Monday, December 28, 2009

Monkey Potatoes

Because I was sick the entire week before Christmas, I spent the better part of my days watching the Food Network on TV. And I saw a lot of fabulous creations, including a sweet potato souffle-like dish from Bobby Flay. Now I didn't write down exact directions but if you are type-A and need very specific directions, google sweet potato banana pecan bobby flay and I'm sure you will find his directions on Food TV. For those who can use my "wing-it" method, give this a try some time. It was a big hit with my family on Christmas evening. And until I told people, they surprisingly couldn't tell that bananas were in the recipe. Bestie is cringing....she hates bananas and sweet potatoes. Ha.

Monkey Potatoes:

- a bunch of sweet potatoes
- a few bananas
- some honey
- some brown sugar
- dashes of spices such as pumpkin pie, cinnamon and/or cloves
- dash of salt
- half a stick of butter
- half a cup of fat free half and half (totally makes up for the butter....right?)
- pecans, a bit more butter and two bits more brown sugar for the topping

Mostly peel the potatoes and lay them on a cookie sheet. Pop that puppy in the oven and cook until potatoes are easy to mash up. Depending on your oven and how large/small you are making this recipe, it might be a while. About 20 minutes before your potatoes are finished, stick a few bananas on the same pan. (You might want to line this pan with tin foil to make clean up easy.) The bananas will look black and be fragrant when finished. Let all items cool for a few minutes until you can handle them. Squeeze out the banana insides into your stand mixer. It's not rotten- rather at its very sweetest- I promise! Then dump in the potatoes. Turn on the mixer and you know....mix. Add some room temp butter and brown sugar, spices, honey and half and half (or milk or heavy cream or whatever). When it's all mixed up and happy, place in baking dish. Bake at 350 until heated through. Or put in the fridge and bake it tomorrow when your family arrives. 15 minutes before finished baking, mix up the topping pecans, butter and brown sugar. Eyeball it depending on the size of your baking dish. Top the potatoes and stick it back in the oven until finished. Enjoy. I know it's different but I promise it's crazy good!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Was A Very Good Girl

Wow! Santa...aka World's Best Daddy....spoiled me rotten! Dad and I always do a nice Christmas but it's nothing over the top. Small treats and a few JCrew sweaters usually. But this year he did that and also a large flat screen TV for my bedroom. I've been meaning to do a post with a photo on my bedroom TV situation for a few months now but keep forgetting. And now the photo is too late but let me set the scene with words for you anyway. When I was out of college and living in a cute little apartment in Indy, my then roommate Belle got new living room furniture for her graduation present. So I supplied the end tables (hand-me-down teak tables from my parents when they moved to FL like 20+ years before) and TV (purchased new with the help of her then boyfriend. The thing was HUGE- heavy as all get out.). While the TV was large in size (like a giant box of heaviness), it always had issues. I think I paid an arm and a leg to buy the thing and double that over the last nine years to fix it repeatedly. But like a year ago it stopped working. Well it would still work fine with the DVD player but not as a TV with or without cable. So I swapped it out for my little tiny TV from my college dorm room freshman year. It's the kind with the built-in VCR. The VCR only even worked on play and automatic re-wind, but no longer worked to rewind-at-will or record or pause. I never watch movies anyway so it didn't bother me. My dad asked me about a month after I made him do the heavy lifting to swap out my TV's if the big one was dead or if we should continue to store the monster. So I plugged it in and what do you know, it decided to work again. So out went the tiny TV and in went the monster TV. Again. And then about five or six months ago, it all happened again. But I was very into using my DVD player to workout with videos every day by this time. And I could never figure out how to hook the DVD player up to the tiny TV. I mean, DVD players didn't exist when I bought it in 1996 I don't think. So I scooted the big monster TV over and added the baby TV next to it. The small was for watching at night in bed and the large was for doing DVD's each morning. Total trailer trash! I know! It looked terrible but was rather humorous too. When I was in college with Bestie, we had a similar situation for a while with the same baby TV on top of a dead giant TV. It was awesome and oh-so-klassy! Anyway, it honestly didn't really bother me. I just don't care all that much about electronics or vehicles. We all have our "things" and those just don't happen to be mine. It was trashy and I knew I would eventually give in and you know, buy just one TV for all my needs. But I was certainly in no big rush to spend my money that way. I would just rather go out to dinner or fly down to see my Godson or save or really anything other than buy something electronic. But my dad knew that I would never upgrade until they both completely died. And that baby TV has flaws but I swear my own currently-non-existent kids will take the damn thing with them to college. It's going to be that thing that just lives on forever. Even when kids think of VHS players the way I think of record players. So now I have just one TV. And it's so light and small in mass compared to the monster TV of yesteryear. I'm amazed that something can be so thin. Maybe it will be my thin-spiration for the new year. Ha. So Santa was very generous with this little girl and I am so very excited and grateful. Don't worry, Sadie Kate was spoiled rotten too. Because she was of course a perfect princess all year long!

