like a little trash TV now and then. There, I said it!

So what in the world is Kourtney's deal? Clearly the girl has self-love issues that require vast amounts of therapy and Zoloft. The Scott guy is just the scuzziest of all humans. He's so selfish and just so ick. She's beautiful and educated and driven and cute. And he's just a big slime ball. Kourtney, I can get past your name being spelled with K, but for the love of your cute baby, drop that bad habit before its too late.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Power Of Thank You

The past few years have been rough for me as a sorority advisor. Ha....Bestie is laughing at that understatement. I've wanted to quit for the majority of the past two (or more) years. But something kept me going. A good friend who is a fellow advisor, a sweet moment that makes me think I can make a difference, a very successful Recruitment, or a variety of other little moments. And a lot of guilt knowing that if I leave the team, my responsibilities will fall to people who already have more than they can handle right now.

My team is made up of a group similar to every other I've been a part of in life: one or two who are big time doers, one or two who do more than others, and then several who show up 50% of the time at best but never do an ounce extra knowing that the big time doers will of course do it all when needed. I know y'all can all relate as it is the same in every Junior League, sorority, church, charity board, alum committee, community club, etc. And many of us are in the "big time doer" category. We have been since birth. It's just who we are. So we do what we do because it's within our souls to it. But it's exhausting much of the time to do your job plus pick up the slack of others. I mean, this isn't my only gig. This is a volunteer position. A thankless job that I do because I have a passion for my (and all, for that matter) sorority and the potential these women posses. They are so incredibly smart and talented and motivated and exceptional. But they can infuriate and exhaust me too!

Until this past September, my four year mark doing this job, not one single time had I been thanked. Not once! Clearly I don't do this to make friends or get praise. But then after our amazing(and newly altered) Recruitment was over, one lovely young lady said thank you to me. I nearly fell over and started to cry. It was a brief moment but one of the most outstanding moments in my tenure as an advisor. They don't hate me (all the time) and they do know (sometimes) that I am there because I care for and love them so dearly!

Then this semester happened. Started out great. My exec officers are truly incredible! One of the strongest teams I've ever had! But the good was not to stick around too long of course. Chaos ensued. Due to the university, not the women. I was so stinkin' mad at this school for doing what I felt was so very wrong to my women. I went to bat for them. I always go to bat for them but for whatever reason, they seemed to notice this time. I talked to their parents and other advisors and had meetings with the administration and had our big wigs make calls. And I sat and talked to them ad nauseum. Sister to sister. I didn't solve anything. But they took notice and finally realized that there is big time love in my heart for them. And then the sea parted and the thank you emails started filling up my inbox! They had me in tears. I've talked about them non-stop. Nothing has meant more to me as they were all so genuine and sweet. At the end of this past week, the once impossible happened. The university reversed their decision and my girls (and all the other Greeks too) won the battle! I literally squealed with delight. I did not think this was possible. And with that, more gratitude came my way. I just cannot believe it! Four and half years and I finally feel that I am doing some good with this position. I make mistakes all the time. But I have never felt more passionate about my chapter. I see the difference it is making in my life to feel gratitude and I am making a very concerted effort to reciprocate that towards them. The positive attitude is just such an amazing and motivating change of pace!

Is there someone in your life who has gone above and beyond for you or your group? Has anyone thought to say those two little words of gratitude to them? Two words. A phrase we learn in diapers. But one that is often over-looked in our daily lives. I am nearly in tears just telling the very simplified version of this story. Mind your P's and Q's (and yes I know where that phrase comes from), treat others as you would like to be treated and always remember to say "thank you!"

Kale Chips Take Two

Laura mentioned that she made kale chips and I was intrigued. She claimed they were easy and delish and I'm a big fan of both. So I gave them a go a week or so ago. No photos resulted from that first try. Because in typical KK fashion, I didn't actually use a recipe. I was all, "oh I'm sure I remember what she did and how hard could it be?!" Well it was not difficult but I used too much oil and too much salt so they were oily and salty. Not to the point of being inedible. I ate them all myself. But just in general, not what they were supposed to be. So last night I tried again. This time I googled a recipe and it said to bake them at 350 (about 100 degrees higher than my first time but remember I didn't follow any directions the first time). I used the exact amount of oil and salt and felt it was just too little of both ingredients. Of course, the directions call for a "bunch" of kale. The "bunch" I used the first time and the "bunch" I used last night were vastly different sizes. Last night's bunch was humongo. So after cooking for 12 minutes, I took them out and spritzed them with EVOO spray and added more salt. The tips burned though so I am thinking that temperature is way too high.