Oh, so my family does the Dirty Santa (aka: Yankee Trade or White Elephant) Game each Christmas for the grown-ups and older teens. This year was hands down the most fun and had us all in stitches yesterday. I thought though that I would have brought the favorite gift- a tan colored Snuggie (because we all really want one, don't lie!), a red mug and a $10 gift card to Starbucks. So my cousin opened it and like half the room was like, "oh I don't like Starbucks, I only like Dunkin Donuts." Well damn. I mean, Dunkin is down the street from me. But I went out of my way to get a S'bucks card thinking everyone (read: me!) worshiped all that's green and steamed. I should have known. I live in NY. Dunkin is king in my part of the country. I was so bummed that I didn't have the big hit gift. It did get stolen but my secret goal (so shhhh....don't tell anyone.....let's just keep this dirty between us girls) every year is to have the most coveted and stolen gift. Shallow? Perhaps. But gift that is one of my "things!" I am already trying to come up with what I hope will be the winner for next year. Any ideas?

Oh the kids LOVED their treat buckets (see post below)! So if you have a need for a kiddie gift for any holiday or birthday, stop by the Dollar Tree or Wally World and you too can be the gift giving winner for $12 or less!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merriest Christmas Wishes

Well, I'm still sick. Ugh! Very frustrating to be mostly immobile this week. Baking? Never happened. Cleaning? OMG my house is a disaster. I did run the vacuum so that I could wrap presents last night. But that nearly killed me. So in case you were wondering, I advise against obtaining Bronchitis this time of year. Very inconvenient.

I did however manage to pull together some very cute kiddie gifts, if I do say so myself. Last year I gave the kids in my family buckets filled with funky sodas and a soda bottle koozie. It was a hit! Which was wonderful because it was so easy (albeit heavy to transport!) and inexpensive and I didn't have to deal with the toy aisles. I never know what to buy kids who are over the age of three years. This year I used the same general idea with the buckets (love the $2.50 section at Target!) but gave the kids chips and movie theater candy. Crap food their parents would never buy them in bulk. Merry Christmas! Each gift, including the bucket, was under $12. And I wrapped them up in scrap fabric- about a yard per bucket. You can find cheap-o fabrics under $2/yard at Wally World that you might never use for sewing but are great for gift baskets. Its about the same price as a roll of that cellophane wrap- it would take an entire roll for each basket- and soooo much easier to use! I don't have a single straight edge but you can't tell the difference.

Merry and Magical Christmas wishes, everyone! I hope your holiday is spent with family and friends and a glass of wine! Or glogg. Really I just like saying the word glogg and have never actually consumed it. There's always next year though. You never know, 2010 could be my year of forgiveness and glogg....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Icky Sicky

Ugh. I am so stinkin' sick. Still! On Wednesday night I started coughing but I felt totally fine. I even worked out that day. Felt great. Woke up Thursday in complete misery! Coughing. No voice or a frog voice, depending on the moment. Body aches and fever. Blah! Then that evening, the added bonus of a tummy virus. I didn't think it could get worse. But it did. And quickly. All of a sudden I was shivvering. Teeth chattering and body just unable to warm up. It took me ten minutes to call my dad from under my covers in the fetal position. I was shaking so much I could barely turn to grab my phone. So he comes to my rescue bust isn't exactly sure how to help. TWO HOURS later, with the help of the heating blanket turned on hugh, heating pad turned on high, three extra quilts and my puppy sitting on my feet, I settled down. It was incredibly scary and nothing I had ever before experienced. I was shaking so hard that it looked like convulsions. My teeth were so loud that I kept gnawing on the corner of a blanket to stop the noise. Awful experience. Daddy stayed right by my side thanks to my begging that he not leave me alone. Not that he would. I was just so terrified that I had no control over my own body for so long.

Thankfully, that ended but the coughing and other yuck are still here. Boo! If I am not improving tomorrow, I promise to go to the doctor. I just really thought it would pass by now. The coughing needs to come to an end soon for my sanity if nothing else.

Oh the rolly ball thing in my Blackberry died again last night so my World's Best Father took it to be fixed today so that I can once again access the much needed Facebook and blogs from bed.

So my house is a pig pen, I'm a hot mess, Christmas shopping still needs to be done, half my presents have yet to arrive, and all of the wrapping still needs to be done. Oh and I'm sure there is some sort of baking that will now never happen. Bad timing is an understatement.

But the good news is that I've seen every episode of MTV Cribs today. Tommy Lees informed me that if you have money, a mirror over your bed is a must. Good to know. Question...does a mirror over the bed clash with a stripper pole at the end of the bed and the monogrammed linens on the bed? Something we should all think about!

Oh this was written via Blackberry so pls ignore spelling errors.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Good Night

Tonight I made a big pot of this soup from FiveGreatKiddos (but I made mine thicker with a big bit of cornstarch like the kind they make at Panera). Mmmmm delish! And watched NBC's The Sing Off. So cute. Like the live version of Glee. I hope it does well and comes back for more episodes. But gets rid of Judge Nicole Whateverhernameis. She annoys me. She's normal one minute and then Hispanic the next minute and ghetto the next. Fakey Fakerson. But other than her being annoying, the show was great! Very low key evening, just as I hoped for. It really feels like winter when I make a big pot of soup on chilly nights. Unfortunately the novelty of winter being here will wear off not long after Christmas. Then I will be bitter that I chose (foolishly) to move my raised-in-South-Florida ass to the bitter cold North Pole!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monster Monday

Monster Monday posts will return after the first of the year. I'm going to change things up a bit though. I spent my entire life not wanting people to feel sorry for me and I fear that my posts thus far have created just that. I also have some big goals next year. My 32nd year of life. I really want to find forgiveness in my heart for my mother and Satan. Not for them. I have no intention of ever seeing them again. But for myself. I see people talking about how they just had to forgive those who did horrible things to them to find peace in life. Its something I have been searching for now for at least a decade. And how much do I wish it was like a holiday cookie recipe. Add four eggs to the flour, sprinkle in this and that and cook for 25 minutes. Out comes forgiveness. But it's not that simple. Not that I know of anyway. So 2010 will hopefully be about many things for me and at the very top of that list will be to find my way to forgiving. I have no illusions that it will be simple. Or even possible to do in just one year. But perhaps I might even accomplish it by January 02. I don't know. But I will do my very best to try. And drag y'all along with me as I figure out just how to truly forgive when it is impossible to ever forget.

I Found It!

I'm watching Jennifer Hudson's Christmas special on ABC and she is doing a fabulous job with my very favorite Christmas song of all time. Ever. Oh Holy Night. Sung by a tenor at midnight on Christmas Eve and I am usually in tears. But she's doing great too. But little things bug me. Like that song she sang with her cousins. Sounded fantastic but what was with all the crap behind them on the mantel. They couldn't clear it off for the one song they sang standing there?