Bottom line is that they are good. Look, even Miss Sadie liked them (which surprised the heck out of me but kale is crazy healthy so I gave her a few nibbles). But they are still not "just right," as Goldilocks would say. Not that it stopped me from munching away while watching the Olympics (my current obsession!). A great healthy alternative snack for TV or movie watching!

Does anyone know what tomorrow is? It's the day I turn yet another year older. Hmph! I'm trying hard to deal with it. Cross your fingers that my Monster Mother doesn't decide to stalk me on my day. I'd say my chances are 50-50 at best though.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Last week, I made this pie. But forgot to show you. I mean, after my week, we're all just lucky I am dressed. I thought it was pretty, though. Oh and it was super delish too! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on if you are looking at my sad face or my waistline), no more pie or sweet treats until Easter rolls to town. I'm not handling my absence of sugar very well so far. Which proves to me that I really have become addicted to crap food lately (not that pie is crappy- it was made by me from start to finish- but in general I am a lover of all things sugary and sticky and starting with Twiz and ending with ler). Bye bye yummy pie!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why I Shouldn't Do Important Things Before A Shower

Man alive, I am a royal idiot sometimes! A natural blonde, if you will. Let me explain the last 24 hours....

I had a vet appointment first thing Tuesday morning. But I woke up with all kinds of sinus issues and drippiness so I called to reschedule. I called from bed. I had been up since much earlier with my drippy and stuffy issues and just knew I couldn't handle sitting in the vet for an hour. So when I called, the girl said I could come in today, Wednesday, at 8 or 8:30AM. I thought they didn't let you come in until 9 for non-surgical appointments, but whatever. I took 8:30 and said that I would not only need her glands done but also a shot that was due next week. So she looked up her file and said that she has not had any shots in years and is due for everything under the hot sun. I'm all, no, we are there all the time. I am never a day late with anything having to do with my dog. She kept saying she was due for everything and I kept saying that it was just one shot. Finally she says that I can figure it out when I come in. Fine. I have her paperwork. I know what is due and not due and when.

So I roll out of bed this morning and throw on a headband, sweatshirt and sweat pants. Peel the dog out from under the bed (she knows when we are up early and I head to the back door (car) instead of front door (walk), things are not going to be good) and walk out the door. But then I walked back in the door. Why, you ask? Well I realized that ....and I can't believe I am admitting this to y'all....I forgot to put on a bra! OMG I cannot believe I almost went out into the world sans brazier! Don't worry, I walked right back inside and remedied that near tragedy. Eeeks! So we get to the vet right on time, walk right over to get her weight (remember that we are there at least once a month so I have this routine down to a science), and take a seat. And then I realize we are the only patient in there. Even for the first appointment for the day that is odd. The two vet techs look at me bewildered and say that they don't usually see non surgical patients before 9 but they think a vet might be available to see me. Huh? But I made an appointment. I explained how I re-scheduled and that I would never choose to be up before 8AM (Remember that I don't have kids. Which is a bummer most of the time but a perk is that I rarely have to get my booty out of bed before 8AM.) but they offered me 8 or 8:30 (Thank goodness I chose 8:30, seeing as how this was not going well.). They were like, oh its fine we will find someone to help you. I kept insisting that I am not a walk-in crazy person. I made this appointment like a normal crazy person. So they go to take her back for her glads and I say but I also need her to get this shot. I said that when I made the appointment. What shot? I show them her paperwork. They have to double check with the vet (who was about to go into surgery) but OK it. She gets all set and I chat it up with the front desk vet tech lady. She was super nice and was like, "it's not a big deal, sometimes there are idiots up here at the front desk."

It all still bugged me but I let it go. Until I was about 5 minutes from home. When I got a call from the vet to re-schedule my missed appointment today. WTH?! Um, I was just there. Literally just there. I only left not even 20 minutes ago. She got all her stuff done. We made another appointment for March. Seriously, just left your office. "Really?" She awkwardly said OK and we hung up. Then as I am pulling in the driveway, she calls me again! "Were you at the 8th Street office?" she asks. What? "8th Street?" OMG it hit me! It suddenly all became clear and made perfect sense. That I am certifiably insane!