So the craft show was fine. I did not do well but it was walking distance from my home so that made up for it. It meant I didn't need to get up at like 4AM to trek my cold booty to far away lands. I have signed up and paid for one more show this year (this coming weekend- same location as last weekend) and two early next year (one late Jan and one mid Feb). And then I will likely call it quits again with the craft shows. They just have never been successful for me. More a pain in the butt than anything else.

People say wacky things too. Like most people think the ice cream cozies are adorable. Even if they don't want one, they smile and think they are cute. But then there are others. A woman two weeks ago went on and on about how unhealthy it is to eat ice cream from the container and how you should never eat that much ice cream. And on and on and on. I wanted to tell her to step off, that I wasn't forcing anyone to eat an entire container, and that it was possible to buy fat free and low sugar and soy products. But I didn't. I just smiled. I got a few of those this week too. And several people sort of yelling at me that I had a Ben and Jerry's carton on display instead of a Stewarts (or local gas station that also has their own ice cream - it started out as a creamery and is very good and much less expensive). Um, if I ate Stewarts would it make you buy one? Probably not. They would likely find something else to complain about. This week a woman was looking at bibs and making all these disgusted faces. I think she maybe didn't like my fabric choices? Because I don't use baby specific fabrics that say like "ABC 1 2 3" and stuff. I use lobsters and crabs and fish and stripes. Finally after making horrified faces (like a foot and half in front of me, mind you) for about 4 or 5 minutes, she sort of proclaimed that these were for babies (in a shocked tone)?! Yes ma'am, they are baby bibs. For babies. She walked away. Can't win 'em all, clearly. At least she made me laugh (after she was out of sight of course).

So in reference to my title. While I was cleaning up the remains of that pile of junk I pulled out of those boxes a few days ago, I found this portfolio thingy- that I use for travel to keep all documents together. And what was mixed in the now garbage? My missing birth certificate! My passport actually expired years ago and I have been wanting to get it renewed. But I was missing my birth certificate. Clearly I was missing it for longer than I realized because it was last used for a cruise I took with Little at least five years ago! Thank goodness I found it!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Little Pillows

First, thanks y'all! Your comments on the post below were all so cute and sweet. The photos look much better than the beads did in person, I promise. They were all icky brown and black and charred. Those yellow round beads were a very soft yellow before the burning incident. And the yellow star beads were this pretty bright yellow. In person they looked dirty and rusty. So I took those two photos and then threw the whole lot in the trash. I'm trying to be better about not keeping everything just because it took me a lot of time or at one point cost a lot of money. It was totally sad though, throwing all that hard work away. But for the best. It happens to all of us ever now and then.

Now on to my next project. Marshmallows. Last night I made vanilla-rum. (Rum flavoring was added when I realized I only had two drops of vanilla extract left. If I didn't tell you though, you would not know they weren't straight up vanilla.) Fluffy little pillows of vanilla goodness.

I made them with purpose though. Last year I tasted my very first modjeska. Its a marshmallow enrobed in delicious caramel. Goodness times two! So this evening I made caramel. I looked up a recipe for mojeskas and followed that caramel recipe to a T. It took forever to make that damn pot of caramel. But I didn't walk away from my project. Kept the candy thermometer in place. Finally it was ready and as instructed by the recipe, I let it cool a bit before dipping the marshmallows in. Actually, it stated to let sit for 10 minutes. I waited five. This was the result. Melting marshmallows. Oooooh, so that's why it has to cool a bit. My bad. My brain wasn't thinking scientifically. My brain never things scientifically, to tell you the truth.

So I waited five more minutes and tried again. Still too hot. Waited a few more minutes and tried again. Good temperature but the caramel was just too darn think to handle delicate little marshmallows. That were cut up tiny, thinking no one would want a gigantic candy in their mouth. I tried and tried and tried to get this process down. An hour and half later and this was all I had to show for myself. I need an engineer to come figure out how to get the caramel thin enough but cool enough. My English major was getting me nowhere. So finally I realized that a candy maker I am not. I abandoned ship. I did wrap up the two dozen little candies (even the semi melted ones that look like a melted Frosty the Snowman) and they taste fantastic. But the caramel is still too thick in my opinion. It might be good for apples but not for light and fluffy marshmallows. Another bust from my week! I saved the caramel but have no idea what to do with it. If you have suggestions, I'm all ears.

Also tonight, I made the prettiest little pink strawberry marshmallows! Look how they match my mixer. Light and yummy too. I'll cut them up into small squares when they dry a bit tomorrow and then I guess give them away or something. This is sort of a bad habit I have had my entire life. I make stuff and then don't know what to do with it. I just like to make things. Hence the box of clay beads.

Tomorrow morning I am trying another craft show. It's literally down the street from my house so even if it's a bust, the commute is a dream. Cross your fingers or say a little prayer that things go better tomorrow than they have in the past, please.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Set It And Forget It

I was looking for something this evening in a box down in storage and realized that I had a bunch of junk that could be thrown away taking up valuable storage space. So I started tossing crap out of the box. Making a royal mess of course. But I managed to take three boxes and condense them down to two boxes. I'm sure I could (read: should!) condense them down to half a box but I wasn't willing to commit that much time to this unplanned project. As it is my bedroom floor has a pile of crap sitting in it waiting for me to throw it out or donate it or just in general find a new home for it.

Anyway, the point of my story is to tell you about my clay. In high school, I was really into making stuff out of that Fimo clay. You know what I mean, right? It was a fairly popular craft in the early 90's. You take the clay and roll it out to form beads that look like millefiori beads. But from clay of course. It's easy to use and hardens when you bake it in the oven for like 10 minutes. Well today when I was digging through those boxes, I found a large box of my old clay projects. Ton and tons of canes (the long clay snakes ready to be cut into beads). Most of it was falling apart as it had been in various storage locations for a good 15+ years. I didn't want to throw away that hard work but I couldn't justify saving them for another day, let alone decade. So I cut up the semi-surviving canes, put them on a lined baking sheet, and into the oven they went. I figured it would be far easier to store a zip-lock baggie of beads than a box of precarious and disintegrating clay canes. But after I put it in the oven, I totally forgot about it. Went about finding new homes for the big pile of junk in my bedroom. Which is not near the kitchen. So when I went to get a glass of water and smelled burning plastic and saw smoke....well I knew it wasn't going to be good. I never do that. I am never that absentminded! Burnt. I thought I might be able to salvage a few just for keepsakes but alas, now that the smoke has cleared and the beads have cooled down, its clear that every last made-in-my-childhood bead is burnt and discolored. They were really pretty before they gained that ashy, cloudy patina. C'est la vie.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moochy Mc Moocherson

I will not be watching this show. And that's saying a lot. Y'all know my taste in TV sinks lower each year. HelloIloveyouRHNJ! But I think the Jackson family is just a little too gross for even me to watch. I'm sorry their son/brother died. He was weird but a musical genius. But the rest of y'all are just sleazy mooches. Which is what this show should be called. I'm sure they'll be on the air for the next decade though. The first time I saw America's Funniest Home Videos, I proclaimed it to be the worst show ever made and sure to be cancelled within weeks. I think it's been on for something like 15 years.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Bust and A Bunch Of Other Stuff

I'm really back to blogging now. Promise! I've really missed y'all, too. That either proves that we are all dear friends or I am waaaaay too addicted to bloggy pals. Honestly I am not sure which one is true.

So a quick review in bullet points to bring y'all up to date:

* I am nearly finished with my Christmas shopping. Bestie helped me figure out my last gift for my family's Dirty Santa/Yankee Trade game. I have found out over the last few years that the name you know the game by depends on if you live above or below the Mason Dixon line. Do my Canadian and UK friends call it something different too?

* I do believe that I will accomplish my goal of never setting foot in any sort of mall this holiday season. I feel this warrants bragging on my part as I detest malls at holiday time. Seeing scores of shoppers (read: grubby teeny-bopppers and people with runny noses and germs) hovering over the extra stations in the middle of the walkways (peddling lotions, potions and calendars) is just not my thing.