Here's what happened. When I called to re-schedule on Tuesday morning, I called our old vet in Washington, DC. But I've not lived in DC for more than four years. Which explains them telling me she had not been in for shots in a long ass period of time. It also clears up why my NY vet had no record of my 8:30AM appointment today. I was about in tears laughing at myself! I explained it all to the DC vet office lady and apologized out the wazu. She thought it was funny, thank goodness, and said she was so confused as she was the only person in the office so it made zero sense that I was "just there" and she didn't somehow see me. I wanted to call my NY vet to explain/apologize but I decided that they were busy (people started walking in as I was leaving and they are always crazy busy in there) so I just let it go. But I am sure I will feel guilty for the next month about accusing them of not knowing what I was talking about when I walked in early today.

And the moral of the story my friends, is that I need to make sure I always take a shower before I attempt to do anything of even mild importance in the morning. I am not one of those people who is "ready and rearing to go" when the alarm goes off. I'm the opposite. I hit snooze for as long as possible. I am not awake until I have had a shower. And this whole situation is proof of that long known fact!

Oh, but the dog is fine. Ticked at me for making her go to the vet and giving her a bubble bath but she is healthy and drying off nicely on the sofa.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update On Sadie Kate

I am so sorry that I forgot to update my blog regarding Sadie's nose. Thank you to the moon and back for all of your kind words and thoughts! She is in fact much better. Not completely healed yet, and we've had a few set-backs just when I started saying foolish things like, "she's all better!" But at this point I would venture to say she is 90% better. Which is fantastic! Her nose fur is starting to grow back and she looks adorable of course. We have a vet appointment this morning and I'm hoping they agree on the status of her progress. Its sad that when I only go to the vet once in a month, it's a good month! I swear we are there all the flippin' time! Oh the things we do for our fur babies...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweet Treats

I'm sorry this photo includes the cellophane plastic wrap but I didn't think to snap one until I was walking out the door. This is the desert tray I brought to my Junior League meeting tonight. I knew I wanted to try making heart shaped pies but in fear that they would be a royal disaster, I made red velvet cake balls just in case. Both were a hit- especially the cake balls. I don't like cake but everyone raved about them so I guess they were yummy. I need to work on improving the heart pies. I used a large heart cooking cutter and sealed them up like a big ravioli. They are filled with pie filling I canned this summer - strawberry/peach. And they are tasty. The crust is perfection, if I do say so myself. But they are a little dry because a lot of the filling escaped while cooking. So it's like eating a ton of crust and only a smidgen of filling. I sealed them with melted butter and crimped the edges with a fork. And when the first batch started leaking out, I cut a small slit in the top of the second batch. But they all still leaked. Does anyone know of another technique to seal pies like this? I'd love to figure this out because they make a great pot-luck type desert as they can be eaten without the use of utensils. Always a plus at dinner meetings!

I Love Lilly

There's a great Lilly Pulitzer sale happening right now at Ruelala! I snagged this dress....yeah! But boo that I had another in my cart- one I have been looking for- and between "add to cart" and "check out" it was poof...gone! Big bummer. But one is better than none. They have cute girl dresses too if that's something you might need. So hop on over to Rue and get some Lilly loveliness. And gosh, if you still do not have the skinny on Rue, email me or tell me in a comment (that includes your email address) and I'll send you an invite right away. The sales don't happen often and they last for mere hours it seems, but they are so fantastic!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


So DC is getting buried under a mountain of snow and it is sunny and snow-flake-less here in the North Pole. So odd. But I'm not complaining. I thought y'all might be bored in those snowmagedon states so here is more cute to glance at. I've been very stressed lately and sewing (usually) relaxes me.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ladies Love A Man In A Tie

This is what I made my Godson Jack for Valentine's day. Adorable, right? I think it's pretty cute anyway. I think he'll look rather handsome in it. In my note I told him that ladies love a man in a tie. Because we do.

I made the most of these to add to my etsy shop this weekend.

I think the blue fish Lilly fabric is my favorite. Boy + Lilly = so sweet! Darling any time of year.

This has been a doozy of a week. And it's only Friday. The stress will continue through next week at a minimum. Ahhh! I had crazy high hopes that this year would be different and fabulous and far it bites. Not that I am sitting around all woe is me. I don't have that kind of free time anyway. It is just so busy and stressful and so not how I had hoped it would go. I need a brain vacation- to force myself to turn it all off for a bit.