* All hail free shipping charges! The majority of my Christmas gifts are from the beloved internet. How ever did I survive without it? Plus I can sip a hot toddy while shopping. Malls tend to frown upon that.

* Ironically I am raising my etsy shipping charges to cover tracking numbers. I have now had two orders never make it to the buyers. Not only does it make me feel incredibly guilty (and the first time it happened to a bloggy friend- making me feel even worse. She was sooo nice about it though.), but it means I have to make and ship and item twice when all is said and done. I didn't used to add delivery confirmation to items that were inexpensive, figuring that people want the lowest shipping charges possible. I don't profit from those charges and will refund a buyer if I miscalculate and overcharge. But I'm tired of feeling terrible from missing packages.

* I made what I thought was a lovely gift basket for my Junior League's Holiday Cocktail Party that also has a silent auction. It's a baby girl gift set that included a lot of Lilly fabric stuff like a burpee and bib set, onesie, bow headband and coordinating headband for mom and more. Clear bags are my gift wrap obsession right now.

* The craft show last Saturday was a bust! I got there right on time, set up and was ready right on time. And then I sat. On my ass. Reading Facebook statuses. The entire day. I hands down had the best booth. And it was a decent size show. Not huge by any means but not tiny either. In a school. So you would think all the families would attend. Crickets. My biggest sales were from fellow crafters. Making me feel obligated to return the sale favors. Anyway, it was so odd. And funny because when I found out where my space was, I was thrilled to bits. Seriously a great space. Right in the very center facing the front door. And of course I was the most colorful. But if no one is there....

* We also got our first snow of the season that same day. But not like blizzard material. Less than they have down in Texas. So that's like nothing by mountain standards. A good dusting really. Not an excuse for people not to come to their own child's elementary school craft fair, that's for darn sure.

* I pronounce the word elementary like elemen-tare-E, not elemen-tree. When I lived down south, people thought this was the funniest thing ever. Before people started pointing it out, I never thought twice about it. There's no tree in elementary.

* I bought ginger zucchini marmalade from the nice jam lady across from me. Simply because I thought it was unique. Can't really taste the zucchini but it is quite yummy. I'm planning on using it on chicken in the crockpot one night when I don't feel like cooking.

* Sunday was my town's annual Stroll and it was lovely as always. It was followed by a dinner at a neighbor's home, which was even lovelier. One neighbor made THE BEST lemon bars and I need to track down that recipe. Lemon bars are one of my most favorite deserts. Sweet and tart and what's not to love?!

* A while back Bestie told us about how she volunteers to be a product tester for Spanx. They send her products now and then and she wears them and gives feedback. So I signed up but never heard back from them. Until a package arrived a few days ago. I can't tell you about the product but I can say I was tickled pink that they picked me to participate in the testing program. So fun!

* Monday I finally swapped out my summer and winter shoes. It's ridiculous that I waited this long, I know! Bye bye sandals and hello boots. Not that I was wearing sandals. But they were still out and the boots were not. Now that snow has fallen, I need boots to at least walk Sadie Kate each night or my tootsies will freeze right off.

* Today I spent the second half of my day in my beloved Vermont. Golly, I heart that state! My hairs are cut and blonde and rather cute, if I do say so myself. I think it had been 5-6 months since my last visit. I just got side-tracked and busy and then was trying to plan it around travel to pinch a penny. Hopefully it's still cute mid-January when I go to my Godson's baptism.

* As always I popped in Lilly and found a few things I wanted but only walked away with one pair of sale priced cords that I needed. I only have a few pairs of pants that fit well right now and it's too darn cold to wear a dress when avoidable. Unfortunately, my experience was less than fabulous. The sales gal was rude and completely bothered when I asked if they had the Kaya dress. I was literally the only person in the store and she was flipping on the internet. Which is fine, when no customers are around. But it's not like I asked her to make me a dress. I just asked if they had it. She never once offered to take my items or get me a fitting room or how anything fit after I got myself and my arm full my own fitting room. Disappointing. Especially at the Pink And Green Mecca. I almost didn't buy the pants but I really need them and they fit well. So home they came from the rude girl who literally wadded them up in the tiniest bag possible.