Oh and my DVD player died. I don't watch movies much but I prefer to workout (when I do workout- which if I am being honest- was not recently) with DVD's. So today, I did the most unfun thing ever. Bought a new DVD player. I seriously cannot think of much that is less fun than buying technology anything. So there were two DVD players by the same maker and offered the same services but one was $10 more than the other. And pink. So I ask the employees (two of them) why the price difference and they started to read the boxes. I'm all, "um I can read the box...they say the same thing." They tell me they "guess" it's because one is pink. OK, great sales tactics. So I say that I am not that dedicated to pink plastic and hand them that one to keep and I accept that black (and less expensive) one. To which they both literally huffed and moaned out loud that I asked them to please take back one of the DVD players. They lived like 20 feet from where we were standing and there was no one else in the store. I didn't ask too much, I don't think. When I worked retail I much preferred to put items away myself as customers never did it to company standard so I would have to re-do it anyway. I was all kinds of polite so I was taken aback when they were all annoyed. Whatever, they took it back. But also fought over which one had to walk the whopping 20 feet to put it away.

I hope y'all enjoy your snow days. Even though I live in the North Pole, we are yet again missing out on the big snows. All the snowflakes are falling south of here. Which makes me nervous. Because it makes me feel like ours is coming. In April. And while I can find ways to enjoy the cold and coziness of a blizzard in January, it is far less charming when the rest of the country is wearing flip flops.

I know it's early but is it terrible to put on my pj's and get into bed and veg out to TV? I hope not because in about 4 minutes, that is what my Friday night will consist of. And as sad as it might be, I'm sooo excited. I'm exhausted!

To Answer Your Question....

Wow, y'all were really curious about the Ralph Lauren in Target sighting yesterday. The Preppy Princess reminded me that she in fact did do a post about this a month ago. I just forgot. Apparently Target is trying to be like or competitive with Costco. Which is fine by me as we don't have a Costco in my area. So what I thought was some de-clutter stock sale section is apparently this new "club store" section. But other than sale signs hanging 20 feet above my eyesight from the ceiling, it didn't indicate (in my T anyway) that this was a new thing. Here is a photo of the Polo for Ralph Lauren shirts. They do have the pony- which I like. Or I like them small like this- just as I like the Lilly palm tree and the Brooks Brothers thingy. The tags were totally normal- no marks or cuts or second signs. Though I think they must be "seconds" as they run long (yeah- I think RL makes their polos far too short for women over the age of 25) and small (I had to ignore my pride and buy a size I've never before worn in an effort to not look like a porn star. I really don't care all that much though and if I did I could always just cut out the size tag.). But other than that, they seem to be no different than what you might find in any other store. In the same bin were sweatshirts and next to it was luggage and lamps and other crap. Sharpie pens in bulk for cheap if you like them. I actually do not. I know, so strange. I am an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie lover all the way I guess. And according to y'all, some T's are also selling Tommy Hilfiger (not my personal favorite brand, but that's just me). Fancy that! So keep those peepers open, friends. Happy bargain shopping!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

For Tootsies At Target

Oh no they didn't! Do you see what I see? Target is knocking off our favorite preppy footwear, Bonannos! Gasp. I sincerely hope this doesn't impact the iconic staple we all adore so much. I don't normally get upset when Target comes out with a new knock off. I am usually thrilled, to be honest. Unless it is one of my brands. Yes, I consider Bonannos and Lilly to be mine. Or ours. So I am not thrilled about this situation. Or the collaboration (and yes, I realize a knock off and a collaboration are different) of Lilly Pulitzer and LeSportsac. I personally don't like LeSportsac and think it just mucks up the perfection that is Lilly. But that's just my two cents. (all photos taken on my phone with other customers standing next me, so please excuse the crappiness!)

I am however thrilled to see these cuties in Tar-jay. Bestie and I LOVE this brand so I know she will be thrilled to learn of them moving to the big T. And if Trumpette peeps are reading my blog (because I'm sure it's all the rage in corporate headquarters around the globe!), please please please make these driving mocs in my size. 8.5 womens. I would wear them in every color! But until then, they are always topping my list of baby/toddler gifts.

Also, I bought three Ralph Lauren short sleeve polo shirts in Target today. On sale for $11-16. Have y'all seen RL in Target before? I don't think it was RL for Target either. Pretty sure they were regular shirts. Though they ran very small, so I am thinking they were seconds? Whatever, I am now the proud owner of some new and el cheapo polos.


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