* I ran into JCrew before my hair appointment and tried on four tops, bought two (they were 50% off), used a very ancient gift card that apparently had like $2.50 more than the price of the items left on it. So I walked away with two tops and $2.50 in cash. I made money on the transaction. How fun is that?! I bought myself the rarely seen by my lips these days Diet Coke from MickeyD's (they have the best formula!) and made it to my apt with time to spare. I've got skills!

* I brought home a slice of the very best creme brule bread pudding ever to be made. It's huge- like 3 pieces worth. And full of naughty bad stuff. But worth every nibble. Kate Moss is wrong. Skinny does not taste good.

* I stopped at a Salvation Army on my way home from Vermont because I always manage to find a little something at this particular store. I scored big time! Five perfect (albeit dusty at the moment) silicone baking pans. I make bread constantly and keep reusing those tin pans. But seeing as how they are not intended for re-use, they are now all wonky. These are perfect. The square pan is for making marshmallows later this week and the muffin pan is for....muffins. Total price for my five pans? $7.05! The SA was NOT a bust!

* Sadie is very tired from doing all that ....whatever it is she does. Just being a princess takes a lot of energy, she claims. She is soundly sleeping on the sofa. On a blanket. With her head on a pillow. It's a rough life!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Still Here....Just Busy and Sicky

I'm alive! Mostly. I was busy and then got sick and am now busy again and starting to feel sick. Again. Which is annoying. I mean, I'm never sick when I have nothing better to do but curl up in bed with the remote control and stack of magazines. I read blogs though via my blackberry in bed. Because for the several days after Thanksgiving, I felt too sicky to even get out of bed when not absolutely necessary. Thank goodness for a sweet Daddy who walked the furry grandchild for a few days. She prefers him over me anyway. So she was fine. Not to worry. Anyway, if you feel slighted that I didn't comment, fear not because I did read. For whatever reason I can only comment on certain blogs via my blackberry. Is it me or do y'all also lose "followers" when you take a longer than usual blog break? Always happens. And I know its petty, but it totally bums me out. I am only even taking time to blog tonight because losing followers makes me feel guilty. I know, I know, a therapist's couch is in my near future!

My Thanksgiving was lovely though. Not nearly as fabulous as my "famous" DC thanksgiving many moons ago. Picture it. Teeny tiny apartment. Big turkey. Arguably one of the best turkeys of all time. Thanks to Martha and her recipe goodness, of course. And every bloody side dish that goes along with it. Two kinds of potatoes. Because that's how this carb happy fool rolls. Two kinds of pie. The only store bought item was gravy because at the time I didn't know how to make it. Because I think it's disgusting. So I bought a fancy jar. That I forgot to even open. So no one was even offered gravy. I think there were a whopping four of us to eat this feast. Sitting on the floor around my coffee table. Did I mention my apartment was teeny tiny? Damn I loved that place! I miss being about 30 feet from Eastern Market. Anyway, it was one of my very favorite Thanksgivings. It was actually the very first Thanksgiving that I fully enjoyed. Very first. B (that stands for bench) was there. Miss her too! Anyway, this year was nice. Up in the mountains with family. I made the pies. And cake balls. Which were a royal disaster. No idea what went wrong with the chocolate coating- maybe the moist cake kept it from hardening? I have no idea but they were not super popular. Whatever. My pies were the shining stars as always. Two magic pumpkin (because they make even non-pumpkin pie lovers into fans) and two humongo apple. And two pints worth of whipped cream. Man, do I love my pink stand mixer! She did all the cream whipping for me this year. Fabulous.

I have a super full weekend- a craft show (wish me luck- these rarely go well for me) and then my town's annual Stroll. But I will be back soon. I really do promise. I've not fallen off the face of the earth. So don't leave me, sweet friends! Don't stop, belivin'.... Ha ha, just kidding.


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